Replacing Worn Tyres for a Volkswagen Polo in Portishead

Although we seem to be in another lock down, more and more people and checking over their vehicles ready for the winter months and possible MOTs. Whilst out and about completing jobs, our technician Sergio spotted a lady in distress near his house. She had worn through one of her tyres resulting in a burst tyre. Luckily, it happened just outside her house as she was pulling into the drive. Sergio took the cars details, gave the office a quick call to move the day about and booked her in. As her MOT was just around the corner, the lady thought it best to change all four tyres as they were becoming borderline illegal (1.8mm with the limit being 1.6mm!).


He headed out to the local tyre supplier, picked up the tyres and went back out to her within a matter of minutes. Before proceeding, the nuts were slightly loosened and the then the polo could be jacked up. Once on jack-stands, the nuts were fully removed and the wheels taken off. These were placed on the work bench in the van where we broke the bead and removed the old tyres. During this process, the wheel is inspected for any damage, corrosion of possible hairline cracks. As the car was over 10 years old and had lived most of it's life by the sea, the bead of the wheel had started to corrode slightly. This area was cleaned back using a wire brush and bead sealant installed to fill in the gaps and create a good, airtight seal. After the thorough inspection, a new rubber valve was installed, the new tyre also installed and finally inflated to the correct pressure. Before putting back onto the vehicle, the wheel was balanced on our mobile balancing machine.

Following on, the new tyre and wheel were installed back onto the car and the nuts hand tightened. Once all four were installed back onto the car, the polo was lowered to the floor and the nuts torqued to the correct setting!

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