Pirelli Tyres add to the F1™ drama

Changes to the construction of tyres for F1™ this season have made for some dramatic looking tyre failures during the first few races.

The reason for the apparent failures have been explained by Pirelli motorsport director Paul Hembery. The Italian tyre giant have introduced a new high tensile steel belt underneath the tyre tread to make it increasingly difficult for debris to cause punctures. 

When the tyre is hit by debris, the tread is now the weakest component and can overheat and delaminate. While this appears very dramatic, actually the tyre structure is still very much intact and can be driven back to the pits. Previous tyre designs would have failed completely and often signalling the end of a race for the unlucky recipient.

Road going motorists need not be concerned with buying Pirelli tyres though! The brand remains one of the most reputable and well known in the world!


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