BMW Locknut removal after removal socket was damaged.

A customer took his car to a well known fast fit tyre depot to have two new tyres fitted ready for an MOT. They took the car into the workshop then cam to him saying that his locknuts were over tightened and the removal socket had broken. They also said that they couldn't help him anymore and he needed to get the locknuts removed first.

After an Internet search he found Hometyre Sussex and arranged for me to come out to remove the locknuts. The car was fitted with McGard locknuts with the revolving collars. We have specialist tools to work on these nuts, it took a while but I soon had 3 removed. The 4th was a problem as the damaged locknut socket had sheared off leaving a flat surface, which our tool cannot get a grip on. The only option was to get in with another tool and break up the revolving collar. Once this was off, I was then able to get in with special twist socket that cuts into the locknut and with a breaker bar unwind the locknut.

The customer had bought a new set of locknuts, I fitted these for him and torqued them up to the correct settings. I then checked all of his tyres, wrote up a report which will be emailed to him. Finally I took a card payment using our onboard card reader.

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