How Long Should You Keep Your Winter Tyres Fitted?

Our first full-on wintry blast for 2017-18 across the UK hit mid December. The severity was mixed, with the Midlands being hit hardest. Arguably this came quite early as recent history has tended to hit us with adverse weather much later in the winter months. It wasn't too long ago that snow fell in early April shortly before record high temperatures were recorded later in the same month!

Already we've had a number of clients over the country booking us to replace their summer tyres back on over the coming days. The consideration being that as temperatures appear to be settling above 7C more often than not, that they will prematurely wear the winter tyres out if left fitted.

While winter tyres work best at 7C and below, they will still provide excellent grip and braking safety at temperatures above this point. Weather in the UK can change rapidly, as we all know, and it's most often these times that catch out motorists unexpectedly.

Our advice is to keep winter tyres fitted until at least mid-March and possibly longer the further north you live in the UK. Unless you are an exceptionally high mileage user, the benefits far outweigh any potential small increase in wear rate.

Unsure whether you should still consider fitting winter tyres mid way through winter? Consider one of the increasing range of All Season type tyres we have available. Offering performance in ALL weather conditions year round, these tyres don't need to be swapped over at all. Call us for more information.


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