It's Summer! (But Don't Go Getting All Complacent....)

It'd be easy to neglect the car a little at this time of year - certainly without the worry of frosty mornings, slippery roads and bleak skies.
For the sake of a few simple checks though, a whole host of problems and hassle can be avoided during your holiday travels....

5 Easy Checks for Peace of Mind Summer Driving

1. TYRES. (Oh come on, you knew we'd start with these!)

Get those pressures checked. Low pressure increases fuel consumption and places massive strain on your tyres. Couple this with extra weight such as luggage etc and problems could lie ahead. A visual check will highlight low tread, cuts, bulges and perishing. How old are your tyres? 6-7 years and you really need to think about renewing! Make sure (if you have one?) that the spare is fit for use and the tools required to change it are present - including the locking nut key...


Modern cars are so much more reliable mechanically than they used to be but they still need regularly checking for coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid and oil levels. Don't forget the washer bottle either. Add some detergent to break down the bugs.(and it's not a bad call to carry water reserves for you too! Traffic jams in the heat aren't pleasant!)


Create a list in your 'phone for travel related numbers. Are you in a breakdown scheme? Do you have your insurers details? Obviously you need 03334445454 for tyre related stuff!


Good vision is absolutely vital to safe motoring. Bright sunlight on grubby glass can cause huge restrictions in vision. Easiest way to clean them? Spray on normal window cleaner and use newspaper to wipe it off! Something about the paper soaks up all the grease and leaves glass crystal clear!


Last, but not least, grab a friend do operate the controls and do a light check around the car. Those brake lights will be vital if you're on foreign roads. Don't forget,you may need to carry spares legally too!

TIP: Indicators should flash orange! If they look white then the bulbs need replacing...
Check your windscreen wipers are cleaning the screen properly and the rubber isn't split.
TIP: Use window cleaner on a soft cloth to wipe down the rubber blades to remove dirt and debris

Too many holiday makers jump in their cars all geared up for a well earned break - only to waste hours or even days due to perfectly avoidable issues.
Don't forget to check that your MOT and service is up to date before travelling too!

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