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Keith was excellent, very clear and delivered a great service!

Joshua Hogden (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 14/07/2018

Always an excellent service and very good advice regarding tyres and flexibility for fitting

Alex Graham (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 07/07/2018

Keith was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely efficient and courteous. Would highly recommend. Will definitely be using them again.

Jane Gray (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/07/2018

Mobile tyre fitting Newmarket

New tyres supplied and fitted mobile throughout Newmarket.


We supply and fit all tyre makes and sizes including run flat tyres, high performance tyres and 4x4 tyres. We cater for all new car tyres, new van tyres, light commercial vehicle tyres, caravan tyres and trailer tyres in Newmarket

We fit tyres where you want, when you want. Book an appointment down to the minute and our state of the art mobile tyre service vans and fully trained technicians will glide in and quickly replace your worn tyres with your choice of new products....

Caravan tyres and Tyron bands Newmarket

During the year and that includes some winter months we are called to customers homes, storage sites and camping sites to replace caravan tyres when they are showing signs of age.It is advisable to consider changing your caravan tyres after five years as while there will be sufficient tread depth due to low mileage the strength of the tyre will deteriorate.The dote code on the sidewall of the tyre will indicate the age of the tyre by giving the week and year it was constructed.Many caravan owners are asking us to fit Tyron bands to the wheels as they appreciate the benefits of having them fitted as they assist in controlling the vehicle in the event of a blow out.

Winter tyres off and Summer tyres back on.

It is now the time of year to book your appointment for the removal of your winter tyres and fitting your summer tyres back on your vehicle. Give our sales team a call on 0333 4444 5454 to book an appointment that suits you.

Tyre Pressure Management System (TPMS)

Since 2014 all vehicles manufactured will have some form of tyre pressure management system fitted and some vehicles will have TPMS valves fitted inside the wheels which have a battery life of between three and seven years and in most cases the battery cannot be replaced. We can come to you and clone a new set programming the new valves to your vehicles ECU system.

Wheel Balancing in Newmarket

We will be happy to fit your new tyres to the rear of your vehicle and swap the others to the front.

It is recommended that before we fit the existing rear wheels to the front-that they are correctly balanced on our electronic balancer.

The reasons

1. An imbalanced wheel can cause significant vibrations through the steering wheel of your vehicle and create accelerated wear on other steering components.

2.There is no way to tell if a wheel is correctly balanced visually and it is unlikely that you will notice an imbalance while they are fitted to the rear of your vehicle.

Runflat tyres Newmarket

Our mobile units are able to fit all brands of runflat tyres to your vehicle so you don't have to travel to a garage therefore saving you time and money so if you own a BMW or Mini cooper that require runflat tyres give us a call and book an appointment.

Check your spare tyre now

Now is the time to check the condition of your spare tyre as during last winter some motorists had a nasty shock when they went to fit the spare tyre after getting a puncture or hitting a pot hole. Some motorists found that the spare had lost air and they had no means of inflating and some found that the wheel was buckled from a previous pot hole experience and they had forgotten to replace it.

Whilst checking the spare it is advisable to also check the tool kit to make sure you have the ability to remove a wheel in a crisis such as a suitable jack and relevant equipment to release bolts and also check the location of your locking wheel nut adaptor if your vehicle requires one.

If you have any concerns give the team a call and they will advise accordingly.

Hometyre safety checks

Part of our customer care service is knowing that before we leave you we have given you good advice on any tyre related issues so you are safe and can deal with any issues that occur.

We will advise you to put the best tyres on the rear axle as recent research has proven that there are many reasons why this should be done and we will talk you through this procedure and explain the reasons why.It is very common for the rear wheels to be seized on due to lack of movement so by removing them when your front tyres are worn and moving them to the front of the vehicle will give you the added knowledge that all your wheels can be removed with ease should you get a puncture.

Before we leave you we will have checked your spare tyre and made sure it will be of use to you should you need it in an emergency and we will also advise you to carry a torch with your vehicle as it is essential you have enough light when refitting wheels in the dark.

Give us a call to arrange a visit at your home or place of work and remember there is no call out charge.

Hometyre is Which? Approved for your added peace of mind


Puncture Repairs in Newmarket

If you discover you have a Puncture on your car, van, caravan or trailer anywhere in Newmarket, call Hometyre and we will come and repair your puncture at your home or place of work.There will be some occasions when your tyre cannot be repaired such as if there is a gash in your tyre from a collision with a kerb or pothole or a nail is embedded too near the side wall - so on these occasions we can access a new tyre locally and get you back on the road quickly plus there is no call out charge.

Wheel Alignment or commonly known as Tracking

If your tyres are wearing more on the outer or inner shoulder there is a good chance that your vehicle needs to have the Tracking looked at so give us a call and we will adjust the tracking so you will get even wear on your tyres and therefore you will not need to change them prematurely.

Locking Wheel nut removal Newmarket

Does your vehicle have locking nuts fitted and if so do you know the location of the adaptor? Our roads are not in the best of condition at the moment and many motorists are having blow outs as their vehicle hits a kerb or pothole at speed.To remove a wheel and replace with the spare or new tyre you will need to locate the adaptor if locking nuts are fitted to your vehicle, but if it is lost or damaged give us a call as we carry specialist equipment that will remove locking nuts and therefore get you mobile again.

Keep safe and save money on fuel.

1. Check your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure and there is suitable tread (1.6mm is the legal limit) but if there is less than 3mm consider changing in near future.

2. If you are carrying a heavy load check your handbook to see if you need to add more air to your tyres.

3. Double check you know where your locking wheel nut is located as last year some of our customers could not find the nut when they called us.

4. Check your spare wheel is inflated in case of emergency.

5. Drive in a manner suitable to the conditions around you.

6. Carry a torch in the vehicle as daylight hours reduce during the winter months.

It has been proven over the years that if you stick to these simple instructions you will minimise problems when driving and reduce your fuel bill at the same time.


Excellent efficient service. Loved that all the alloys were given a good clean as well. 

Kelly B (Mobile Tyre Fitting Cambridge) - 08/01/2019

Great job...many thanks. Will be very happy to recommend you to anyone I come across needing help with tyres.

Janet Hathiramani (Mobile Tyre Fitting Cambridge) - 10/11/2018

Excellent service, on time and no hassle. Would definitely use again. Thankyou

Stephen (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 06/08/2018

I thought that the service that I received, both from the person who took my original call and from Keith, was excellent - efficient, pleasant and professional. I'd have no...

Ian Faulkner (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/08/2018

Excellent all very good and good price very good

Peter Rule (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 24/07/2018

Keith was excellent, very clear and delivered a great service!

Joshua Hogden (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 14/07/2018

Always an excellent service and very good advice regarding tyres and flexibility for fitting

Alex Graham (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 07/07/2018

Keith was absolutely fantastic. He was extremely efficient and courteous. Would highly recommend. Will definitely be using them again.

Jane Gray (Mobile Tyre fitting in Cambridge) 03/07/2018
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