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Porsche Centre Lock Wheels & A Repair in Chichester | Hometyre Porsche Performance Puncture Repairs

Some Porsche vehicles have centre lock wheels, these are the wheels with just one large central nut. There is a special adaptor in the front bonnet area of the car which clips over the nut, you then need an extra long torque wrench that will go up to 600Nm to be able to remove the nut and to put the nut back on. Do not let a garage without this special tool have a go at your wheels, as they can easily damage it, or it could be left unsafe if not torqued correctly.

Hometyre have these torque wrenches and know what we are doing with these vehicles.  The long torque wrench can be seen in the 1st Photo.

The car in the photo is a 911 Carrera GTS that had a puncture in a rear wheel, I took a 305/30R20 Pirelli PZero N1 Porsche tyre with me just in case it wasn't repairable. In this case it was a screw in the centre of the tread and it was fixable!

Aug22_Porsche_911 Aug22_Porsche_911_1 Aug22_Porsche_911_2


Goodwood Motor racing Circuit track day support for the Ton Club

One of the services Hometyre supply is tyre support at track day events.

This week we were asked by Goodwood to support a new event being held at the Motor circuit, it is an old event that is being resurrected called the "Ton Club".

It is only open to invited guests who are existing GRRC members. (Goodwood Road Racing Club). The aim of the day is to make a lap of the track at over 100 mph, to do this you need to be doing at around 126 mph on the flats, to make up for the slower speeds on the bends.

Each member has a choice of 3 vehicles, a BMW M3 Competition, BMW M4 Competition or BMW M5 Competition, the cars come with a professional driver to show them the ideal way to go round the track, the members then take over and attempt to do the lap at over 100 mph.

Each car is set up with new disks and brake pads, as well as being fitted with new Michelin sport cup 2 tyres, these are a road legal track tyre with a relatively soft compound rubber to give good grip in the dry.

We at Hometyre were asked to supply 2 vans with tyre technicians to prepare the cars before the event on the Wednesday. We were also available through out Thursday the day of the event for any tyre changes, or if it rained they they were going to change the tyres to Michelin pilot sport 4 tyres, which give better grip in the wet.

As it was the day was dry, the only change we had to do was to swap the tyres from the right side to the left side half way through the day while the members were having lunch. We were then back at the track on the Friday as some of the members were going out on the track again, also when all the drivers had finished, we were asked to put Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tyres back on the cars, ready for normal track day events.

Should you have a track day event and need support call us at Hometyre on 0333444 5454.  For more info on track days click here 




Goodwood Festival of Speed, support for the driftkhana.

The driftkhana is where drift cars show what they can do along a set track, these cars are rear wheel drive and they have the diff welded to ensure the rear wheels revolve at the same speed, unlike a normal car where each wheel can revolve at different speeds when cornering.   These cars will drift on most corners along the track, doing the occasional doughnut for the crowds and then go up the Goodwood hill climb getting points for 3 things...Speed, Showmanship and accuracy.

Speed is obvious and some drivers will do fewer doughnuts to gain a faster time. The showmanship part is the drifting sideways around the corners and  pulling doughnuts wherever possible, plus creating as much smoke as you can from the tyres. The accuracy comes by drifting within a foot of sensors that are set out along the track and finally drifting sideways into a parking slot at the end of the run.  With these guys and gals, it takes around 2 minutes to go from the start to the finish, at which point their tyres are worn out.  They then come to us at Hometyre Sussex to have their tyres replaced.

In all cases, the drivers are sponsored by various tyre companies, who supply them with tyres, we at hometyre just have to fit them as fast as possible, to that they are ready for their next run. 

One of the cars had tyres impregnated with a red powder, which gave out plumes of red smoke as he did his Hill climb. 

This year, most drivers were from the UK, with one team coming all the way from Nara in Japan and a second team from Dubai (Redbull).



Slow puncture repair on a BMW in Worthing

A new customer called into Hometyre to ask us to attend to his BMW 1 series as he had a flat tyre.

