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We are now busy fitting new tyres to caravans and mobile homes.

This is the pleasant time of year when we are fitting new tyres to caravans and mobile homes and listening to our customers plans for the spring and summer.Some are taking their units to reasonably local sites and others are venturing to all parts of Europe but all our customers need to feel safe on their journeys and good tyres are essential for a safer journey.We visited a customer last week who called us five years ago to fit new tyres and Tyron bands to their caravan and as it is recommended by the manufacturers that tyres should be replaced after five years they called us to book an appointment to fit new tyres and refit the Tyron bands.Some of our new customers were unsure on how Tyron bands worked so we explained that in the event of a blow out the bands would assist in keeping the unit under control.

A busy few days fitting new tyres so our customers are safe on their Easter journey.

Many of our regular customers are away for the Easter break so we have been busy this week checking and fitting new tyres so they and we are confident that their vehicles are safe for the journey. A few days ago we were asked to check the general condition of the tyres on a Ford Mondeo for a young family as they were travelling to Cumbria to visit friends over the Easter holidays.We informed the customer that while the tyres were legal all the tyres had less than 2.5mm tread depth so they asked us to return the following day to fit a full set of Dunlop tyres size 205/55/R16 91W so they felt safe on their journey.We were called by a customer living in Longstanton who was losing air from a rear tyre on a Land Rover Discovery and as both rear tyres were showing signs of age our customer asked us to fit two new General Grabber tyres. Today we have fitted two new Nexen tyres to a Volvo that is used as a private hire car and our vehicle inspection report has highlighted that the remaining two tyres on the vehicle will need changing in the near future and our customer will be calling us back shortly.

Goodyear tyre fitted to a Volvo,Hankook tyre fitted to a Range Rover and Bridgestone tyres fitted to a Ford Transit.

As the week draws to an end it is good to reflect on the jobs we have done and the customers we have helped in a crisis.The first job of the week was to visit a regular customer who had picked up a small screw on a rear tyre on a Volvo V80.Unfortunately the screw was embedded on the shoulder of the tyre so we fitted a new Goodyear Excellence tyre to the vehicle.The following day we were called by another Volvo owner who required two new tyres for his vehicle,so we arrived at his house at a time convenient to him and fitted the new tyres.Next it was off to Saffron Walden as a customer had hit a kerb and had damaged a tyre on a Range Rover so we fitted a new Hankook tyre. We took a call this morning from a Landscape gardener who was working in Lonstanton and he asked if we would replace two rear tyres on his Ford Transit van while he was working at a customers house.We arrived at the agreed time and fitted two new Bridgestone tyres saving him time and money.

Winter tyres removed from a VW Touran and a Jaguar X Type

We are now getting calls from our customers who had winter tyres fitted during the winter months and now require their summer tyres fitted.When removing tyres each season we always give our customers feedback on the tread depth and general condition of the tyres we are taking off so that they are aware of the lifespan of the tyres for future reference.Last autumn when removing summer tyres from a VW Touran we informed the customer that the front tyres were showing less than 3mm tread depth so when they booked an appointment last week for removal of the winter tyres they asked us to bring two new Michelin Primacy tyres size 205/55/R16 as replacements for the worn tyres. We had a similar situation when removing summer tyres from a Jaguar X type as we spotted a nail embedded in a rear tyre and due to the tyre already having a puncture repair patch fitted we advised the customer that it would be advisable to order a new tyre. We arrived yesterday at the time agreed with a new Continental Contact 5 tyre and our customer now has a good set of summer tyres fitted to the vehicle.

Fitting new tyres to caravans this week some with Tyron bands already fitted.

As the weather is improving we are getting calls from caravan owners who need new tyres fitted for the spring and summer and we are also having discussions concerning the benefits of having Tyron bands fitted.Yesterday we visited a customer living near Newmarket who had ordered two new tyres for his single axle caravan as the original tyres were six years old and showing signs of age.The wheels had Tyron bands fitted but our customer was unsure on how they worked and asked us to explain.When removing the old tyres we showed him the band sitting in the fitting well of the wheel and explained that while the band is in place the tyre cannot be removed and therefore in the event of a blow out the tyre will not leave the rim.We showed him by using our specialist equipment how the band can be removed and refitted and he is much clearer on the principle of Tyron bands.

