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After many months of sun glaring through the curtains in the morning, today was dark signifying that the autumnal period had started. With this change in light comes changes in the road’s surface from damp slippy leaves to areas of standing water. Making sure you have a good amount of tread is vital in dissipating the water and ensuring grip and stability! But, when the temperatures start to drop even lower, summer tyres start to lose their ‘grippyness’ as the silicone and general elasticity starts harden at temperatures below 7*C.


This customer had purchased a set of used steel wheels with a set of new Nokian winter tyres and needed them installing on the vehicle before they headed away into Europe for the winter. Europe’s many countries have different rules and regulations regarding Winter tyres and their use on their roads. You can find more about that here!

Upon arriving to the customer’s address, we inspected the summer wheels and tyres before they were removed. Checking the tread, wear pattern and age of the tyres helps to gather an understanding of how long they will last and when they should be changed. This is all popped into a free inspection report that is sent out to the client after the appointment!

Before installing the winter wheels and tyres, the wheels were re-balanced, the tyres inspected for any cracking or damage and given a quick clean (giving them a quick clean also helps to identify any areas of air leakage).

The wheels were then removed, the hubs cleaned back of any rust and the winter wheels re-installed.

If you’re looking to book a winter swap-over at your place of work or at your home address, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or send a request to!


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