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Prolonged exposure to the elements results in rapid deterioration of tyre rubber (it is a natural product after all) and distortion of the steel belts within the tyre itself. Both issues can cause serious hazards when you hook your caravan back up for summertime usage.

Manufactured in the UK by BULLDOG with a 5 year guarantee and insurance approved, the Hometyre Secure Storage Stands offers multi-levels of protection for your investment!

Fitted in place of your wheels and tyres, the stands bolt to your caravans hub and, once in place, a high security lockable cover plate secures the fittings. The caravan is then lowered onto the stands secure base for prolonged winter storage.

Your wheels and tyres can now be removed and stored safely away from the caravan - and the elements!

Would be thieves will also be fully deterred as there is quite literally no way to tow the vehicle away either.

The units take up no additional space and are slim lined for ease of storage during the summer season!



1x pair of stands inc postage & VAT to any UK address only £139.20

1x pair of stands fitted inc VAT at your home or storage site (subject to coverage) only £169.80

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