How to Check Your Tyre Size Info!

EEEK! So we've shown you a list of tyre sizes and you've no idea what it all means or what to do with it??

Relax! You don't actually need to know what it all means (although we'll quite happily talk you through it all if you want?)- you just need to be able to match the numbers to those on the tyres currently fitted on your vehicle. It's actually pretty easy too.

1. The details we need are always going to be in the same type of format such as:
205/55R16 91V

2. Soooo.... now go to you vehicle....

Tip: The numbers will be visible around the circumference of the side wall of your tyres and will be the largest numbers on there!


3. Once you've got a match (or maybe even a totally different number!) you can check out all of the options online or call us!

It's always best to have a quick look at each of your tyres as some vehicles may have different sizes front and back. Generally speaking though, they should all be the same. Once you've found the numbers on one, it'll take seconds to locate the others...

Still unsure!? If it's between 8am and 5.30pm on a weekday or 12pm on a Saturday - call us. We're very happy to assist.


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