Snow is on its way next month

It has been reported on radio 4 that snow is forecast for next month (October), do you remember what it was like last year? did you have problems getting to work, did you miss out on being paid as you could not get to work? Now is the time to think about Winter tyres before the snow falls. By booking your Winter tyres now you know that they will be available, once the snow starts to fall everybody will be asking for them and the stock of tyres will start to run low, so call us now and book your Winter tyres before they all run out.


Motorists risk driving ban by using illegal tyres

One in two British motorists are risking thousands of pounds worth of fines and potential driving bans on a daily basis, according to shocking new research. An audit of illegal tyres across the UK has revealed that 42% of motorists are making journeys on dangerously worn tyres. The biggest culprits were found in the Birmingham, the northeast and Cheshire areas of the UK. One worn or defective tyre could cost you £2,500 Two car lengths could be added to your stopping distance at 50mph in wet conditions Three points will be added to your license for each tyre with a tread depth less than 1.6mm


Preparing your Caravan tyres for the Summer

Now that the school holidays are approaching the annual summer holiday trip in your Caravan will be approaching. The thing to remember is that if the Caravan has not been moved since last year the Tyres might have started to deteriorate. Tyres do not like to sit in one position; they can get flat spot and start to age prematurely if they are not used regularly. Look at the side walls for crazing, this is a sign that the tyre is starting to break down. Also check between the tread pattern for crazing as well. Check the pressures, all tyres lose pressure over time. Do you have Tyron bands, these go inside the wheel to help keep the tyre on the wheel if you lose pressure suddenly, this gives you a chance to stay in control of your vehicle and pull over when it is safe to do. Would you like a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (also known as TPMS); this tells you the pressure inside the tyre and warns you if you have a leak or a sudden loss of pressure. If you need tyres give us a call and we can visit you at home or where ever the caravan is stored and fit some new tyres. Remember the only thing keeping you on the road is your tyres, look after them and they will look after you.


Freenation at Hyde park

Had to attend a van with a puncture on Saturday in the middle of Hyde Park! The guy was part of the team setting up for Freenation in the middle of the park. He had hit a kerb and damaged the side wall of his tyre. He called Hometyre and we picked up a tyre and got him back on the road in 2 hours. Very impressed. Thanks for the BIG mention to the crowds.............


Traffic at Henley Corner

Traffic is again very heavy heading west at Henleys corner. Please try to avoid it.


50 Tyrons bands fitted in a day

Yesterday we had a marathon trip to Dover to fit 50 Tyron bands to Land Rovers destined for Africa as cash transporters. The whole job took 8 hours non stop but we got it done. Tyron bands keep the tyre on the wheel if you have a blow out. Perfect for the rough roads they are going to encounter and the precious cargo they will be carrying.


A406 problems at Henleys Corner

Roadwork changes at Henleys Corner are causing traffic problems in both directions on the A406. Avoid if possible.


A406 traffic problems at IKEA

Gasworks on the A406 at IKEA going east bound ar causing traffic problems. 2 lanes are closed. Keep clear.


A40 London bound

A lorry has broken down on the A40 heading into London, might be a good idea to keep clear.



A40 heavy traffic london bound

Accident on the A40 London bound is causing problems near Greenford and the Hover building. If possible use the A4 or the A1/M1 coming into London


Volvo and a locking wheel nut

Customers called to say that he had been told that his locking wheel nut would have to be cut off damaging his wheel in the process. This was told to him by a main dealer who could not remove the nut with the locking wheel nut keys they had. As you can understand the customer was not very happy. He called Hometyre and we went along at the arranged time and removed the nut without damaging his wheel. If you are in the same situation call us and we will come to you.


Locking wheel nut removal

Removed a locking wheel nut for a customer this weekend, He had a pucture and could not inflate his tyre. The locking wheel nut key had also been damaged as the last time the tyre had been changed an air gun had been used on the nut wrecking his key. We turned up, removed the locking wheel nut and replaced his tyre. All while he was at home with his children. Very happy customer. So if you have a locking wheel nut that you cannot remove call us and we will come to you.


replacement wheels

Replacement wheels. Did a customers BMW this weekend with a set of the Italian after market wheels. Very happy with the results, 2 year guarantee and TUV approved. The wheels are made for the specific vehicle so no spacers are required and the wheel has the correct number of wheel nut holes to match the hub. Results looked stunning.


M1 traffic problems

The M1 south bound is still closed, so if you are travelling to Wembley for the football you will have to take the M40.


M1 closed from junction 4 to 1 in both directions

The M1 is closed from junction 4 to 1 in both directions due to a fire in a scrap yard.

No estaimated time for reopening has been given.

The will probably grid lock the whole of North London.

Best to keep away if possible.


TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System)

Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems are a great idea to ensure that you always have the correct pressure in your tyres, keeping you safe and saving you money. You will probably look on the internet to find the best proce, we all do this. However beware, some systems offered for sale are for the American market and use a different frequency from the European systems. It is against the law to use the American frequency in Europe so it could be a wasted purchase. To ensure that the system you buy can be used in Europe call us and we can supply and fit a complient system at a time that is convient for you.


Traffic problems on the M25

The M25 has traffic problems anti clock between Junction 13 and 10, 18 and 16. Also clockwise between 27 and 29, keep clear!!!


Are your TPM's faulty?

Has the tyre pressure light on the dashboard illuminated? Is one of your tyres indicating no pressure but you have checked the tyre and it is ok? You could have a faulty TPMS sensor. We can visit you and diagnois a faulty sensor and either fix it or replace it. All this can be done without you having to take your car to a dealer, saving you time and money.


M25 closed 23 to 25 Friday 18th March

The M25 is closed junction 23 to 25 today. Not expected to be open untuil 16.00. A406 is expected to be busy today. Try to keep away from North London if possible.


Stopping distances and why 3mm is a good idea

The major manufacturers recommend that tyres should be replaced when they get to 3mm's. Why should I do this you say when the law is 1.6mm's. Well in the wet from 50 mile per hour your stopping distance on tyres at the legal minimum is almost 8 meters longer than when you have 3mm's. That doe's not sound a lot but it could be the difference between hitting the car in front of you or maybe a pedestrian crossing the road. So think about it, tyres are the only thing keeping you on the road and away from all the other road users if you have to stop in an emergency. Dave Hometyre Southeast



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