Bridgestone's 40th Anniversary of Run-Flat Tyres

Being the first manufacture of run-flat tyres, Bridgestone is now celebrating it's 40th year of run-flat innovation, to which it has marked by improving the existing range of products and moving the DriveGaurd RFT technology to its main production lines increasing the availability to the public and car manufactures. From the likes of Mercedes-Benz to Alfa Romeo, run-flat tyres can be found on a number of new vehicles and allow the user to drive to a safe location in the event of sudden pressure loss. Bridgestone run-flat for example, allows the user (in theory) to drive 50 miles at a maximum of 50 miles per hour.


But what are the advantages of run-flat tyres?

As above, in the event of a sudden pressure loss these tyres will allow the end user to drive a certain amount of miles up to a maximum speed with zero pressure inside of the tyre. This is achieved by using reinforced side-walls that can support the vehicle's weight. But, once used with no-pressure inside of the tyre, it needs to be changed as the sidewall will have experienced overheating and thus become damaged.


However, there are two problems associated with run-flat tyres. As per the British Standard BSAU159, we do not repair these and will need to be replaced in the event of a puncture. In addition, these tyres are harder by nature and can reduce ride comfort. O the flip side, the benefits include less weight being carried in the car as there is no spare wheel and tyre, thus making them more fuel efficient and environmentally friendly .

Cars with run-flats typically have direct TPMS systems as the driver will require an indication of a puncture a visually on the vehicle as a physical inspection of the tyre may not show an issue as the tyre will not be "flat"

Car manufactures that often equip run-flat tyres are BMW, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Alfa Romeo and higher performance Nissan models (such as the GTR). If you own one of these vehicles, you can identify if you have a run-flat tyre by looking at the sidewall on the tyre and for it to say either Run-Flat tyre or RFT. But, some tyre brands like to change things up and change the markings. Michelin for example use ZP (Zero Pressure), Continental is SSR (Self Supporting Run-flat) or ROF (Run On Flat)

Some customer will see RF and assume it's a run-flat tyre. However, this just means that the tyre is reinforced and can take a slightly higher weight rating. These are often accompanied by an XL after the tyre size.

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