All Season or Winter Tyres for 2017/18?

Are you starting to think about the (sorry!) forthcoming winter? If you're a regular winter tyre user, at some point in October you'll no doubt be making the switch back off your summer rubber in preparation for the cold season.

Tyre manufacturers have recognised that across Europe - and particularly in the UK, the winter season has changed. Prolonged sub zero temperatures and extreme weather appears to have been replaced by a colder version of August! While there is no real substitute for proper cold weather tyres to handle true wintry conditions on untreated and less well used roads, there is certainly a good case for a tyre that can be kept on year round and offer a good range of capabilities.


Enter the ALL SEASON tyre. Many manufacturers now have a range of all season offerings across popular sizes. These tyres bridge the gap between a summer and winter tyre and provide a level of performance in both seasons without particularly compromising on wear rates, comfort, noise or fuel economy.

These probably represent a great alternative for urban motorists who wish to retain the peace of mind and surefootedness of a winter tyre at low temperatures without the need for biannual swap overs and tyre storage associated with true winter options.

Of course if the weather does deteriorate to conditions that we last experienced back in 2011, or you rely on your vehicle daily, for whatever reason, then the investment in a full set of winter tyres will prove invaluable.

Whatever your preference, we're happy to offer our best advice and a range of options to suit. Our mobile service allows you to swap over summer to winter tyres at home - saving you the cost of storage facilities (provided you've got a little space to keep them, of course).

Hometyre are preferred suppliers of arguably the finest winter tyres available - NOKIAN. Manufactured in Scandinavia, Nokian invented and have continuously developed this product over many decades. Call us for more information.

CrossClimate Winter_tire_Nokian_WR_G2

The Michelin Cross Climate All Season & the Nokian WRG2 Winter Tyre



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