Another runflat tyre that had no air inside and customer unaware.

We were called by a new customer in Cambridge who noticed a damaged runflat tyre on their Mini Cooper and the tyre pressure indicator on the dashboard was highlighting the fact that the tyre had lost air pressure.We arrived at their office and fitted a new Hankook runflat tyre to the offside rear.During our vehicle inspection we discovered that the two front tyres were only a year old and holding air pressure but the nearside rear tyre was eight years old and had no air inside the tyre. We explained to the customer that if a tyre loses pressure over a period of time the indicator on the dashboard might not highlight the issue.We returned very quickly and fitted another tyre to the vehicle and the customer thanked us for our attention to detail.We often find runflat tyres with low air pressure and the customer is unaware so we recommend a regular check to highlight any issues.

Nexen tyres fitted in Oakington,a Dunlop tyre fitted in Saffron Walden and a slight problem with a spare wheel on a Transit van.

We were called by a retired couple living in Oakington who required two new tyres on a Volvo so we fitted a couple of Nexen tyres and completed our vehicle inspection check.The vehicle does very few miles and the remaining two tyres were low on pressure so we inflated them and volunteered to check them in a few days time when we were passing by.Next it was to Saffron Walden as a regular customer was losing air pressure from a tyre on an Audi.We discovered a cut in the sidewall and also a nail embedded near the shoulder of the tyre so a new Dunlop Sport tyre was fitted.We experienced a familiar problem with a Ford Transit van in Bar Hill as our customer had great difficulty in removing the spare wheel from the housing under the vehicle due to corrosion and we experienced the same problem when trying to replace the spare after fitting the new tyre.This is a common problem as the metal cage rusts over a period of time so we recommend applying some oil to components on a reasonably regular basis.

Pirelli tyre fitted to a Bentley and a Continental tyre fitted to a Mercedes.

It has been a busy and rather interesting week as we have been visiting our regular customers and also meeting new customers who were very appreciative of our advice.At the start of the week we fitted a Continental tyre to a Mercedes C Class while our customer was attending a business meeting.The following day we were called by a new customer who required a new Pirelli tyre fitted to a Bentley Continental and while we were there we looked at a damaged tyre on a Mercedes that was fitted with american wheels.On most american wheels the valves are made of steel and usually there is an extension valve in the tool kit to be used when inflating the tyre in the uk. We were recommended to a retired couple who had an advisory notice concerning the wear on both front tyres on a Toyota. We arrived at the agreed time and fitted two new Firestone tyres and during our vehicle inspection procedure we informed the customer that the original spare which was constructed in 1999 was being used on the vehicle and also the other remaining tyre was over five years old. We were asked how we knew the history of the tyres and explained that by reading the dot code on the sidewalls we can confirm the date that the tyre was constructed. Our customer was suitably impressed and asked us to return and fit two more Firestone tyres.

A mixed week on the weather front and a mix of branded tyres fitted for our customers.

The past week like many others this winter has seen us fitting new tyres in glorious sunshine and then the next day in dull and wet conditions.The week started by rescuing a customer at St Johns College in Cambridge where we fitted a new Continental runflat tyre to a BMW 3 series and while it was not raining there was a cold wind.The following day we fitted four Maxxis tyres to a Vauxhall Corsair at another University Department in Cambridge with the sun beating down and a clear blue sky.The following day it was back to wet and windy conditions as we fitted Pirelli tyres in Cottenham and Saffron Walden.The weather will be up and down for the next few weeks so if you have winter tyres fitted and you need summer tyres refitted give us a call in the spring.

New Pirelli tyres fitted in Cottenham and then a rescue mission near the guided bus route.

