Puncture Repair for a Skoda Yeti in East Lancashire


We recently had a customer call in asking for their car to be booked in for a puncture repair. As they were in self-isolation, they would require the car to pop out to get food. During the call, we asked the customer for the tyre size and a preferred brand, just in case the tyre was not repairable. As he normally would do a small amount of mileage per year, he opted for the 225/50R17 Nexen NFERA SU1 which is a fantastic mid-range tyre. 

Uppon arrival, with any job, we inspected all four tyres for wear and to see if any others were damaged. On this occasion, all four tyres were wearing evenly apart from the front near side tyre which had a slight balding on the central tread. This is due to the tyre being over inflated. 

Before raising the Skoda, the nuts were loosened slightly. Then, the little Skoda was then jacked into the air and the front near side tyre removed completely. The wheel was then placed on the turn table in our van ready for inspection and a possible puncture repair. A quick visual examination of the outside of the tyre revealed a nail in the central tread, the angle was almost 90* to the tyre so there was a good chance that it was repairable. The valve core was removed and the bead of the tyre broken so we could get inside the tyre. We popped the nail out, cleaned the hole and brushed some rubber cement around the area before pulling through the puncture plug from the inside. To ensure the best seal possible, we rolled the patch to remove any air bubbles. Before installation back onto the rim, the alloy was given a quick check-over for any possible damage or corrosion. Everything was good to go. The tyre was re-installed back onto the rim, the valve core swapped out for a new one and the tyre inflated. Before popping back onto the vehicle, the wheel was re-balanced.


After the puncture repair, the repaired tyre was placed back onto the wheel hub, the nuts hand tightened and lowered back onto the floor where we could torque the nuts to the correct setting.

Before the pandemic, we would take payment on our mobile card machine. However, to protect the public's health, we now take payment from a safe distance over the phone. The locking wheel nut and car keys were sanitised and placed on the customer's door step ready for collection.

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