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What Are Run Flat Tyres and How Do I Know If I Have Them?

Run Flat tyres been designed to do exactly what the name suggests, run when flat! They were made to resist the normal effects of deflation following a puncture or sudden loss of pressure.

How Long Can I Drive On A Punctured Run Flat Tyre?

They allow you to continue to drive at a reduced speed of around 50mph for a limited distance of under 50 miles. This can be a great assist to get you out of a difficult situation, however the downside is we're unable to repair a punctured run flat tyre.


Can You Repair A Run Flat Tyre?

The reason we're unable to repair a run flat tyre is because the overall structure and safety of the tyre may have been compromised. The main reason for this is due to the reinforced sidewalls, it becomes difficult to spot any secondary damage which may have occurred as a result of the primary damage.

Do I Have Run Flat Tyres?

One assumption that is often made by our customers is that because they DON'T have a spare tyre, their vehicle is fitted with Run Flat tyres. This is not the case! Many modern vehicles no longer come from factory with a spare tyre, this does not mean the vehicles tyres have Run Flat capabilities.

The most common vehicle makes fitted with Run Flats as standard and BMW and Mini. The best way to tell if your vehicle has Run Flat tyres is to look for a marking on the sidewall, different tyre manufacturers will use different markings to resemble a Run Flat, the most common options are shown below:

RFT – Bridgestone
– Continental
DSST – Dunlop 
ROF (RunOnFlat) – Bridgestone/Goodyear/Dunlop
XPS – Michelin/Yokohama

If you're still unsure whether your vehicle is fitted with Run Flat tyres, just give us a call! We're here to help and guide you to ensure you chose the correct tyres for your vehicle.



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