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I thought that the service that I received, both from the person who took my original call and from Keith, was excellent - efficient, pleasant and professional. I'd have no...

Ian Faulkner (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/08/2018

Excellent all very good and good price very good

Peter Rule (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 24/07/2018

Keith was excellent, very clear and delivered a great service!

Joshua Hogden (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 14/07/2018

Mobile tyre fitting Saffron Walden

We supply and fit all tyre makes and sizes including run flat tyres, high performance tyres and 4x4 tyres. We cater for all new car tyres, new van tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres, caravan tyres and trailer tyres right across Saffron Walden

We fit tyres where you want, when you want. Book an appointment down to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans and fully trained technicians will glide in and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products....

New tyres supplied and fitted in Saffron Walden.

Do you work on a Science Park or Business Park in Saffron Walden?

We are regularly called to Granta Park and the Genome Campus to fit new tyres or repair punctures as staff often find it very difficult to find the time to drive into the nearest town for attention.
So if you work on a Business park in the Saffron Walden area and have better things to do - please call us now! We bring the entire tyre fitting centre to YOU .

Rising Fuel Costs

There are many benefits with having your new tyres fitted at home or work as it will allow you to continue your work without the inconvenience of leaving the office or if you are at home to assist you in enjoying more leisure time.But with the ever increasing fuel costs it is even more important that you call us for a visit as while your vehicle is parked at your home or work you are saving money on fuel costs.

Winter tyres off and Summer tyres back on.

Now is the time to have your winter tyres removed and your summer tyres refitted so give us a call and we will come to you at a time that is convenient for you.

Tyre pressure management system

Since 2014 all vehicles manufactured must have some form of Tyre pressure management system (TPMS) fitted. Some vehicles will have TPMS valves fitted inside the wheels which have a battery life of between three and seven years and in most cases the battery cannot be replaced. We at Hometyre have the specialist equipment to clone a new set of valves and we can programme them to work with your vehicles ECU computer system. If you experience a problem give us a call and we will come to you saving you time and money.

Great Deals on Runflat Tyres Saffron Walden

Most owners of vehicles that have runflat tyres fitted assume that their tyres need to be fitted by the specialist dealer but our mobile units are fitted with specialised tyre fitting equipment that will allow us to replace all makes of runflat tyres.If you own a BMW or Mini Cooper that requires runflat tyres give us a call on 0800 783 9310 and book an appointment.

High Performance Tyres Saffron Walden

All Hometyre Mobile units are fully equipped with specialised tyre fitting kit so we can specialise in supplying and fitting new tyres to your Porsche, Lamborghini, Ferrari , BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes or Aston Martin so give us a call and we will visit you at your home or place of work and there is no call out charge therefore saving you time and money.

Caravans and Camper tyres Saffron Walden

As caravans and motorhomes do less mileage than your average car or van there is usually a good deal of tread on the tyre and this can be misleading on the general condition of the tyre so look for signs of cracking on the sidewall and also look at the Dot code on your tyre which will tell you how old your tyre is.

So if your tyres are five years old or over we suggest you consider replacing them soon so give us a call.

Tyron Band fitting

By fitting Tyron bands to the wheels of your caravan or motorhome you are dramatically reducing the risk of serious damage to the vehicle if you have a blow out on the motorway.The bands will assist in keeping the tyre on the rim as it loses air so you are able to keep control of the vehicle. Most insurance companies will reduce your payments if you have Tyron Bands fitted so they pay for themselves over a short period of time.

Wheel Alignment/Tracking in saffron Walden

There is sometimes confusion on whether your vehicle has a wheel alignment issue or Balancing problem so here are a few pointers to assist you in the diagnosis.

Balance weights are placed on wheels when new tyres are fitted to equalise the weight of the rubber on the rim so you get a smooth ride and if the weights have moved or fallen off you might feel some form of vibration at some speeds but there are many other mechanical issues that can lead to vibration but the wheels and weights should be the first thing to check.

If your vehicle is veering to the right or left and your front tyres are wearing on the inner or outer edges you could have an alignment problem which means that your wheels are toeing in or toeing out more than they should and this can easily be rectified by using our Wheel alignment gauges.

Give us a call on 0800 783 9310 if you experience any of the above symptoms and we will visit you at your home or place of work and rectify the problem.

Hometyre is Which? Approved for your added peace of mind


Locking Wheel Nut Removal

Do you know if your vehicle needs a locking wheel nut adaptor so your wheel can be removed when replacing your tyres or repairing a puncture and if so the location of the adaptor.They can usually be found in the glove box or in the boot with the spare wheel.

If you have lost or never been given an adaptor give us a call as we have specialist equipment on our mobile units that allow us to remove the existing locking wheel nuts from your vehicle.

Puncture Repair in Saffron Walden

if you have a flat tyre or believe you have a slow puncture we will visit you and repair the tyre if the puncture is in a central position and if it is not repairable we will quickly source a new tyre.

A very high percentage of punctures occur in the rear tyres and the reason for this is very simple, A foreign object such as a screw or nail lying flat on the road is gripped by the tread on a front tyre and ejected directly into the path of the rear.

For this reason we are suggesting we fit new tyres to the rear axle if the front tyres need changing and move existing rear tyres to the front and it is recommended that they are correctly balanced on our electronic balancer.