Say NO to part worn tyres!

Part worn tyres may seem like an attractive cheaper idea than buying new tyres when it comes to having to replace them, but before you go for those cheap used tyres, ask yourself if these tyres are road safe why are they not still on the vehicle? The answer is they are most probably not road safe, statistics show 98% of part worn tyres are sold illegally.

Tyres are not a luxury item that people would just replace as they fancied some new ones. There are many reason they would have been replaced such as uneven wear, age, hit a kerb or pothole and it could look fine from the outside but could be structurally unstable and when driven on there is a high risk of blowout. Majority of part worn tyres are stored exposed to the elements which damage them even more.

The fact is you simply do not know the history of that tyre, but what you do know is someone would not get rid of a perfectly good safe tyre.

As well as the safety issues with part worn tyres, consider that a part worn tyre will not have all of its tread compared to a new tyre, so you will not be getting the full use of the tyre meaning you will be having to replace them more which means the initial saving will not be worth it.

Stefan Hay, Chief Executive of the NTDA, said: "Investigations have highlighted the woeful - and frankly dangerous - current status of Britain's part worn tyre market. Whenever such operations are undertaken, the majority of retailers investigated are proven to be selling illegal products and have little or no expertise. When the product in question plays a vital role in the safety of drivers, passengers and all road users, you have to ask in how many other industries that would be acceptable?

"In the absence of stricter enforcement, and a lack of willingness among part worn dealers to clean up their industry, the NTDA will continue to champion a complete ban on the sale of part worn tyres."

Hometyre stock a good range of brand new budget, mid range or premium tyres at a competitive price, and able to fit them at a time and place that suits you. Don't risk part worn tyres! It's better to buy new and not part worn tyres.


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