The Nightmare of Potholes

At this time of year, potholes are appearing much more often on our roads in the UK. Potholes are created when water seeps into the underlying structure via cracks in the road surface, in the winter this water expands when it freezes, causing the gravel underneath to move. When the weather starts to get warmer and the water melts, a hole is left under the road surface and eventually caves in from the pressure of various vehicles repeatedly driving over it.


Potholes are one of the biggest pains for many UK motorists, I'm sure you would agree! Here at Hometyre we take multiple calls a day from unfortunate drivers who have hit one and suffered a flat tyre. Although approximately 60% of punctured tyres can be repaired, it is often likely that the damage caused by a pothole can be too severe to carry out a repair to the British BSAU159 standards. For more information on puncture repairs, click here.

As well as causing tyre failures, potholes can also knock your tracking out. If you hit a pothole, ensure you pull over and inspect your tyres for any signs of damage, if your tyres appear to be fine but once you begin driving again your steering wheel is vibrating or pulling to one side it is definitely worth getting your wheel alignment (tracking) checked. If the tracking on your vehicle has become misaligned it can cause uneven and premature wear to your tyres over time, which means they will need replacing much sooner. It can also increase rolling resistance which can lead to higher fuel consumption, and nobody wants to be spending more than they have to on filling up their vehicle! For more information on wheel alignment please click here.

If you suffer a puncture or a blow out and would like us to come out to your location to asses the damage, please call us on 0800 783 9310. We always try to repair a puncture if possible, however if it's not repairable, at Hometyre we always ensure we have a replacement tyre on board with us so we can get you back on the road!

Written by Louise Cowlishaw - Hometyre HQ


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