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Our main concern at Hometyre is the safety of our customers when they're out on the roads of Norfolk! We're happy to carry out a free tyre inspection to ensure our customers vehicles are fully safe and legal as we come out of lockdown.

We visited a customer in Thetford who had asked for a tyre safety check on their Peugeot 308 as they thought the rear tyres were starting to perish upon a quick glance when washing the car one Sunday afternoon!

We took a couple of tyres on the van with us just in case, in this case it was fortunate that we did! The customer was in need of 2 new rear tyres due to them being heavily perished and cracked. This is mostly caused by the age of the tyres, these were around 6 years old which is the point you would ideally be looking to replace them for some newer rubber!

When a tyre becomes aged, the rubber hardens and is more vulnerable to punctures, flat tyres and blow outs.


All work was completed at the comfort and safety of the customer's home with Hometyre's mobile service!

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