Classic & Vintage tyre replacement & repair

Do you own a prized classic or vintage car?

Worn your tyres down and terrified to take it to a local garage? Or perhaps your tyres are perished and cracking?

Relax, you've found people who care and take pride in their work!

Our technicians take the utmost of care when changing tyres, balancing or fixing punctures as they know how much they mean to you, the customer.


Whether it be a Mercedes-Benz, Mustang or an MGB, we have handled most vintage and classic vehicles (apart from the Peel P50, we are yet to do one of those!) Quite often, these vehicles are in concourse condition, so we take extra care to not cause scratches to the wheels. What's more, we're equipped with adaptors for our electronic wheel balancers to allow for a huge range of wheel variants.


We've handled everything from Mazda to McLaren and Buick to Bugatti, we deal with cars from across the pond and on our porch - often working on vehicles with extremely high monetary and emotional values. Quite often, these vehicles are in concourse condition too. What's more, we're equipped with adaptors for our electronic wheel balancers to allow for a huge range of wheel variants.

Inner Tube fitting

Not all mobile and static tyre fitters can perform an installation of an inner tube. However, our team of technicians have the equipment, knowhow and drive to install any inner tubes!

Much like changing a tyre or repairing a puncture, we first inspect the outside of the tyre to see if there are any obvious signs of damage. After the inspection, we remove the valve core to reduce the inside pressure, break the bead on both side of the tyre and remove one side of the tyre from the rim. This allows us to detach the inner tube from the rim and fully remove it. Installing a new inner tube is just a reverse process;

Installation of the bottom bead, placement of the tube inside the tyre, partial inflation, install the top bead and finally fully inflate to pop the bead into place. After the inflation process, we fully balance the wheel and install it back onto the vehicle ready for another journey!

Wheel Spokes

Not all classic cars have spoked wheels but, if your vehicle has them, we can help! Depending on the condition of the tape, during the process of repairing or replacing, we can replace the rim tape to help stop air leaking from the spoke holes.



Vintage Tyres

What happens if your tyre hasn't been manufactured since the early forties? Well, with our dedicated vintage tyre suppliers, there is a high chance that we might have that exact make and model of tyre available! We have access to thousands of specialist tyres from brands including MICHELIN, DUNLOP and AVON including vintage tyres and tubed type tyres too. Cross-ply vintage tyres or radial to suit. They're all a phone call away! Call our team today on 0800 783 93 10

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