Michelin CrossClimate 2 & Continental TS870

Michelin, the developers of the first pneumatic tyre, have just provided a press release introducing the world to the new CrossClimate 2. Having created the original CrossClimate summer tyre with true winter capabilities (marked with the snowflake), Michelin evolved this product to the next generation CrossClimate+ and now to the CrossClimate 2. Along with passenger cars, the CrossClimate 2 will be joining forces with tyres designed for the SUV market. The previous generations being called the CrossClimate SUV and the Agilis will most likely have 2 placed after their name.


After contacting Michelin's head office, they declared a slow phase out of the previous generation in preparation for the improved CrossClimate 2 with an expected release date of latter part of 2021. 

Along side the Michelin CrossClimate2, Continental have announced a delay in the new WinterContact TS870 as further refinements are needed. The TS870 has been created to help cope with demand for winter tyres in central European countries. New features of this tyre include a ground-up redesign of the tread and the next generation of Continental's Cool Chili compound.

We hope to see both these tyres through out hands in the near future! 


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