Piezo-electric Tyres?

First the science: Piezoelectricity is charge that is built up in crystalline and ceramic structures when exposed to a mechanical force. Such a material that is squeezed rapidly will create a charging voltage. 

With huge technological advances in hybrid electric vehicles and the ever increasing range and popularity of electric powered cars, Goodyear have been getting inventive.

Recently released at the Geneva Motor Show, Goodyears BH03 concept tyre is fitted with piezoelectirc materials that covert heat and movement into reusable energy to continuously charge an electric motor! Clever stuff.

goodyear bh03_1

What's more the tyre is produced in a deep black colour to absorb as much sunlight as possible.

Another potential tyre upgrade that we will likely see in the future will be one which allows for multiple pressure cells within a tyre that react (inflate or deflate automatically via an internal pump) to differing driving and road conditions in order to maximise comfort, economy and wear.

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