Taking Care of Your Winter Tyres!

The weather seems to have taken a sudden turn for the colder here in the UK! We've been receiving a lot of calls from both new and old customers about having their summer tyres swapped for their winters or getting a brand new set of winters put on to prepare for the cold months ahead!

However here at Hometyre we want to make sure you're also thinking a little further ahead! We've put together a check list to make sure you're looking after your winter tyres this season!

  • Check your tyre pressures every few weeks - inflation pressure will have a big impact on your driving comfort and tyre wear, keep those pressures at the recommended psi!
  • Measure your tread depth more than once during the season - if you can check it once a month that is ideal. For a guide on how to check your pressures using the good old fashioned 20p method, click here!
  • Check your tyres for even wear - if you notice your tyres are wearing more on one edge it will definitely be worth getting the wheel alignment looked at - if you need more information on this just call us on 0333 444 5454!
  • Swap the tyres between axles - if you have noticeably more tread on 2 tyres than the other 2, be sure to keep the ones with the most tread on the rear of the vehicle
  • Check the age of your tyres - tyres last for around 6 years in active use, if you have had your winter tyres for longer than this they may not be performing effectively. The rubber compound with harden and crack over time which leads to reduced grip.


If you need any advice on winter tyres just call our sales team on 0333 444 5454 and we'll be more than happy to give you all the advice you need to keep you safe on the roads this winter!


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