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Very good service with a quick response time

Rob McDonald (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 10/02/2017

Very please with service. Very friendly and efficient fitter. He could easily have said we needed wheels tracking at extra cost and we would have paid as we were expecting this to...

Alex Sinclair (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 25/11/2016

Would always use Hometyre and have recommended to others. Quick and reasonably priced service.

J Dave (Mobile Tyre fitting in Watford) 03/11/2016

Mobile tyre fitting Muswell Hill

Mobile Tyre Fitting in Muswell Hill - Honest, Fast Service Direct to Your Driveway

At Hometyre, we do our best to make sure the mobile tyre fitting service you experience is beyond expectations. That's why we bring our tyre fitting, replacement and repair service right to your driveway!

If you're not sure what to look for when buying new tyres, our tyre experts are on hand on-line and at our call centres to give you professional advice on the best tyres to meet your vehicle's requirements, whether you've got a caravan for cross-country adventuring, a high performance super car or just a cherished old banger.

For the ultimate Mobile tyre service for tyres and tyre related products in Muswell Hill, Crouchend, Hornsey, Highgate, Finchley, Whetstone, Southgate, Barnet, Golders Green and all of the surrounding areas

Everyone who lives in London has the same complaint: not enough time. After working nine to five, commuting there and back, trying to catch up with friends, take care of the kids, cook the food, walk the dog... It goes on and on. When you discover it's time to have your tyres replaced, the thought of having to waste so much time is heart-breaking.

We found that it can take well over 2 hours for someone to get their tyres replaced at a garage. How long does it take for you to get your tyres repaired or replaced with Hometyre? Zero hours, zero minutes and zero seconds.

Here's how it works: you simply tell us what service you need, where and when you want it done, then we show up at the time and place of your choice and do the job. No having to drive to your local garage and make small-talk while you wait. All we need is access your car and the locking wheel nut key, we then can handle the rest.

Use our website to book on-line 24/7 or call 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 to arrange your appointment now.

Our mobile tyre fitting and repair service is available anywhere in the Muswell Hill area for cars, vans, caravans, motorhomes and light commercial vehicles.


There's Never Been a Tyre That We Can't Find!

We order all our tyres brand new from the UK's leading suppliers or direct from the manufacturer, from low-cost brands such as Kenda, Matador or Triangle all the way up to premium range Pirelli P Zero, Dunlop SportMaxx or Michelin Pilot Sport. With Hometyre, you never have to worry that we won't have what you need - no more driving all the way to the garage just to be disappointed.

Because we have access to every tyre under the sun and can bring it direct to your driveway (including getting them from Europe and the USA), there's no excuse putting off having your tyres replaced. While the legal limit for tyre tread is 1.6mm, we recommend replacing them once they fall below 3mm, as their performance rapidly decreases past this point.

Stopping distance becomes the major issue, especially in the rain. While you might be road legal at 1.6mm, that will be no comfort if you fail to stop in time for a car braking ahead of you or someone crossing the road.

Don't put it off: book your appointment on-line now or call 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 so that you can drive with peace of mind.

Save Precious Time with Mobile Locking Wheel Nut Removal

You have three options if you've lost your locking wheel nut key:

One, you can try and remove it yourself, wasting hours trying to get it off with brute force and damaging the nut or the rest of the wheel in the process and probably spending a fortune on tools you will hopefully never use again.

Two, you can drive down to a garage and leave the car hoping that they can remove it, hours wasted.

Three, you book an appointment with Hometyre and one of our fully equipped vans will come to your vehicle at a time and place of your choice, giving you garage quality service (or, we like to think, even better) without wasting your time.

The choice is yours, but if you want to make the right one, call us today on 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454.

Get Tyres Fixed the Right Way with Mobile Puncture Repair

At Hometyre Muswell Hill, we've seen some shockingly bad tyres in our time, often as a result of poor and dangerous puncture repair. This comes in two varieties: either the puncture has been fixed with a temporary string repair mis-sold as a permanent solution, or the puncture was repaired too close to the edge of the tyre, which is both dangerous and illegal.

