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Why Is My Tyre Pressure Light On?


Problems with your Tyre Pressure Monitoring System? Got a warning light illuminated on the dash? Worried about expensive Dealer Repairs?

We've got you covered! Our technicians have replacement sensors and stems (the bit you see sticking out of the wheel) on board for replacement on site - wherever you are and at a fraction of the main dealer prices. Please call us today for more information and find out more below


A Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic tyre safety feature designed to monitor the air pressure inside pneumatic tyres on vehicles. From November 2012, all new passenger vehicles must be equipped with a TPM system as a standard feature.

There are two different types of TPMS - Direct and Indirect

Direct TPMS (dTPMS)

This type of TPMS will send specific pressures from each individual tyre to the cars computer.

Each sensor measures the tyre pressure and transmits the reading via independent battery powered radio transmission to the vehicle's instrument panel or display monitor within the cabin.

The information is available real time and provides the driver with exact details of which tyre is at fault and the speed at which the deflation is occurring. The systems are programmed with upper and lower pressure thresholds to trigger both audible and visual alerts where an issue is occurring and are generally considered the safest and most beneficial form of pressure monitoring.


Indirect TPMS (iTPMS)

These systems do not use pressure sensors to give actual pressure reading data but utilize a vehicle's ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) or ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to measure rotational speeds of individual wheels and tyres.

As a tyre deflates, its overall diameter will decrease and individual wheel speed sensors detect and report the event to the driver.

While iTPMS do not have additional hardware or spare parts requiring service or batteries and are regarded as very easy to handle, they are susceptible to influences caused by different tyre patterns, road surfaces and driving styles.

iTPMS systems will not generally detect a very gradual loss of pressure as the vehicle constantly relearns reference parameters over the course of 20 to 60 minutes of driving. These systems are generally reset manually by the driver each time pressure is adjusted.

Benefits of TPMS

The performance and behaviour of any pneumatic tyre is directly related to its inflation pressure. Stability, braking and wet weather handling are key factors affected when pressures deviate from those specified by the manufacturer. Tyres will leak air naturally - even when new and properly mounted.

Fuel efficiency and tyre wear are severely affected by tyre pressure and it is commonly understood that for every 10% of under-inflation, there will be a 2% reduction in fuel economy! Big numbers with the current price of fuel!

For safety, correct tyre pressures add greater overall vehicle stability, handling and braking efficiency - protecting not just the driver and passengers but other road users too.

Replacement TPMS UK

We replace faulty, damaged or aged TPMS sensors on site at your home or work address. This includes (where applicable) removal and replacement of just the stems rather than the entire sensor unit. Our systems allow for cost effective cloning and reprogramming of generic sensors with either solid or rubber stems to suit the application vehicle. All of this at a fraction of the price you would inevitably pay at a main agent!

Why Do TPMS Sensors Need to Be Replaced?

In ideal running conditions TPMS sensors generally only require replacement once the internal battery has failed. This can be anything between 3-7 years depending on the amount of information they are transmitting. The battery within a sensor is in use at all times but varies the amount of information it is sending to the vehicle. Whilst stationary the information and battery usage is a lot lower than when a pressure has dropped below the set limit and the sensor is feeding constant information to the vehicle.

Along with batteries causing problems, neglect and incorrect handling can also be a cause for a sensor to need to be replaced. Some sensors have replaceable parts but unfortunately some don't which will often mean a whole new unit will need to be fitted.

Why Do TPMS Sensors Need Servicing?

Tyre pressure monitoring valves are relatively expensive items in a wheel and tyre assembly with some costing well over the £100.00 mark for a direct OE replacement. Thankfully they don't need to be changed all that often but they should be serviced and have damaged or worn/degrading parts replaced ASAP when needed to prolong their life. 

Valve Stems can become damaged through normal wear and tear, corrosion and through over-tightening of valve caps and the locking hex nuts which hold the valve assembly in place within the wheel. A stem failure could cause a rapid loss of tyre pressure leading to the potential not just of the tyre replacement but of subsequent damage to the electronic sensor too.

Will the New Sensor Need an Electronic Reset?

When new sensors are fitted to a vehicle it is important that they are able to communicate properly with the vehicle's onboard computer (ECU). This is also needed if wheels are moved around a car to a different location. In order for the system to identify to the driver which wheel/tyre is causing an alarm, the ECU must have correct location identification stored.

A number of vehicles have an 'automated self-learning' sequence where this information is automatically updated to the ECU. Others require a physical reprogramming between the sensors and the onboard computer - previously often only able to be carried out at significant expense at the manufacturers dealership site.

Hometyre have TPMS reprogramming systems to avoid expensive reseting costs. Call with your vehicle information today for a quote. 


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