Get your caravan/motorhome ready for spring 2015

It may still be chilly but those early signs of spring are thankfully upon us already! Lighter nights and daytime temperatures just starting to nudge towards double figures again. Ok, we may still be hit with a cold hard spell but with March rapidly approaching, now is a good time to start making plans to prepare your leisure vehicle for the forthcoming season ahead.

A long winter lay-up can cause numerous issues for your vehicle. Prevention is always better than cure (and usually less costly!) but we're all guilty of forgetfulness and leading busy lives.

For caravans the most obvious issues are with brakes and tyres. Brakes are best serviced annually prior to first use by a professional repairer. Tyres need to be thoroughly examined before hooking up for holiday. Remember that rubber is a natural product and ages from the date of manufacture. A tyre that is five years old or more will have become harder and suffer more rapidly from exposure to ultra-violet light (sunlight) and low level ozone. This has the effect of 'drying' out the rubber and causing it to split and crack.


Don't forget also that your tyres may have been sat in the same position for many months on end too. A tyre is manufactured using steel belts for rigidity. These will naturally distort with prolonged spells with weight placed upon them. If you hook up the caravan and drive off without checking the pressures first, you will place enormous strain on the casing of the tyres and potentially cause a blow-out. Not a great experience when you're all set for relaxation.

Have you considered the benefits of TYRON bands? Read more about this great safety device here. 

If you're looking for very high quality security products, check out our range from UK manufacturer Bulldog. available to buy mail order direct to your door. 

Whatever your requirements, we're always on hand for advice and assistance. Call us on 08007839310 or 03334445454 (mobile friendly!) 


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