Caravan Puncture Repairs, is it Possible?

The UK lock-down restrictions will soon be lifted with many people already planning for a summer getaway. If you are a caravaner, you’ve most likely chosen the beautiful lake-district as your point of call. And what a good call that is! Stunning views, amazing camp sites and crystal-clear rivers, this district is renowned for its impressive beauty and idyllic quaint villages. But, we’ve all been there; Arriving on site after a long day of travel, setting up the awning only for an inquisitive neighbour to point out one of the tyres has gone all the way down! Unfortunately, encountering a puncture is just as common on caravan tyres as it is on car tyres! Some go months, even years without encountering a puncture whilst others stumble upon them on a bi-weekly basis. Sadly, it’s just luck of the draw!


Out of a list of ten items, the top three most common punctures we find on caravans are listed below;

-Tacking/Roofing/general nails. Often found on caravans that are stored or towed around villages (and towns), these nails tend to find themselves in the central three quarters of the tread. Being in this area, there’s always a high chance it can be repairable. But, if the tyre has been driven on, further damage to the internal of the tyre (or possibly wheel) could be caused! During a puncture repair booking, we always ask the customer to choose a tyre just in case it cannot safely be repaired. If it can be repaired, excellent!

-Tent pegs. This one is a little more specific but still happens to quite a few people! Upon arriving on a camp site, those who put up tents (including myself) seem to have a habit of placing the tent pegs down and loosing track of them. Much like my wallet or keys, they seem to grow legs and leave. The same process of repairing and inspecting tent pegs is the same as nails. In the end, they’re just larger nails with a hook on the end.

-Sharp rocks and stone. This is an odd one to talk about as normally they can’t be repaired. Small rocks and stones are often thrown out of the tyre by the centrifugal force. But, for the ones that are stubborn and refuse to move when driven on can cause slashes in the tyre. If the slash is thin and below 5 mm in length, there’s a high chance it can be repaired. But, these rocks normally cause slashes in the side of the tyre which can’t be repaired as the side-wall construction may have been compromised!

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