The first job of the day was to visit a regular customer in Cottenham who required two Pirelli P7 tyres fitting to a VW Golf.While fitting the new tyres we had a call from a young lady who had hit an obstacle and damaged a tyre on her Honda Civic.Fortunately we were very close to a local tyre distributor so after fitting the Pirelli tyres we collected a replacement tyre and headed for Milton Road.The customer lived in Derbyshire and was visiting friends in Cambridge and as she was unfamiliar with the area she had hit a ramp that was used for the guided bus route.We replaced the damaged tyre and checked the condition of the wheel and found no physical signs of damage.Before leaving we performed our vehicle inspection check to find that a rear tyre had only 10 psi of air.We removed the wheel to find a nail embedded in the centre of the tyre and a puncture repair was performed.Our customer is now heading back home knowing she is safe and very glad she called Hometyre.

New tyre and valve replacement required on trade vans in Cottenham.

We were called to a local business as a couple of their vans had punctures.On the first vehicle we discovered a small nail embedded near the shoulder of the tyre so a replacement tyre was fitted.The second vehicle had a different problem as air was escaping from the base of the valve.The vehicle does reasonably low mileage and the tyre on the rear axle was over five years old and while there was no physical signs of ageing on the tyre the valve had perished so a new valve was fitted.We then headed to Cambridge as a customer who owns a Renault Scenic was feeling vibration through the steering wheel and the vehicle was veering to the left.We performed a wheel alignment and balanced the wheels and this should solve the problem.

Do you know a teenager who needs advice when buying their first car?

A couple of weeks ago we visited a young lady who had just purchased a used vehicle and the seller had informed her that the vehicle was in good order and that two of the tyres were nearly new.She called us as both the nearly new tyres were losing air pressure.We arrived with two new tyres on board as a precautionary measure and to our horror we discovered large amounts of tyre debris inside both tyres so the new tyres were fitted.We informed the customer that the nearly new tyres were actually five years old and to make matters worse the rear tyres were ten years old.We returned a couple of days later to replace the rear tyres and discovered one of the tyres had puncture repair fluid splashing around inside the tyre. A couple of days ago we visited a young lady who again had purchased a used vehicle and one of the tyres was dramatically out of shape and therefore dangerous so new tyres were fitted to the vehicle.Both stories are worrying as when you buy your first vehicle you might not have the knowledge and experience to check for important issues concerning the safety of the vehicle.We at Hometyre are always available in these circumstances to give honest and impartial advise

Michelin tyres fitted to a Peugeot and a BMW M4

The day started by visiting a regular customer in Sawston who required a new Continental runflat tyre for a BMW 3 series and while we were there we repaired a puncture on a Honda Jazz.Next it was to Cambridge as a tyre on a Ford C Max was losing air pressure so we fitted a new tyre and also cleaned the wheel rim and applied a coat of bead seal.We then headed for Cambourne Business Park to fit two Michelin tyres to a Peugeot 208 for another regular customer.We have just left a customer who has recently purchased a new BMW M4 who was under the impression that the vehicle was fitted with runflat tyres.Yesterday a rear tyre was losing air pressure so the customer continued on his journey only to find that the tyres on the vehicle were not runflats.We have fitted a new Michelin Supersport tyre this morning and it has reminded us that it is advisable to ask about tyres when buying a new vehicle.

If and when the snow returns the four Continental tyres we fitted yesterday will certainly help.

Our first job yesterday was to visit a regular customer in Cambourne who had recently changed vehicles and as we like to educate our customers in general tyre related issues they were in a position by reading the Dot code to determine that all four tyres on the vehicle were over five years old.There were no issues with the condition of the roads in the Longstanton area but it was a surprise to see that a reasonable level of snow had fallen in Cambourne and vehicles were slipping and sliding due to the treacherous conditions. We arrived at our customers house at the time agreed and fitted a new set of Continental Contact 3 tyres to their newly aquired Nissan Note.

Pirelli tyre fitted to an Audi A6 and a couple of interesting jobs sorted.

We were called to Granta Park by a new customer who had a slow puncture on a rear tyre on an Audi A6 and after doing a water test we discovered a small slit near the shoulder of the tyre so a new Pirelli tyre was fitted to the vehicle.We then visited a customer who works on a construction site in Cambridge and required new tyres for his Renault Trafic van.While we were in the process of fitting the new tyres we discovered that an existing tyre was a different size to the others so after a quick visit to a local supplier our customer now has a full set of new tyres which are all the same size.We were then called by a school teacher who had recently purchased a second hand vehicle but both front tyres were losing air pressure.On removing both tyres we were shocked to find tyre debris inside the tyres as the vehicle had been driven for a period of time with under inflated tyres.We replaced both front tyres and we are returning next week to replace both rear tyres as they were constructed in 2005 and we will surely have the same issues in the near future if they are not replaced soon.

