How to Reset Your TPMS


So we've been out to you but the TPMS light is illuminated?!

Don't worry!

Although our technicians will always aim to reset each system after a puncture repair or tyre replacement, it's not always possible in every circumstance. Examples of which include where a vehicle needs to be driven at an average speed for an amount of time, or if access to the vehicle is restricted.

But, what can you do right now?

It does depend somewhat on the vehicle, as different manufacturers require different processes to reset the system.

As mentioned, some vehicles require you to drive a certain distance at a certain speed for the system to recalibrate. The most common of which is driving at an average 40MPH for over half an hour (really!). This allows the system to learn each tyres rolling radius and thereby approximate the tyres internal pressure.

Alternatively, some vehicles need to be reset from the onboard vehicle management system. This could be as simple as locating a button with the TPMS symbol and pressing that - or accessing various menus on screen.

Below is a process for resetting on one of the UKs most popular vehicles, the Ford Fiesta;

In all cases, firstly: Switch the ignition to the 'On' position, then, depending on the age of your Fiesta either:

If it has a centrally mounted screen:

1. Press the Menu button

2. Scroll down to 'Vehicle settings' and press OK

3. Scroll down to 'Tyre Monitoring' and press OK

4. Then press and hold the OK button

After a few moments you should be given the message 'Tyre Pressure Reset'

Then drive at over 20 MPH for 2 minutes and the new actual tyre pressures will be displayed

If it has the dash mounted screen:

1.Press the down arrows to 'Settings', press OK

2.Press down to 'Information', press OK

3. Press down to 'Tyre Pressure' , press OK

4. Click on 'Reset', Press OK

5. Use back button to go back to the beginning

Then drive at over 20 MPH for 2 minutes and the new actual tyre pressures will be displayed!

Your vehicle handbook will provide a simple guide to reseting the system on your particular. While they're all slightly different, they mostly very easy to navigate and designed to be driver friendly! It's also good to know how to do it for when you've checked and readjusted your pressures every three to four weeks during routine maintenance.

*Remember though: If you've reset the system and the light illuminates once again shortly afterwards, you may have a deflation issue! Call us immediately.

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