When I arrived at the job the customer told me that he had just had a new tyre fitted 9 days ago at a well known fast fit centre, but when driving home yesterday the new tyre had deflated.

Punctures are usually caused by an object piercing the tyre, hitting a kerb or pothole and splitting the tyre, a faulty valve or corrosion within the wheel rim.

The customer told me that he had had trouble with corrosion before and asked the tyre fitter to clean up the rim and use a sealer before fitting the tyre. He was assured that they had wire brushed the rim and added a sealer. So he felt this was not the problem and I would find another problem.

A check around the tyre didn't show any objects in the tyre or any splits, the valve was also OK, so I then checked the sealing area using a leak detector and immediately bubbles appeared.

The next step was to remove the tyre from the rim to see what was causing the problem...  I was surprised to find that there was corrosion all around the rim, it had not been cleaned up previously and there was no sign of any sealer having been used.

See photo below…


Because the owner had driven around a mile on the flat tyre, the internal structure had started to break down so a new tyre was needed.

Before fitting it, I used a wire brush on a drill to clear away the corrosion, taking it back to bare metal. Once clean I then added a bead sealer to the area and also fitted a new valve. The new tyre was then fitted and inflated to the correct pressures for the car. The wheel was then balanced and fitted back on the car. Finally I then completed a tyre inspection report, checking all the other tyres as well as the pressures in each. A payment was then taken from the customer using our on board card payment machine before sending a receipt to his email.

The customer took photos of the corrosion and was going to go back to the fast fit centre to ask for his money back, as they had not done the job properly and had lied to him.

For further information check out the Hometyre website or give us a call on 03334445454.


Tyre valve damage


One job this week was a Jaguar with damaged valves, the owner had fitted after market metal dust caps. These had corroded to the valves and wouldn't come off. The owner tried using a pair of pliers on the caps, but ended up breaking off the top of the valve allowing all the air in the tyre to come out.

This happens because most of these caps are made of a steel, where as most valves are either brass or aluminium. With the static electricity generated by the wheels going round you get a galvanic corrosion reaction between the two differing metals and they corrode together.

If you have these metal caps, you need to take them on and off frequently to stop them corroding, which most car drivers don't do often enough. If this happens to you, you could try applying a penetrating oil and leaving it overnight, then gently try to turn the valve cap forwards and backwards. Another option is to apply heat to the cap, but you have to be very careful not to burn the rubber valve.

With this Jaguar, I had to remove each tyre from the rim, cut out the rubber valve and fit a new one, these rubber valves come with a plastic cap which won't corrode to the valve. I often recommend to my customers that they don't use these after market caps and keep the original plastic caps.

Should you have TPMS sensors they can still have the same reaction to metal caps, but if these are damaged they can be more costly to replace, most TPMS sensors have removable stems which are replaceable although they cost more than standard rubber valves. Some of the older TPMS sensors are an all in one sensor and valve stem, in this case we would have to replace the complete item, this is far more costly.

Should you have problems with your valves, call us at Hometyre on 03334445454 we carry parts on our vans for most TPMS sensors as well as normal valves.


Goodwood Motor Circuit track day support

One of last weeks jobs was to support the team at Goodwood at a fun trackday. An outside company had booked the motor circuit for the day as a day out for their employees. 

They brought with them a Ferrari F1, a Porche 911 and a Mini Cooper. They also had use of a further Ferrari, a BMW M5 and an M4.

It was arranged that Hometyre would bring a selection of tyres to fit their cars and be on hand to replace any as and when needed.


 We also had a set of Michelin tyres for the Goodwood BMW X3 course car used by the Marshalls. 

The plan was to fit the tyres to the course car between any other tyre fitting needs.

As it was, the only track car needing tyres was the  Mini Cooper.  After just a few laps on the track it came in with a flat tyre. The driver thought it might be a dodgy valve as it had had new tyres fitted the day before.  It turned out to be a damaged sealing area on the tyre, this had been caused by whoever fitted the tyre originally. We soon had the tyre removed and a new tyre fitted, allowing the driver to get back on the track as soon as possible.

