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Continental tyres fitted at Cambridge Science Park and also Chesterford Business Park.

The first job of the day was to revisit a customer that had called us a couple of days earlier as both front tyres on her Toyota Yaris were losing air pressure and our customer was asking for a wheel clean and bead seal but on arrival we discovered a very small nail embedded in one tyre and cracking on the sidewalls of the other tyre so our customer asked us to return and fit two new Nexen Blue tyres size 175/65/R14.The wheels were showing signs of corrosion so while fitting the new tyres we cleaned away the debris and applied a couple of coats of bead seal. We then headed for Great Chesterford Business Park to visit a customer who had ordered a full set of Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres size 185/55/R16 for a Nissan Note via our online ordering service. Next it was a visit to Cambridge Science Park where a customer had noticed uneven wear on a front tyre on his Mercedes A Class. We fitted two Continental Eco 5 tyres size 185/65/R15 and fitted them to the rear axle and moved the existing rear tyres to the front axle and also carried out an alignment check on the vehicle.

A new Bridgestone tyre fitted to a Lexus in saffron Walden and then two tyres and a wheel alignment on a Toyota van.

We were called by another new customer in Saffron Walden who had noticed a screw embedded near the shoulder of a rear tyre on his Lexus and as he was nervous about driving the vehicle any distance he called us to his home so a new tyre could be fitted without the vehicle being moved.We arrived on time and fitted a new Bridgestone ER33 tyre size 255/40/R18 to the rear axle. During our vehicle inspection procedure we measured the other rear tyre as having 3mm tread depth and our customer will be calling us back soon to have this tyre replaced. We then headed to Oakington to replace two tyres on a Nissan Primestar van and during discussions with our customer we were informed that the steering wheel is slightly off centre when driving so we performed a wheel alignment on the vehicle so our customer will get full value from the new tyres.

A busy weekend fitting new tyres to private hire vehicles in Cambridge.

We had a very busy Saturday morning as we were asked to fit new tyres to a couple of private hire cars and also repair a puncture on a third vehicle. The first job of the morning was to investigate a slow puncture on a Vauxhall Vectra as the driver noticed that a tyre was losing air pressure during the return journey from Stansted Airport. We discovered a nail embedded in the centre of the tyre and we were able to perform a puncture repair and the vehicle was then ready for a trip to Heathrow Airport. We were then called by a new customer who had hit a kerb and had damaged a tyre on his Toyota Avensis so we collected a new Dunlop tyre size 205/55/R16 from a local supplier and headed to Cambridge to fit the new tyre. We then had a call from a local private hire company informing us that the two Volvo vehicles that were booked in for new tyres had arrived back from airport runs so we fitted five new tyres in total and both vehicles were ready for the next appointment.

Another busy week fitting new tyres in the Cambridge area.

We have been extremely busy this week visiting many existing customers and also meeting new customers that have heard good stories about us.The first job of the week was to fit four new Avon tyres to a Ford Fiesta for a regular customer in Cambridge.While we were fitting the last tyre another regular customer called to say that they had hit a kerb and damaged a Michelin tyre on their Honda Civic so we collected a replacement tyre from a local supplier and had our customer back on the road within the hour.We were then called by a new customer who works at Granta Park who had a slit on the sidewall of a Bridgestone tyre. The customer called one of the national breakdown services and they recommended Hometyre to the customer as they were unable to repair the damaged tyre.The week has continued in similar fashion with existing customers contacting us and also numerous new customers.

Continental tyre fitted to a Mercedes in Cambourne and then a rim clean on a Toyota in Cambridge.

We were called by a customer to fit a new Continental tyre size 255/35/R20 to a Mercedes in Cambourne as the existing tyre was losing air pressure on a daily basis.Our customer had taken out an insurance policy which included the tyres so a quick conversation with the insurance company before the new tyre was fitted was all that was needed and our customer was delighted with the whole process.We then headed to Cambridge to revisit a customer who was losing pressure from all four tyres on his Toyota Celica due to corrosion on his rims.We performed a wheel clean six months ago on one of the rims and there is no signs of any air loss so our customer called us back to action the remaining three wheels.We removed the existing tyres and cleaned them thoroughly,we then replaced the valve and wire brushed away the corrosion on the alloy wheel and applied a couple of coats of bead seal.When the wheel was dry we refitted the tyres and inflated them to the correct pressure.

A story that confirms that it is not a good idea to have part worn tyres fitted to your vehicle.