Not only is our puncture repair service the most convenient around, we also guarantee that our repairs are safe and durable. We only use the permanent plug and patch method to repair punctures and if the puncture is too severe to close to the edge of the tyre to fix, we'll simply replace the tyre so that you can safely get back on the road.

Like all our services, puncture repair can be booked at a time and place of your choice. Book on-line 24/7 or by calling 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454.

Is Your Car a Victim of the Pothole Epidemic? Book Wheel Welding from Hometyre

We're seeing more and more of our customers in Muswell Hill fall foul of potholes. While it's the council's responsibility to maintain our roads, it's unfortunately our responsibility to fix wheels cracked by hitting a surprise pothole.

Having your wheel damaged by a pothole is always frustrating, but don't make your day worse by wasting time driving to and from a garage. Book wheel welding from Hometyre and - just like our other services - we'll handle the entire process without you having to lift a finger.

We show up where and when you want, take the wheel, fix the wheel and put it back. What could be easier?

Please note that if you're reading this page from outside Muswell Hill that wheel welding is not available in all areas, so call us 0800 783 93 10 or 0333 444 5454 to check what services are available to you.

Other mobile tyre services available through Hometyre Muswell Hill

Hometyre also provides many other key mobile tyre services. Here's a full breakdown of all the mobile tyre services that Hometyre Muswell Hill offers:

Mobile Wheel Alignment
Every year the pot holes in the roads seem to get worse, hitting a pot hole can knock the alignment out on your wheels, That's why Hometyre can align your wheels without you having to visit a tyre deport. We'll also check your tyres for tread depth, uneven wear, damage to the sidewalls and possible wheel rims being cracked or buckled.

Mobile wheel balancing
Even new tyres are not perfect and when fitted to your wheels it is usually necessary to fit some balancing weights so that the wheel runs smoothly. Each of Hometyre's mobile tyre service vehicles is fitted with a computerised electronic wheel balancer to balance wheels on all varieties of vehicles.

Tyron bands
Hometyre is authorised to supply and fit TYRON safety bands that will keep your tyre on the wheel in the event of a blowout. There are numerous band widths per wheel, but your Hometyre technician will bring all possible options to your preferred location so that the job is completed on the requested day.

Track day and event support
Hometyre can have its mobile servicing vehicle and technicians standing by at a track or any other venue in the UK to provide on-site tyre fitting or repairs so that event organisers are guaranteed that a puncture or blowout won't ruin their event.

Fleet tyre checks
Overwhelmed with having to monitor the tyres on all of your business' vehicles? Hometyre provides a free, no-obligation regular tyre health check for your entire fleet right at your business location.

Tyre pressure monitoring systems
A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) will automatically monitor your tyre pressures and drastically reduce the risk of wear and tear on your tyres due to low pressure, these valves can corrode or the battery can expire. We can replace or service your valves on site so you don't have to visit a garage.


Across the Hometyre network from Muswell Hill to Edinburgh and beyond, we're all dedicated to ensuring that you'll love what we do and how we do it. After all, it's you who'll recommend and refer us to friends and family alike! So, if you live in Muswell Hill and would like to find out more about all that Hometyre Muswell hill can do for you, give us a call any time day or night on 0333 444 5454 / 0800 783 93 10 or make an enquiry on-line at Now is also the time to start planning for your summer holiday. If you are driving now is the time to look at the condition of your car, this will give you time to plan any work that is required without having to pay over the odd's on a last minute fix. Of course if you need tyres we are only a phone call away.

  • Need new tyres fitted tomorrow at 2.15pm?
  • Thinking of going to Europe for a quick half term ski trip and need to check your tyres?
  • Has your TPMS warning light come on and you need to replace/repair it?
  • Not sure what you need and would like to get advice from somebody?
  • You are thinking of swapping your Winter tyres back to your Summer tyres?
  • Tyres fitted in North London Muswell Hill N10 (and all surrounding areas) at a time that suits you.
  • Locking wheel nut key missing or damaged?
  • Want to get budget tyres and need advice on what type of tyres you should get?
  • Do you have a puncture that has stranded you at the office and it needs repairing before you go home?
  • You would like Tyron bands fitted to your Caravan?
  • Are you looking for a certain Bridgestone?

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