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Are you a Caravan owner in Brighton, Blackpool, Borrowdale or any other desirable areas within the UK? If so, your caravan season preparations are about to become a lot easier! Here at Hometyre we offer a fully mobile service, at your home or at your caravan site, as well as fitting new tyres to your beloved caravan we are also fully trained to fit TYRON Bands.

Mobile Caravan Tyres - fitted at a location of your choice

How do I check the size of my caravan tyres?

If you're a new customer to Hometyre you will need to know the size of your tyres before placing an order with us, checking your tyre size is easy! It will be located on the sidewall of your existing tyres.

When checking your tyre size it will be in a format such as "195/70R15" or "185R14", the middle part of the first example size (70) is the profile/aspect ratio section of the tyre. If this number is missing, as shown in the second example, from the sidewall of your tyres it means the number is '80'. This example means the width of the tyre is 185mm, the profile is 80% of the tread width and the wheels are 14", the 'C' represents a commercial grade tyre.

Another marking you will see on a commercial grade tyre is something like "104/102", this is the load rating, this tells you how much weight each tyre can take. The higher number is the reading for a single axle and the lower rating is for a twin axle. In this instance a single axle caravan with this size would take a weight up to 1700kg over the two tyres.

To give a better visual example of this, we have created the below image…

Caravan Tyre Sizing

TYRON Bands - mobile fitting in the UK

Have you considered fitting TYRON™ Bands to your caravan or motorhome?

TYRON™ Bands do exactly what they say on the tin! They keep the TYRE-ON in the event of a blowout. When you're towing a caravan, if a blowout occurs you may not notice the initial impact and you run the risk of the entire caravan tipping over on a road which could lead to a major incident.

For more information on TYRON Bands click here

Recommended Caravan Tyres

Budget option - budget tyre brands are constantly coming in and out of stock in the UK, although most budget tyres do the same thing! The majority of caravan owners will generally end up changing their tyres due to age, not tread wear, therefore putting budget tyres onto your caravan can often by the best way to go, especially if you only go on a couple of trips a year with it! If you want to spend money on a good set of tyres, the best option is to do this for the vehicle which is towing the caravan!

Mid-Range option - if you are a caravan owner who hits a larger annual mileage you might be considering something of higher quality for your beloved caravan. A good mid-range option would be the GT Radial Kargomax ST-6000, this tyre has been designed specifically for caravan and trailer usage. It has enhanced sidewall protection and a heavier duty compound allowing it to take the additional weight of a caravan.

GT_Kargomax_ST_6000 GT_Tread

If you're still unsure which option to go for, give our team a call on 0333 444 5454 for more information!


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