After this I got on and replaced the tyres on the course car.


 Should you be planning a track day and want tyre support, then give us a call at Hometyre on 0333444 5454


Locknut removal on a Peugeot 308

One of the jobs booked last week was a locking wheelnut removal on a 2016 Peugeot 308.

These  have a locknut that has a spinning collar at the bottom as well as a spinning top, they can be one of the most difficult to remove especially if over tightened. The top spinning part is the bit which engages with the normal removal socket, but if someone uses an air gun on it, or tries hammering the socket in place. Then the top part slides down the shaft and doesn't work anymore.

When I arrived at the job, I asked the customer what had happened. He explained that he took his car to a large well known tyre and car parts place in Bognor to have two front tyres replaced. They changed one, then damaged the locknut on the second wheel. They tried to get if off, but then broke off the top spinning part. They then told the customer that they couldn't get it off and that they weren't insured to try.

One phone call to Hometyre, and here we are!

I first ensured all the other nuts on the wheel were tight to relieve pressure on the locknut. Then using the specialist tools in my van, I was able to remove the locknut within 5 minutes without any damage to the wheel.  Once it was off, I then loosened off the other nuts, then re-tightened them using a torque wrench to ensure they are the correct tightness for the car.

The photo below shows the locknut with the top spinning part removed. 

The customer then took his car back to the tyre depot, so they could fit his second tyre.  He could have had us at hometyre fit a tyre, but unfortunately his company has an account with the place that damaged the locknut and he had to use them. 

 #Locknutremoval #lockingwheelnutremoval #wheelnutremoval



Changing wheel rims on a Landrover Defender

Not all jobs are fitting new tyres or carrying out puncture repairs.

One of today's jobs was an old Landrover Defender that was fitted with 16" alloy wheels, the owner wanted to take the vehicle back to its original condition.

He had bought new 16" steel rims as originally fitted when the vehicle was new. My job was to remove each alloy wheel , take off each tyre and re-fit it to a steel rim, then put that back on the Landrover.

The tyres were big off road tyres with approx' 12mm of tread, making them very heavy. Once the tyres were fitted to the new rims I balanced them using a mix of stick on weights on the inside outer edge and hammer on weights on the inner edge. This way the outside of the wheel rim does not have any weights showing, giving a nice clean look to the wheel when fitted to the vehicle.

Should you have a vehicle that needs new rims fitting to it or just a tyre swap over, then call us at #Hometyre on 03334445454

The photo shows the Landrover with one of each wheel showing. 



Trailer tyres

One of the jobs this week was replacing two tyres on a double axle trailer. The customer noticed that one tyre had deflated, he tried to put air into it but the rubber valve fell apart. He then went to put the spare wheel on only to find it had the same problem! When he looked at both tyres he realised that they were split within the tread, so he called out Hometyre Sussex to replace the tyres.


When I checked the trailer I found that all 5 tyres had splits in them and they were 19 years old. The owner only wanted me to change two at the moment, as the trailer is seldom used and does not go out on the road, but is used on a caravan campsite only. I replaced two tyres as requested and arranged it so that there was one new tyre on each side along with one old tyre, with the 5th old tyre left as a spare. That way should one of the old tyres deflate then hopefully the good tyre would still support the trailer. I often find this with trailers that because they do not need any servicing or MOT then the tyres often get overlooked. This is the same with horse trailers, even though they are carrying a persons valuable horse, the tyres on the trailer are not checked. If you own a trailer please check the tyres on a regular basis and if you see any splits or signs of perishing then give us a call on 0333 444 5454!


What tyres for my Motorhome?

Have you got the right tyres for your motorhome?

I was called out to replace the front tyres on a Motorhome that the customer had bought recently. The customer had ordered light commercial tyres, but when I checked the specifications it was showing that the tyre pressures should be 80psi. The tyres they had ordered would only take a maximum pressure of 65psi.

To get to 80psi they would need to have Camper tyres, these are designed to take a much higher pressure.

