When the World's Fastest Tyres Aren't Enough

The Need for Speed

Do you own a Bugatti Chiron, Hennesey Venom or a Koenigsegg Agera RS? And are you looking at maxing out the top speed? Well, unfortunately for you, you're stuck with good ol' Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's which (supposedly) can only take you up to the intoxicatingly slow speed of 278MPH. Supposedly being the key word there.

With the 'recent' run of the Agera RS being watched by the chaps over at Michelin, they came to the conclusion that the tyres were acting 'as normal' and looked as though they may have more to give. The same goes for the Agera, in terms of its top speed, Koenigsegg believes that it's got more to give.

Within the next few years (or hopefully months) one of the top named tyre brands will probably produce a tyre that can go above and beyond these speeds.


However, what happens when you're fed up of your daily driven Chiron and want something with a bit more… oomph? Well, you'll be looking at Bloodhound LSR. Granted, the turning circle is horrifically terrible, so no roundabouts for you, and the fuel economy would rival that of space shuttle, but when you need to get somewhere lickity split, you turn to the 1000MPH car. Rocket. Rocketcar(?)

But how does any of this relate to tyres I hear you cry… Well, strictly speaking, there are no tyres on Bloodhound. But, as the word 'tyre' derives from the word 'attire' (yes you Americans can have this spelling for once) it simply means the 'thing' that coats or surrounds the rim. So yes, Bloodhound won't be using 'tyres' but will instead be using solid aluminium wheels which look quite snazzy. (Ignore the picture, we guess that it's transportation tyres!)


Created from a singular block of aluminium, the wheels are forged using a 3,000 tonne press and good ol' fashioned black smith engineering. Well, we say old fashioned, the people creating these wheels are ex high level Royal Engineers with a truck load of experience. After the press, these wheels will be 910mm tall (nearly 3 feet!). The only cars with these types of wheels are the donk's from america (the opposite of the lowrider scene with mahoosive rims)


Currently, the best high speed tyres are the Michelin Pilot Sport 4S's, whilst being quite expensive (355/25 R21 for £553.03 inc VAT for one tyre!) they stump most of the competition on quality. However, the other big name players such as Pirelli and Continental are catching up quick quickly and we look forward to seeing what they can deliver.

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