Silent or Noise Cancelling systems (NCS)

Manufacturers such as Pirelli and Continental tyre have and continue to develop tyres to be more environmentally noise friendly, giving off less external noise. These can typically be found in larger vehicles such as Range Rovers.

Since 2012, all tyres supplied to the European market have had to come with Euro Tyre Label Information and one of the elements that are required to be published is External Road Noise in dB.

What is NCS technology?

NCS is typically a layer of foam that fits inside the tyre against the Bytol liner of the tread face. This is never seen unless you take the tyre off the rim and it then appears as foam hoop. This lining acts a noise suppressant without compromising the performance of the tyre.

NCS or Silent tyres can generally be repaired if they become punctured (subject to BSAU 159).


Hometyre South Midlands went out to fit 2 of the highest rated NCS tyres, the Continental Sport Silent, to a customer's Audi A6 in Rednal, Birmingham earlier this week.

Another brand which is highly recognised for its NCS is Pirelli, PNCS (Pirelli Noise Cancelling System) technology has been designed with sound absorbing sponge to reduce the frequency filtering through the car, resulting in a higher level of comfort in comparison to traditional tyres.

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