Not only that but when I checked the rear tyres I found that they were also light commercial tyres. When I explained this to the customer, they asked if we could re-order and change all 4 tyres to campers. This was done and it was arranged for me to come back the next day to replace all of the tyres.

Some lighter weight smaller motorhomes can get away with having light commercial tyres.

If you have a motorhome please check that the tyres you have fitted are correct.

Should you have any questions then call us at Hometyre on 03334445454.



Classic Ford Escort getting new tyres in Sussex

I went out to a repeat customer, he had an old 1970's Ford Escort Ghia Estate.

This car is his daily runner so it gets plenty of use. At its last MOT the rear tyres were called up as advisory as they were starting to perish. The owner noticed that one tyre now had a split in the sidewall, so he decided it was best to get them replaced.

When I arrived at the house, the customer gave me the keys and the locking wheelnut removal socket.

Because this was on old car, I was worried about jacking it up using the normal jacking point on the sill as I have seen these collapse before due to rust. With this in mind I jacked it up under the main suspension point as this is the strongest area.

I soon had the wheels off and into the van, the tyres were removed, new rubber valves were installed and the new tyres fitted. Being an older car the wheels and tyres are quite small compared to modern cars 185/60R14. The wheels were balanced then put back on the car and torqued to the correct settings.

Once complete a report on all the tyres was made along with the invoice. Payment was taken using out chip and pin card reader and the receipt was emailed to the customer. For more information on classic car tyres take a look on our website by clicking here.

Or should you want to discuss your car and its tyre requirements, give us a call at Hometyre on 03334445454.

Ford_escort_wheel Ford_escort_2Ford_escort_1


All-Season Tyre Fitted in Bognor Regis | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Fitting

Nowadays, finding a new tyre has never been more complex. With hundred, if not thousands of different brands to choose from, finding one in particular can be challenging.

The main thing you need when finding a new tyre is the size. This will be found directly on the side of the tyre and is always three numbers followed by a forward slash then four more numbers. For instance, you might find a 205/55R16 or a 295/30R21. This specification will be on the side of the each and every tyre that is produced so as long as the size is the same, you're good to start searching for a new tyre.

(One thing to note is that some vehicles have a different size on the front compared to the rear. You can often find these on a BMW or a high-performance vehicle such as a McLaren or Ferrari so just make sure it matches to the other side!)


As well as hundreds of brands, you can now obtain different seasons of tyres. Nokian, the founders of the winter tyre as we know them today have recently ceased importations into the UK but hopefully by the coming winter, we will see more of their products on the shelves! Using compound containing more silicone, and often a more aggressive tread pattern, winter tyres love to grip in the snow and in the summer. The downside to winters is that when driving in the summer, they grip so much that they tend to wear down much quicker!

As an intermediate between winters and summers, in the late 1970's, Goodyear released the first true all-season tyre to allow drivers to confidently use these all year round as opposed to swapping between winters and summers. These types of tyres are perfect for the UK's varied climate. The Met office reported that on average, we receive between 10-15 days of rain each month so having a tyre that can cope with the hot, cold, snow and ice is perfect.

This customer recently called in to book two new all-season Bridgestone tyres after the original fronts had started to wear down and he wanted better grip during the cold weather.


If you're looking to replace the tyres you have on at the moment, think all-season! Alternatively, if you need help, give us a call on 0333 444 5454 where one of our experienced sales team can help!


Jeep TPMS problem

A job this week was a Jeep Cherokee that was having problems with its Tyre pressure monitoring sensors (TPMS), the customer asked Hometyre Sussex to come and see if we could sort it out.

When I got to the house, I had a chat with the customer to find out what the problem was. He told me that he had a new tyre fitted by a tyre depot the week before and since then he was getting a constant light on the dash, additionally on another wheel he had broken the stem on the sensor… it was still holding air but he wanted it replacing.

I checked the wheel with the new tyre first and found that the pressure sensor was missing, the tyre depot had just fitted a standard rubber valve.

At this point it looked like I was going to have to make a new sensor for the car. A check in the boot and glovebox produced the old sensor with a damaged stem, which the tyre depot must have broken and just put it back in the Jeep without telling the customer.

