New Tyres

It's Never Been Easier to Buy, and have your New Tyres Fitted!

If you know what you're looking for and you're ready to get them fitted, you're about to experience the easiest and most convenient way to buy new tyres - ever!


If you're not sure which tyres are going to work for you, just pick up the 'phone and chat with us. We're not here to sell you our preferred tyre option - we're here to ensure that you buy what's best for you and your driving requirements.

When you buy with Hometyre, there are no middlemen and no third party garages involved. We're not going to send you anywhere at all! You can select the tyres you prefer and arrange for them to be fitted at whatever location you choose (subject to access) and at specific dates AND TIMES TOO!

We don't charge extra for specific fitting times and you don't have to wait around during 'fitting windows'. We only undertake a volume of work that we're confident we can complete in a professional and timely manner (allowing for all of the random things than can occur out on the roads of course!).

All Major Brands

Our fitters have access to hundreds of thousands of stock tyres right across the UK and often available for same day fitting too. We have a tyre solution for all pockets and styles including a vast range of budget and mid range tyres and all of the big name tyre brands you already probably know and trust including:






Service - Second to None

We really do take service seriously. Our team of mobile tyre techs are keen, conscientious and friendly. It's all about doing our best for you and ensuring that we leave your vehicle in the best possible set up and condition. You won't find soap stains left on your tyres or grubby finger marks on your alloys with a Hometyre job! Our own vehicles reflect the pride and care we take of yours!

Convenient & Competitive

Great service doesn't have to come at great cost. Of course, you may find the same tyre cheaper buying online and then waiting around a third party tyre outlet or garage to have it fitted.

Taking into account the value of your time, the 'saving' will be very little, if anything at all afterwards.

We ensure that our prices are fair and reflective of what we offer. We continuously monitor against our competition to ensure that we're keeping it keen and real too.

Informative & Friendly

We have thousands of regularly repeating customers right across the UK. Why...? ...because we're in it for the long run. Your value to us is over years of motoring - not what we can charge you today. Many of our technicians are our franchise business owners too. They're building long term relationships and loyalty with clients. Most are on first name basis and become a regular supplier to a household too.

Experts in Our Field

We've been providing our services to motorists in the UK since 2003. That's 15 years of continuous development and experience in our methods and practices. We'll work hard to get it right for you. We don't simply deserve your business and we know we have to earn it to get it and keep it too. If we ever get things wrong (it does happen, we're mere mortals too!) then rest assured we'll do what we need to do to put it right!

Welcome to Hometyre. We look forward to looking after you and your vehicle soon.


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