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Michelin Pilot Sport 5, New and Improved Performance!

Enhanced spirited driving that lasts for more miles 

As the world evolves and become focused on saving the environment, tyres have been noted as one of the bigger polluters due to the rubber particles being released whilst...


Welcoming Hometyre Kent to the World!

Creating your own business from scratch can be a very scary and daunting process. Originally from Brazil, Robson moved to the UK after a promotion. During the initial stages of Covid, the business suffered and...


Pirelli Cyber Tyres for the McLaren Artura

As the Michelin Pilot Sport Cup series of tyres now has the option to include 'Connect' sensors, Pirelli has entered the ring with their 'Cyber Tyre' system. Using a sensor in each tyre, information such as temperature and pressure can be...


Vintage Tyres Being Released for the Lamborghini Countach | Hometyre Vintage Tyre Replacements

Recently, we covered the re-imagining of the original Lamborghini Countach and the fact it will be wearing unique Pirelli Pzero tyres to help cope with the tremendous acceleration and cornering speeds! In the past year, many companies have...


Tyres for the new Lamborghini Countach | Hometyre Mobile Performance Tyre Fitting

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Lamborghini Countach, Lamborghini have released a re-imagined limited run of the Countach – LPI 800-4. As the original tyre manufacture for the classic Countach, Pirelli were chosen to...


Best Tyres for Winter | Mobile Tyre Fitting with Hometyre

With Summer 2021 hitting us with its (most likely) final heatwave, we can't help but notice the nights are drawing in and soon temperatures will begin to drop!

One thing to keep in mind as we head into the colder and wetter months is...


Mobile tyre fitting Oxford and Surrounding Areas

Hometyre are very pleased to announce the forthcoming coverage of Oxfordshire to our growing list of areas across the UK! We'll be offering full mobile tyre services from Wednesday 25th August! Our brand new state-of-the-art mobile service...


Bridgestone's 40th Anniversary of Run-Flat Tyres

Being the first manufacture of run-flat tyres, Bridgestone is now celebrating it's 40th year of run-flat innovation, to which it has marked by improving the existing range of products and moving the DriveGaurd RFT technology to its main...


Puncture Repair on ContiSeal Tyre | Mobile Puncture Repairs on Seal Tyres

What vehicles are fitted with Seal tyres from factory?

These “self sealing” tyres are mostly found on vehicles from the Volkswagen group – more commonly on VW, Skoda and Seat.

How do I know if my car has Seal...

Porsche GB 992 GT3 Launch Support in Bedford | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Fitting

Whilst Covid-19 has been ever present at our doors, car manufacturers have been expanding their portfolios with new concept cars and incredible developments - and have started demonstrating & testing new models. April 2021 saw Porsche...


What Should My Tyre Pressure Be? | Maintaining Your Correct Tyre Pressures

Maintaining the correct tyre pressures is extremely important, the three main reasons for this are:

Safety - Tyres that are under inflated can overheat and will be more...

Summer Tyres | All Season Tyres | Winter Tyres – What is the difference?

With the recent weather warnings and UK once again being hit by the "Beast from the East", we've been inundated with phone calls regarding the benefits of changing your tyres to suit the seasons.



Lockdown 3.0 across the UK | Mobile Tyre Fitting During UK Lockdown

We will be remaining fully operational across the UK during Lockdown 3.0, as we have done during previous nationwide and local lockdowns.

Priority Service for Key Workers...

Road Safety Week 2020 | Check Your Tyres | Tyre Safety UK

This week is Road Safety Week across the UK, the theme of 2020's campaign is "NO NEED TO SPEED".

One thing people across the UK noticed with the initial lockdown was the reduction in...


Tyre Speed Ratings and the 200MPH+ Tyre Ratings

One of the most common questions we are asked, whether it be on the phone, email or the live chat service, is "What does the letter at the end of the tyre size mean?"

Read more

TYRE SAFETY MONTH 2020! Do you know the laws on tyres?

One of our main jobs here at Hometyre, as you may have guessed, is to supply and fit your tyres!

But the most important part of that job is to make sure we do it correctly and SAFELY!


All Season Tyres - fitted at your chosen location!

Today marks the first day of Autumn 2020 - which means that many of you will now be considering that all-important change to cold...


Locking Wheel Nut Removal | Commonly Asked Questions

We take various phone calls from across the country every day from customers who require a Locking Wheel Nut Removal. Whether that be because they've lost their key, damaged their key or the nuts have previously been overtightened - just to name...


Easter 2021 Opening Times | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Fitting

Easter 2021 is almost here! The clocks have gone forward, the sun is out and the nights and getting gradually lighter!

We all deserve a break after the long and hard winter, our offices will be closed on the bank holidays for us to have...


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