New tyres fitted to a Honda near Ely and a BMW near Cambridge.

The first job of the week was to visit a new customer near Ely and supply and fit two new tyres to a Honda Civic while our customer was busy in the house.We then headed to Newmarket as a regular customer had clipped a kerb in a VW Golf and damaged a tyre.We arrived at the agreed time and fitted a Dunlop Fast Response tyre size 205/55/R16. While we were fitting the tyre we had a call from another new customer asking if we could replace a Bridgestone runflat tyre on a BMW 3 series as the warning light had indicated that a tyre on the vehicle had lost air pressure during the weekend.To the delight of our customer we were able to collect a replacement tyre from a local supplier and our customer is now back on the road.

Flat tyre on a VW Golf near Newmarket and then three new tyres fitted in Haverhill.

We visited a regular customer near Newmarket who had a flat tyre on a VW Golf and as they were unsure on why the tyre had deflated we took a new tyre with us.On arrival we found that air was escaping between the wheel rim and the tyre. The first job was to check for any damage to the tyre as it not advisable to refit a tyre that is showing signs of being used when air has been escaping.There was no signs of physical damage and the Dot code told us that the tyre was constructed in 2014 so we now concentrated on the wheel.We removed all the debris from the inside of the wheel and applied a couple of coats of bead seal and refitted the tyre and now the problem has been solved.We then headed to Haverhill to fit a new tyre on a Citroen Picasso and two new tyres to a Mercedes.

Four Firestone tyres fitted to a Toyota Yaris and four new tyres fitted to a Horsebox.

Our first job of the day was to fit a complete set of Firestone tyres to a Toyota Yaris for a regular customer near Cambridge.We visited the customer before Christmas to fit winter tyres to another vehicle as our customer was spending the holiday period near the french alps.We were asked to check the condition of the tyres on the Yaris and found all four tyres to be old and showing signs of wear so we arrived back today to fit a new set of tyres to the vehicle.We then headed to Histon to replace a set of tyres on a horsebox as the existing tyres were over ten years old and losing air pressure.Trailer tyres are similar to caravan tyres as they do low mileage and it is advisable to replace them after five years as while there is sufficient tread showing cracks will appear on the sidewalls as they age.

Dunlop tyres fitted to a Honda CRV near Royston.

The first job of the day was to fit a complete set of Dunlop tyres to a Honda CRV vehicle for a new customer near Royston. Our customer had recently purchased the vehicle from a friend and was very happy with the general condition of the vehicle but the only issue was that all four tyres were low on tread depth.We were able to determine from the Dot code that all four tyres were the original fitment and they had lasted very well as the vehicle had clocked up 41,000 miles. The customer thanked us for our feedback and stated he would be recommending us to friends and family.We then visited another new customer who had a screw embedded in a runflat tyre on a BMW 1 series so we fitted a new Bridgestone tyre to the vehicle.The next job was to visit the owner of a printing company in Cambridge as the front tyres on his Ford needed replacing so we fitted two new Nexen tyres and moved the existing rear tyres to the front to reduce the chances of a puncture.

The Dot code on the sidewall of a tyre can usually tell a story about the condition of your tyre.

We were called by a new customer last week who required advice concerning the rear tyres on a Kia Sorento as one of the tyres had been losing air pressure for a period of time and the customer needed advice on the general condition of the other tyre. On arrival we found that both rear tyres were the original fitment and they were constructed in 2006 and therefore would need replacing.We arrived yesterday at the agreed time and fitted two new tyres and checked the front tyres and the spare tyre.The customer mentioned that the vehicle had been taken to the garage that sold the vehicle on two occasions to investigate the air loss issue with no great success.We explained that by looking at the Dot code it would have highlighted the age of the tyres and also confirmed why they were losing air pressure.The customer sighed and said that it would have been nice if their friend had mentioned Hometyre a couple of months ago and therefore saved them a couple of wasted trips to a garage.

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