We were called by a new customer as a front tyre on a Ford Fiesta had gone completely flat overnight and our customer was confused as the tyre had come away from the alloy Wheel.He watched as we inflated the tyre to check for any nails, screws or cuts in the tyre but there were no physical signs as to why the tyre had lost air pressure.We continued our inspection as there was ample tread on the tyre so a check on the condition of the valve was the next step but we found no signs of any air loss so now it was a check of the sidewall of the tyre and to our horror we discovered that the tyre was fourteen years old.After inspecting the remaining tyres on the vehicle it was apparent that a full set of part worn tyres had been fitted to the vehicle. We explained to the customer that the tyre had collapsed due to it's age and it was fortunate that the vehicle was not moving at the time and a blow out was avoided.This story highlights that the only criteria used for fitting part worn tyres is the amount of tread depth and there is no consideration taken for the age and general condition of the tyre. We are returning very quickly to fit three more new tyres to the vehicle so our customer is safe.

A Mercedes A Class bought at auction but with no spare wheel or locking nut adaptor.

We visited a new customer a couple of days ago in Cambridge who had a slow puncture in a rear tyre on his Mercedes A Class.The customer told us that he had bought the vehicle at a car auction but was having to inflate a rear tyre on a daily basis.Unfortunately the locking wheel nut adaptor was missing and after a phone conversation with the auctioneers it was confirmed that the vehicle was sold without the adaptor and also the spare wheel was missing.We carry specialist equipment for removing locking nuts that are missing an adaptor so we were able to remove the wheel.We appreciate that vehicles sold at auction are bought as seen but we recommend some added checks are performed as well as looking at the service history and general condition of the bodywork.Check the age and condition of the tyres including the spare and also check that you have all the tools to remove a wheel in the event of a puncture occuring during your journey.

A tricky problem solved on a BMW 3 series.

We were called by a new customer yesterday as the pressure warning light on her BMW 3 series was flashing but she was unsure which tyre was losing pressure.We decided to take two tyres with us as the front tyres were size 225/35/R19 and the rear tyres size 255/30/R19. We discovered that a rear tyre was losing pressure due to a nail embedded in the tyre and due to the tyres being runflats a new tyre was required.Unfortunately the locking wheel nut adaptor was missing and after a phone call to a local dealer our customer managed to order an adaptor for collection.The customer told us that she was away on business today and the earliest she could collect the adaptor was during Saturday.The dealership is only a few miles away from our office in Longstanton so we volunteered to collect the adaptor and fit the tyre today.We have just called our customer to say that the new Bridgestone tyre is fitted and the vehicle is ready to use on her return.We now have a very happy customer who will be singing the praises of Hometyre.

A news report on the radio suggests that parents can save hundreds of pounds a year if they do not use the car for the school run.

There was an interesting news report on the radio today stating that the average distance parents travel in their vehicle for the daily school run was less than 1.5 miles and if the vehicle was left at home for these shorter distances parents would save hundreds of pounds a year.The report highlights the issue that most of us use our vehicles for non essential journeys and we at Hometyre suggest that driving the car into town to have new tyres fitted is an unnecessary journey as we come to you at your home or place of work.

A Ford Fiesta which had two tyres that were made in the year 2000.

A customer had recently purchased a Ford Fiesta which was fourteen years old and was using the vehicle for local journeys only.The car was in reasonably good condition for it's age and had very low mileage.Our customer was having a problem with one of the rear tyres as it was losing air pressure on a daily basis.On inspection we found the tyre to be the same age as the vehicle and therefore had lost all it's strength and was therefore unusable.We then inspected the spare tyre and again found it to be the original tyre with zero air pressure due to cracking on the sidewall and a perished valve.The only good news was that the remaining three tyres on the vehicle were reasonably new.There are some important lessons to take from this situation, being when purchasing a used vehicle check the age and general condition of the tyres on the vehicle and particularly the spare.Also when having a single tyre fitted ask for information concerning the age and condition of the other tyres. We at Hometyre will give you this information during our vehicle inspection procedure.

Newspaper article confirms that one in seven of us work from home.

A recent article in a national newspaper is suggesting that one in seven people in the UK now work from home.We at Hometyre are not at all surprised at this statistic as more and more of our customers are making appointments at their home which is also their place of work.Nearly all of them say it is very difficult to release time to travel into town to have work done on their vehicle, unlike in a normal office environment, when they are away there is no one to take a call from a valued customer.We are confident that this trend will continue to grow and many more customers will ask us to replace their tyres at home so they can continue to run a business efficiently.

How old is the tyre on your spare wheel?

We were recently called by a new customer as he had two flat tyres on his Ford Fiesta leaving the vehicle unusable.A couple of days ago our customer had a puncture in a rear tyre so he fitted the spare wheel to the vehicle and continued with his journey.The next morning he noticed that the spare tyre was completely flat so he was not able to use the vehicle to get to work.On arrival and after inspecting both tyres we informed him that the spare tyre was actually eleven years old and as soon as it was put on the vehicle it went flat as the strength of the tyre had weakened over the years.We left the customer with two new tyres fitted to the rear axle and importantly a usable spare.We recommend that all motorists check the age and general condition of the spare tyre so it can be used effectively in the event of an emergency.

