Fleet Tyre Checks

Do you own or run a fleet of vehicles?

We can offer a free, no obligation regular tyre health check of your vehicles - directly at your business location!

Of course we would like to replace, repair and maintain your tyres too and we're sure you'd soon notice the real benefits of the time and labour savings - not to mention the fuel benefits from correctly positioned and inflated tyres on your vehicle fleet

The hidden costs and subsequent savings from proper tyre care can be in the thousands for many businesses. Can you afford to lose that amount of money?

It's easy to overlook the hidden costs though, so let's consider a typical scenario:


Anon Plasterers Ltd have five crews of two workers, each operating from a van across a wide geographic area. Let's talk about just one of the crew for now - Jason and Del. These guys take home £10 per hour, with associated PAYE etc, this is a cost to the business of around £12 each per hour.

They're busy guys and cover quite a lot of miles each year, couple this together with the odd puncture picked up at the various building sites they visit, they make around 4 visits per year to a fixed site tyre outlet to keep safe and legal on the roads.

Now as a rule, an employee should earn the employer approximately 2.5 times what they're paid (bear with us, we'll summarise it all in a moment!)

When their van needs tyres they'll often go before the first job of the day or maybe finish a little earlier. Either way, it's likely to take a couple of hours in total. Let's be honest... if they can grab a hearty full English somewhere whilst they're waiting, they're not going to be in much of a hurry!

The hidden costs to a tyre visit can get hefty.

The cost of both employees for two hours is broadly £48.00
The loss of revenue £10 x 2 (x2) = £40.00
Call it a round £5 for additional travel costs.


So... just having a couple of tyres fitted can incur hidden additional costs of £93.00 in this scenario. Multiply that by the four separate visits each year and then further multiply it to mirror the other four vans in this company and the numbers really do get alarming. £1,488 in fact! A totally avoidable cost.

...and breathe! You've just found the perfect solution!

If you own or make key decisions within an SME and you have employees working out on site, we can bring the complete tyre fitting and repair service directly to your business location or in fact whichever location suits YOU - whether that's on site at a customers home or any other business address.


Tyre Replacement at any Business Address

As well as other mobile workers, we're happy to visit fixed site business locations too! Do you have a staff car park full of employees cars who are simply too busy to get their tyres changed? All of those vehicles parked in your staff car park are vital components in how your employees get to and from work safely every day.

Ensure they're driving legally and safely by working with your local Hometyre technician to provide a free vehicle tyre check day - just call us to discuss your requirements and for more information!

We'll put you in touch with our network partner and technician who'll arrange a time to come and see you.

Contact the Support Team today on 0800 783 9310 or complete the Quick Enquiry Form below...

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