What are TYRON Bands?

Originally designed for military purposes, TYRON are now widely used as an excellent additional safety and peace of mind feature for caravans, motorhomes, trailers and some car owners too!

A TYRON band does what the name implies. It keeps the TYRE ON the wheel in the event of a deflation or blow out.

We've all seen in motor racing when a race car has a puncture. If the driver keeps on going, eventually the tyre works its way off the wheel entirely. When this happens often the vehicle will spin out or it is simply stranded where it drops.

Why does a tyre come off the wheel?

It's all because of what's called the 'fitting well'. In order to fit a tyre which has the same inner circumference as the wheel (and is, in effect, a solid steel ring too!), the wheel is manufactured with a recess around its inner circumference into which the inner bead of the tyre is dropped into during fitting (see image). Without this recess, the tyre simply could not be fitted!


When a tyre is fitted, it is inflated with air causing the sidewalls to become rigid and push out against the edge of the wheel. This forms a permanent airtight seal and 'locks' the tyre in place on the wheel.

However... in the event of a puncture, blowout or other sudden loss of pressure while in motion, the tyre loses its rigidity and integrity and the beads, after a short distance, are able to move freely around the inner wheel. When a bead drops into the recessed well it can then slip over the wheels' outer edge and consequently fall off the wheel completely!

A TYRON band is a mechanical device that is fitted onto the wheel & inside the tyre AFTER the tyre has been fitted! Sounds a little complicated - and it is unless you have the right equipment and know how to fit them properly and safely. Hometyre technicians and service vehicles are properly trained and equipped to safely install and remove TYRON safety bands.

The band effectively fills the recessed well within the wheel thus, if the tyre deflates, the beads and sidewall of the tyre cannot physically come off the wheel. The vehicle will not be forced onto a bare wheel but will be able to continue at slow speed for a short distance - enabling the driver to select a place of safety to attend to the problem.

For towed vehicles and motorhomes where the wheels and tyres can be many metres away from the driver, these bands can provide essential additional time and safety during a tyre failure.


How much do they cost and how do I order new TYRON bands?

With almost two decades of mobile fitting experience - Hometyre technicians supply and fit TYRON bands for your vehicle at your home or storage facility address. There are numerous band widths per wheel and our technician will arrive on site with all possible options to ensure the job is completed on the requested day!

NOTE: TYRON bands require specialist tools and fitting. They should not be installed by unqualified fitters. Incorrect fitting can lead to serious damage to your tyres and in the worst case scenario lead to catastrophic failures

13", 14" & 15" bands, price per wheel fitted mobile inc VAT just - £89.40

16" bands, price per wheel fitted mobile inc VAT just - £95.40

17" bands, price per wheel fitted mobile inc VAT just - £99.00

18" & 19" bands, price per wheel fitted mobile inc VAT just - £102.00

TYRON Customer Care Kit - £9.90

If your Caravan has TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) you will need to go DOWN a Tyron Band size and add a TPMS Bracket to your order - these are £9.60 inc VAT per wheel.

You can order your Tyron Bands along with your Caravan Tyres - simply add them to your order in the basket upon checkout!

If you'd like some help or advice before placing your order - simply call our team on 0333 444 54 54 or if it's outside of our opening hours complete the quick enquiry form below and we'll get back to you asap!

Alternatively, if you're ordering tyres too, you can add your choice of TYRON bands to your online order.

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