Have I got Tyron bands fitted to my Caravan?

Before answering that question, I will explain what Tyron bands are….. 


 They are two semi circular metal bands that are joined together and fitted between your wheel rim and tyre. They fill up the well in the rim making a flat surface. What this does is keep a tyre on the rim if the tyre goes flat from a puncture. You are able to continue driving under control for around 30 miles or until the tyre disintegrates. Without a Tyron band, there is a good chance one edge of the tyre will find its way into the well, when this happens the tyre can come off of the rim and damage the caravan. I have seen caravans that did not have Tyron bands fitted, where there is a massive hole right through to the inside costing ££££'s to repair.

We at Hometyre are recommended by Tyron UK as a supplier and fitter of Tyron products. We carry special rings on our vans to help with the removal and fitting of Tyron bands. Not many tyre depots have this equipment, or even know how to fit Tyron bands. I often find Tyron bands that are fitted upside-down, have some of the plastic feet missing or are squashing the valve. This is why you should only use recommended fitters.

If you have bought a used caravan and want to know if Tyron bands are fitted, you should look near the valve where the original fitter will have put a sticker. This is done to advise any tyre fitter that there are Tyron bands inside, so the tyre cannot be removed from the rim in the normal way.


Older tyron band stickers can be small white or red circular paper stickers approx. 20mm in size.


Newer Stickers are approx. 30mm in size and are of a foil sticker.

Tyron_3_sticker You can even find some caravans that have a plastic insert in the wheel arch advising you that a Tyron band is fitted.

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