I checked the sensor using our diagnostic tool to make sure it was still working and giving out a pressure reading. It turned out to be functioning correctly and the battery condition was good.

Luckily it was now just a case of replacing the metal stem and fitting it back in the wheel. We carry a range of sensors and replacement stems in our vans, so it was a case of finding the right stem and fitting it to the sensor then bolting it back into the wheel. This sensor has a very thin metal antenna screwed to the stem, this has to be released without damaging the antenna. Then screwed back onto the new stem. Once complete the tyre was inflated to the correct pressure and the wheel was balanced and put back onto the car.

I then got on with the other wheel with the damaged sensor stem, this was tough as the nut holding the stem in place had corroded to the stem and would not come undone. I drilled through the stem which allowed me to break off the nut just above the sensor and remove it from the wheel. Once off it was just a case of replacing the stem as I did on the previous sensor and fitting it back into wheel, and fitting the wheel back on the car.

Once  the wheels were back on the car, I checked all of the sensors and adjusted the tyre pressures, so they were all correct. I was then able to confirm that everything was OK by switching on the car and checking the tyre pressure system on the dash. This all proved to be OK, so I then completed the invoice and took a payment from the customer.

To learn more about tyre pressure sensors take a look on the hometyre website by clicking here.



Cracked Alloy Wheel - Alloy Wheel Repair in Bognor Regis and Surrounding Areas

We often attend customers who originally come to us with a suspected puncture.

This week in West Sussex, we've had two jobs where the customer thought they had a puncture, only for me to check and find that it was actually a cracked wheel from hitting a pothole.

In both cases the customers asked me to get the wheels repaired for them. In order to do this, we put the car onto an axle stand and took the wheel away to a company that specialises in aluminium welding.

We then remove the tyre and hand the wheel over to them, for an alloy wheel repair, you're usually looking at around a two day turn around. Once the wheel has been repaired, the tyre is refitted and checked for any further issues. 

The wheel is then balanced and fitted back on the car, a report is completed and payment taken.  Depending on the severity of the crack, a wheel can generally be welded 3 times, although there is no hard and fast rules covering this.


For more info give us a call at Hometyre on 03334445454 


Electric car tyres (Tesla, Polestar, BMW i, Porsche Taycan, Audi ETron, VW ID, Kia EV6, Hyundai Ioniq, Mustang Mach-E, Skoda Enyaq, etc)

Choose the right tyres for an electric vehicle.

One of the most important parts of any vehicle is the tyres. These four round bits of rubber only touch the road on an area approximately the size of a post card, yet they are responsible for accelerating, grip, cornering and braking in both the wet and dry in the summer and winter.

Choosing the right tyre for your vehicle is important. At Hometyre, we can advise you in a matter of moments! The starting point with any tyre is finding the right size and specification, for this you need to look on the side wall of your existing tyre, an example it may say 235/35 R18 96Y. But, double check this tyre size just in case a previous owner fitted the wrong tyres by looking in the vehicle manual or on the tyre info label often located inside the door frame or on the inside of the fuel filler lid.

In the case of electric cars, they generally have tyres specifically designed for that vehicle. The structure of the tyre is different as it has to accept higher torques when the car accelerates than a normal petrol or diesel car. An electric vehicle fitted with normal car tyres can find that its driving range will decrease, it can damage the electric motors and the tyres will last around 30% less than if the correct tyres had been fitted.


I was called out to a Tesla last week, the owner wanted new Michelin Pilot Sport 4 EV tyres all round. He had received a quote from another mobile tyre company that was around £50 cheaper than us, but because he had used Hometyre many times in the past and trusted us, he decided to use our 'more expensive' tyres. When we checked the website of the other company we found they had quoted standard tyres, not Tesla marked acoustic tyres. Further checks on their site showed the Tesla tyres had a much higher cost. (Higher than the Hometyre cost). The customer was grateful that he had gone with a tyre company that knew what it was doing and potentially saving him from having tyres that would damage his car.


So if you have an electric vehicle, make sure you get the correct tyres for your vehicle.

