What is the legal tread depth limit on tyres?

At this time of year, the roads can be icy! This results in longer braking distances and reduced grip.

One thing that definitely won't help you in these conditions is bald tyres! See below!


For passenger cars and light commercial vehicles with a gross weight of up to 3500kg the legal minimum tread depth is NO LESS than 1.6mm.

If your tyres are below this the penalty is three points on your licence and a maximum fine of £2,500 PER TYRE.

Despite the legal number being 1.6mm, once the tyre reaches below 3mm of tread it will start to perform worse in wet weather, this is because it is unable to disperse water quick enough to avoid potential aquaplaning and loss of control.

If your tyres are between 1.6mm - 3mm we highly recommend replacing them as soon as possible or if it is not possible to replace them immediately try adjusting your driving style and going a little slower in wet conditions.

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