A complete set of Nexen tyres fitted to a Land Rover Freelander.

The first job of the day was to fit a full set of Nexen tyres size 215/65/R16 near Cambridge and during fitment we had a call from a customer living in Stretham who had discovered a rear tyre on his Ford Fiesta was flat.He asked us to bring two tyres as the spare tyre did not look in great condition so we collected a couple of tyres from a local supplier and we were with him within two hours of his phone call.Our next job was in Ely where a regular customer customer had damaged a tyre over the weekend and was currently using the spare.We arrived just before the school run and fitted the new tyre so now our customer has a full set of tyres.

A new customer was delighted with the service from Hometyre.

We have just visited a new customer living near Cambourne who required a new tyre for her Peugeot 206 as one of the rear tyres was badly damaged.Our customer discovered the flat tyre during sunday and was horrified to discover that some organisations were charging a substantial amount as a call out charge.Luckily for our customer a friend recommended us and informed our customer that there is not a call out charge if you use Hometyre. Our customer had only recently purchased the vehicle and had struggled to release the spare wheel cage so before leaving we cleaned any rust that was showing and applied some oil so it would be easier for our customer to remove the spare wheel in the event of another puncture.Our new customer was delighted with the Hometyre experience and is spreading the word.

Last week many of our customers called us to their home as they were spending time with the children.

Usually the main benefit of using Hometyre is that our customers can continue working while their new tyres are being fitted whether they are working from the office or working from home.Last week was slightly different as many of our appointments were at our customers home as mum and dad were spending time with the children during the half term break.The weather was not great last week so it would have been a chore driving into town keeping the children dry and entertained while a local fitting centre replace your tyres. It is so simple,give Hometyre a call and we will arrive at your home at a time convenient to you so you can spend quality time with the children.

Bridgestone tyre fitted to a Mercedes A Class near Newmarket.

The week started with a request from a regular customer to move the wheels and re balance them on a trade van near Longstanton and at the same time check that the tyres were in good condition and had the correct air pressure. Next we visited a customer near Newmarket who had ordered a new Bridgestone tyre size 215/45/R17 to replace the worn tyre on the offside front of their Mercedes A class vehicle.We explained to our customer that it was best practice to fit the new tyre to the rear axle so we moved the existing rear tyre to the front and also checked the wheel was properly balanced.During our vehicle check we struggled to remove a couple of steel valve caps by hand as they had seized so we replaced them with plastic caps so it would be easier for our customer when they needed to inflate the tyres. Our customer was delighted that they did not need to leave the office and they were very appreciative of the advice we gave them.

Goodyear tyres fitted to a Ford Focus and Nexen tyres fitted to a Renault Scenic.

We were called by a new customer who works at a business park near Cambridge who had ordered two Goodyear Excellence tyres online.He was delighted with the whole experience as we arrived at his place of work at a time convenient to him saving him valuable time and money.We then headed to Ely to fit two Bridgestone Sport tyres to a Honda CRV and then back to Longstanton to fit three new Nexen tyres to a Renault Scenic.We explained to our customer that it was best practice to fit new tyres to the rear axle so we moved an existing rear wheel to the front axle and re balanced the wheel in the process.

New tyres fitted to a Caravan and then returning to fit new tyres to the vehicle that is towing the caravan.

We have fitted two new tyres to a Caravan near Cambrige as the local service engineer noticed cracking on the sidewalls.He advised the customer to call us to replace the tyres which is very satisfying to know that he was comfortable in recommending our services.The customer asked us to check the rear tyres on their Honda CRV and we found them to be over four years old and again showing signs of wear.We are returning tomorrow to fit two new Bridgestone Sport tyres size 215/65/R16 to the vehicle and our customer is reassured that all tyres on the caravan and Honda CRV vehicle are in good order.

Winter tyres removed from a Land Rover Defender as the sun beats down.

The first job of the day was to remove a set of winter tyres from a Land Rover Defender and refit the summer tyres to the vehicle. Our customer lives in Cambridge and after completing the job we headed for Melbourn Science Park to fit two new Nexen tyres to a Jaguar X type. When removing the old tyres we discovered that the inside of the wheel rims required attention so we used a wire brush to clean them and then applied a layer of bead seal.We are soon heading for Cambridge again to fit two new Continental tyres to a Nissan Micra.

Another problem concerning a locking wheel nut adaptor.

We have just visited a regular customer who has recently purchased a Vauxhall from a used car sales company and whilst our customer was very pleased with the general condition of the vehicle most of the tyres were showing signs of age so our customer decided to call us to fit a new set of tyres. On arrival we found the locking wheel nut adaptor to be badly damaged and therefore unusable so our customer is arranging to get a replacement. We strongly recommend that if you are buying a used car that you locate the adaptor and check that it is in good condition so you are able to remove the wheels in the event of an emergency.

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