Continental Tyres for a Mercedes-Benz E-Class in Horley

We recently had a customer call in to order a set of four Continental Premium Contact 6 tyres for his Mercedes-Benz E-Class. As he tends to do a large amount of mileage, he wanted some tyres that were good on fuel but also allowed him to have a bit of fun down the back lanes if he really wanted to. With the order placed, we gave the customer a quick call to confirm some details and to see if they had a preferred date and time in mind for their booking.

Before installing the new tyres, we inspected the vehicle to spot any potential issues and measure the tread depth. As the customer tended to only do motorway mileage, the only small issue was the wear pattern. As the tyre was wearing on both the shoulders, it indicated that the tyres were under-inflated. After checking the pressure, this was confirmed to be 6PSI under the recommended pressure! After informing the customer, we jacked up the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and removed one wheel at a time. This was then placed onto our bench in the van. We removed the valve core to let out all the air, broke the bead and removed the old tyre. After inspecting the alloy wheel for any corrosion or damage, we went ahead and installed the new 235/40 R18 Continental Premium Contact 6 Mercedes-Benz fitment tyre. Because we don't know the history of the alloy, we always perform a balancing service to ensure no vibrations during rotation. After balancing, the wheel was popped back onto the Mercedes and tightened to the correct torque setting in a star pattern.

Due to the recent health pandemic, we are taking our customer's health very seriously. Normally we would take payment via our chip and pin machine in the van. We can still take payment on site after the job has been completed but we give the customer a quick call to take the details over the phone. In addition, the locking wheel nut and car keys are sanitised before placing them on the doorstep ready for collection once we leave.

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