For more information on EV or Electric car tyres check our website here..


Vibration at 65 to 70mph when driving

If when you drive at higher speeds you feel vibration through the steering wheel of your car, this can be due to the front wheels being out of balance.  If you feel vibration through the seat of the car, then that is often the rear wheels out of balance.

Wheels can go out of balance  due to either the wheel rim itself having more metal one one side than the other, or the most common cause whish is the tyre itself having more rubber on one side than the other.  Tyres are produced in a mould that is flat, the rubber is then pulled round and joined this join can thicker than the rest of the tyre causing a weight difference. When a tyre fitter puts a tyre on a wheel he has to balance the whole wheel assembly on a balancing machine.  this indicates where the heavy spot is and shows where to put weights to counter-balance the error.  On steel wheels clip on weights are hammered on and the points indicated by the balancing machine.  With alloy wheels we use stick on weights on the inside of the wheel rim, as clip on weights can damage the paint of alloy wheels causing corrosion.

Last week I had a customer who had just bought a used Mercedes, the previous owner had fitted aftermarket larger wheels and tyres.  But when the new owner drove the car at 70mph he felt a lot of vibration through the steering wheel. Rather than just re-balance the front wheels, he asked us at Hometyre to balance all four wheels.

I first checked the front wheels, one was 135g out of balance,the other was 80g out of balance.  most people will feel vibration when a wheel is 20g out, so these were excessively out. I added the correct weights where appropriate and rechecked each wheel to ensure they were at 0g.  I then checked the rear wheels, both were 30g out of balance, so again I corrected the imbalance.  Once I knew they were all correct, I fitted the wheels back on the car.  the owner took the car for a quick test drive and was happy with the results.

Should you have vibration problems with your car , give us a call at Hometyre and book your car in for a balancing check.  For more information on balancing click here.



A puncture repair on a Tesla car

A new customer called into Hometyre to ask us to attend to his Tesla Model 3 as he had a flat tyre. He needed the car doing immediately as he was going out on a business trip that afternoon.

Normally we would always bring a tyre with us in-case the tyre was damaged internally or the object in the tyre was in an un-repairable area. We were not able to get a Tesla tyre at such short notice, so we decided to go and see if we could repair the tyre.

I arrived at the customers home and had him unlock the car, I then jacked it up and removed the wheel. After a check I found a screw in the center of the tread, I removed the tyre from the wheel rim and checked the tyre for damage. It all looked OK, so I proceeded and did a High performance puncture repair to the tyre.

Once completed the tyre was put back on the rim, inflated to the correct pressure and the wheel was then balanced before fitting it back on the car. The wheel nuts were torqued to the correct setting for this car (175Nm) it was then lowered and the jack removed. Tesla_model3

I then checked the tyre pressures in all of the tyres, adjusted them to the correct pressures, then checked the TPMS sensors in all of the wheels to ensure they were working correctly. Finally I completed then tyre inspection report and invoice before taking a payment from the customer using our on board card payment machine.

For anyone owning a fully electric car, you need to buy tyres that are designed for use on electric cars. These tyres can cope with the high torques that electric vehicles produce, if you were to fit ordinary tyres to an electric vehicle they would not last long.

For further information check out the Hometyre website about Electric cars by clicking here  or give us a call on 03334445454.



Do I have runflat tyres? Check the terminology used by some manufacturers...

Run Flat Tyres in West Sussex

A number of cars namely BMW, Mini and some Mercedes have run flat tyres from new. These tyres have thicker sidewalls than a normal tyre, the idea being that in the case of a deflation the tyre is self supporting and can be driven on for around 50 miles at reduced speeds, so that you can get to a safe place or to a tyre depot to get the tyre replaced.

Runflat tyres are generally not designed to be repaired, as it is not possible to tell what damage has been done to the internal structure of the tyre after it has been driven on while flat.

To have Runflat tyres you must also have some form of TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System). This can be either indirect through the ABS system or direct through sensors fitted inside each wheel.

