Michelin Pilot Sport 5, New and Improved Performance!

Enhanced spirited driving that lasts for more miles 

As the world evolves and become focused on saving the environment, tyres have been noted as one of the bigger polluters due to the rubber particles being released whilst driving. Stemming from this, tyre manufactures are now updating and improving models to use different compounds so that these pollutants are less and are even being made with renewable materials such as recycled bottles and dandelion milk. You can find more by clicking the respective link.

Moving forward, one of the main characterises of the Pilot Sport 4 was the massive amount of grip it produced on wet and dry roads. Michelin have improved this using its new Dual Sport Tread Design. The longitudinal groves help "flush the water away for enhanced wet road traction" whilst the ridged side blocks increase traction on dry roads. This Dual Sport Tread Design is complimented by the Dynamic Response Technology which allows the driver to feel optimum responsiveness in the steering and road feel whilst delivering excellent reactivity and driving precision.


For those who are into the aesthetics of the tyre, the side-wall can now be found in a 'Premium Touch Design' which creates a "sleek, matte-black aesthetic with a velvet-like micro texture". As always, the Michelin Pilot Sport 5 will include the Wear2check indicator so you can check the wear of your tyres easily.


Full promotion of this new tyre is expected to start from February 14th onwards so watch this space, and the general media, to keep updated!


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