The Corona virus and how it affects our work


We at Hometyre are still working as normal (or as normal as we can during this crisis). Customers are asked to have their car keys and locking wheelnuts ready and put them on the doorstep as we arrive. We can still talk to you at a distance to find out what tyres we are working on or whether there are any special requests.

We wear rubber gloves at all times and these are changed after every job, as well as using sanitisers to keep our hands and equipment clean.Once a job has been completed, we take a payment using our card terminal, but rather than inserting the customers card, we get them to read out the details, which we put through as if it was a telephone payment.

Keys and locknuts are placed back on the doorstep, we spray them with a sanitiser, but we recommend that the customers sanitise them as well afterwards.

Customers jobs are still booked in as normal, but timings may change as we are prioritising any NHS staff who may call in.

Our major wholesalers have now moved to an am delivery only, rather than twice a day, but we do have the opportunity to buy tyres from local smaller wholesalers if necessary.

If you require tyres, give us a call on 0333 444 5454.

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