Some owners don't like the harsh ride often associated with Runflat tyres and opt to replace them with normal tyres, although not recommended as it can effect the handling of the car.

The problem comes when buying a used car sometimes there can be a mixture of tyres without the new owner knowing. Not all Runflat tyres have the wording RUNFLAT on the sidewall, some have letters that depict this is differing ways.

Below is a list of the terminology meaning Runflat tyre

RFT = Runflat ROF = Run On Flat

HRS = Hankook Runflat System

EMT = Extended Mobility Technology

SST = Self Supporting Technology

ZP = Zero Pressure (Michelin)

XRP = Extended Runflat Performance (Kumho)

RSC = Runflat System Component

SSR = Self Supporting Runflat

SSRF = Self Supporting Runflat

CTT = Combined Technology Tyre (Dunlop)

DSST = Dunlop Self Supporting Technology

ZPS = Zero Pressure System (Yokohama)

Additionally there are two types that have a steel ring fitted between the wheel rim and the tyre denoted by...

CSR = Conti Support Ring

BSR = Bridgestone Support Ring.

There is also this symbol that can be shown on some tyres it looks a little like a snail.


Do you need new Run Flat Tyres for your vehicle? Have a look at our website for more info by clicking here or give us a call on 0333 444 5454 or ORDER TYRES ONLINE!


Mobile Seasonal Winter Tyre Swap Over in West Sussex | Hometyre Mobile Tyre Swapping Service

It that time of the year again when the weather snaps and turns instantly. Across our network we are already experiencing heavy flooding, downed trees and accidents!


One of the best ways to ensure you're safe on the road is to check the depth of the tread on your tyres. The lower the tread, the less room for water displacement! If you look at a summer tyre compared to a winter tyre, you can see that the tread is shaped in a V pattern. When the central contact patch of the tyre hits the road, it forces the water out through that V pattern ensuring that it has direct contact with the road and not with the top of the puddle!


In the case of the tyres above, the summer tyre on the right was coming off of a customers car to be replaced by the winter tyres on the left.  The winter tyres were already on wheels, so just needed a quick swap over to get it ready for the winter months ahead. However, before the wheels were swapped over, the summer tyres were checked for any damage, cracking or unusual wear patterns. This was noted in the free inspection report we at Hometyre supply each customer, the two front tyres were starting to wear down and would need to be changed in the next seasons swap over. We jacked the car up, placed it onto axle stands and them removed the summers. Before installing, the winters were checked over, re-balanced and then inflated to the correct pressures.

If you're looking to swap your summer tyres (or wheels!) to winters, why not give us a call on 0333 444 5454 to speak to a dedicated member of staff!


Electric car Polestar2 having a new tyre fitted


One of my repeat customers called to say he had a flat tyre on his Polestar 2 and could we repair it.  We took a spare tyre with us just in case it wasn't repairable.

Because this is an electric vehicle, it needs to have specific tyres to cope with the torque produced when pulling away as electric vehicles put full power to the wheels from the beginning.

I arrived at the customers home and soon had the car jacked up and the wheel removed. Once in my van I checked it over and found a nail through the tyre, from the outside it looked like it would be a straight forward repair.  But once I had the tyre off of the wheel I could see that the nail had gone through at an angle and had cut into the sidewall of the tyre, which is dangerous and not repairable. 

The new tyre we brought has the lettering POL on the sidewall to show it is specific for a Polestar.  I soon had the tyre fitted, balanced and checked the TPMS valve before fitting it back on the car. 

Payment was taken for the tyre using our onboard card reader and an invoice emailed through to the customer.

We at Hometyre can get specific tyres for any vehicle, our website has a section listing most of the OE marked tyres that we know of. Some of the most popular are:

TO = Tesla 

MO = Mercedes

AO = Audi 

*  = BMW

J = Jaguar 

N0, N1, N2  = Porsche 

B = Bentley 

With electric vehicles, some of the manufactures are just adding a letter E to their Mark, to show this is designed specifically for their electric/hybrid cars. 

#electriccar #hybridcar #electricvehicle #polestar #tesla  


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