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How to reduce fuel costs

Just read an article on how to reduce the cost of fuel.One of the tips is to keep your tyres inflated to the correct pressure and you could improve fuel consumption by 5% and this will also extend the life of the tyres.


Another reminder ref locking nut adaptor

I visited a customer yesterday who had lost his locking wheel nut adaptor and unfortunately the nuts had been tightened with a gun and not a torque wrench so it took a while to release them.We got there in the end but it might be a good idea to mention to the organisation that is working on your wheels to use a torque wrench when tightening.


Are you cleaning the car this weekend

Some of our recent customers have been shocked by the excessive wear on the inside shoulder of the tyre when we removed the wheels.We are suggesting that while in the process of cleaning your car you turn the steering lock full on so you can then see the inside of your front tyres but don't ignore the rears.


Caravans blocking motorways at Easter

Whilst i was working over Easter on most days the radio was reporting that various roads were blocked due to a Caravan turning over.I am suggesting that most of the offending vehicles if not all were not fitted with tyron bands so worth consideration if they are not fitted to your vehicle.


Two reasons to be cheerful

There are two reasons to be more cheerful this weekend as the clocks go forward so the days will be getting longer and the phone is buzzing as people are preparing their caravans and campervans for their Easter and summer breaks.I am out this morning checking that the tyres are still roadworthy and also fitting Tyron bands to prevent damage to the caravan in case of a blow out.


This story doesn't make sense

I was speaking to a regular customer today who recommended us to a chap who was looking to fit four new tyres to his company vehicle.He phoned our sales team who quoted £400 for all four tyres to be fitted and he was very happy with the price so he phoned his head office only to be told that they are used to paying more and he was to go to a garage and pay £600.Now that is strange!!!


It was a bad week for locking wheel nuts

Two weeks ago i sent out a reminder to make sure you know where your adaptor is located but strangely we had our worst week ever as three went missing.On monday a customer bought a car privately only to find adaptor missing from tool kit.On tuesday a customer cleaned the interior of the car and left adaptor at home so we were unable to fit new tyres at her workplace.On friday visited a customer who had fitted the spare wheel after getting a puncture but whilst changing wheel lost adaptor so we had to break locking nuts off.Let's hope for a better week ahead.


Where is your locking wheel nut adaptor?

I am visiting a customer who has purchased an Audi A4 privately and he needs new tyres fitted.On investigation the locking nut adaptor is missing so we need to order a replacement or break existing nuts off.There are three questions to ask today 1.Does your vehicle have locking wheel nuts fitted.2.Can you locate your adaptor.3.Is the adaptor free from damage as some designs are prone to wear after excessive use.Hopefully after investigation you are re assured but any problems give us a call.


There was a lot of soul in Oxford last night

Yesterday i rescued a group of young lads who were travelling to Oxford for a gig but had a blow out near Huntingdon.They are a Tamla Motown tribute band and must be very good as they perform all over the uk.We managed to get them mobile quickly so they could entertain soul fans in Oxford.


My customers are getting organised

All my customers today were organised by leaving their car keys and payment details with friends or colleagues as they were away doing other things.While it is nice to talk face to face with customers i guess today shows what our service is all about. You carry on running the business or looking after the family while we keep you safe on the roads.


When your vehicle is not performing as usual check tyre pressures first

I had a call last night from a customer who felt vibration from his steering wheel so it was agreed that i would visit him this morning to check the balancing of all four wheels so we could determine if this was the cause of the problem before he took the vehicle to a garage to check for mechanical issues.I found a nail in his front tyre which was letting air escape gradually and as the pressure got lower he started to feel a wobble on his steering.This is a timely reminder for us all to eliminate a slow puncture as the cause before we start thinking about mechanical faults.


For a minute i thought it was summer

I started early this morning fitting four tyres on a 4x4 at a farm near Newmarket and had to remove my jacket when fitting the last tyre as the sun was getting strong.Fitted two tyres to a Porshe in Cambridge in my T shirt and have been wearing it for the rest of the day.Let's hope it lasts until the weekend.


Locking wheel nut problem

I have just rescued a customer who had a flat tyre but his locking wheel nut adaptor was badly damaged and therefore unusable.I managed to free nuts and got him mobile again and he is a very relieved man.


More useful information on caravan tyres

The BTMA (British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association) recommend that caravan tyres be replaced every 5 years and should never be used if they are over 7 years old. It’s also recommended that caravan tyres with a high inflation pressure (above 50psi) should be replaced at 3 years and never used beyond 5 years, according to The Caravan Club.


Check the caravan this weekend

Good news at last on the weather as it seems it is going to be mild this weekend so it would be a good time to check the age and condition of your caravan tyres.If they are older than five years it would be a good idea to change them.


Runflat tyres need a regular pressure check

Some motorists are of the opinion that runflat tyres do not need regular checks for air but this is not the case.I have recently witnessed nails embedded in runflat tyres and the drivers were unaware that the tyres were losing air as the sidewalls of the tyre were not showing any visible signs of air loss.


Yet another weather warning

It is predicted to get a lot colder at the weekend with snow falling in some areas in the uk.If you are on a break or visiting family perform a safety check on your vehicle before you drive home.


A customer who did his sums

A regular customer was remembering what he did in the past for changing tyres and his findings were quite enlightening. The Company has six vehicles and a member of staff was taken off the assembly line for a minimum of two hours each time to drive four miles to nearest tyre fitting site.My customer calculated two hours wages,fuel cost and the two hours lost in revenue that he charged customers for work done by missing staff member.He was horrified by his findings so try calculation for your business and see if you can get under £100.00


Beware of black ice

It is good news that the bulk of the snow has gone but as the roads stay wet and the temperature drops areas of black ice will appear on our roads.It is usually difficult to spot in advance as it is clear in nature and it is more prominent in the early morning and evening as this is when the sun is absent and the temperature drops.If you are unsure on how to deal with icy conditions google 'How to drive on black ice'and you will get lot's of good advice.


Check tyre pressures during this cold snap

It is even more important to check your tyre pressures in the cold weather as your tyres will naturally lose some air as the temperature drops below freezing.


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