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Two Avon Tyres for a Toyota Yaris

Unfortunately for this customer, they had hit the curb when turning into their cul-de-sac which resulted in the two near-side tyres being burst! But, luckily for them we had the tyres in stock which meant that we could get out to them within the hour.

After a bit of a struggle, the old and blown 155/65 R14 tyres were removed from the rims and replaced with two brand new Avon ZT7 tyres. As the new tyres were being fitted to only one side of the vehicle, we suggested that both new tyres be moved to the rear as this provides the best grip whilst driving on the road!

If you need new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to book your appointment!


Slow Leak for a Volkswagen Tiguan

With the sun beating down on us whilst we work, the large Tiguan SUV provided enough shade to cool us down whilst we removed the wheels. The customer had booked well in advance as they had noticed a slow leak coming from one of their wheels (the TPMS sensor had also come on). We enquired about the other tyres and asked how they were wearing as well.

With a bit more information about the situation, we arrived at the job with three tyres as the customer believed the front two needed doing as they were wearing down past the limit. The pre inspection proved that this indeed was the case!


After the pre-inspection, we removed the leaking rear tyre to get a better understanding as to why it was loosing air pressure. It turns out that there was a small hole (the size of a pin) on the inner face of the tyre. As it was in this location, unfortunately it can't be repaired.

The old Continental tyres were removed and replaced with a new set of Sport Contact 5's in the 235/55 R18 size. This matched what the customer had on already!

If your car has a slow leak or you're in need of new tyres, give us a call on 0800 783 9310 to book your appointment!


Tyre Pressure Monitoring System Change

A new customer from Stretham contacted our sales team as their tyre pressure monitoring system had gone a bit askew and was throwing an error code on their dashboard.

Whilst carrying out the pre-inspection service, we noted the two front tyres were becoming low on tread (2.1mm for the front near side and 1.9 for the front off side). This was relayed back to the customer who said that he would like to be booked in at a later date for these to be replaced.


Checking the TPMS systems using our sensor indicated that it was the rear off-side unit that had gone nuts. Using the old unit, we copied the DNA of the unit onto a brand new replacement sensor. This was then placed back into the wheel and given a test.

If you have a TPMS system, we provide a free service to check the units. If your vehicle is producing a warning light for the TPMS system, give us a call on 0333 444 5454


Toyota GT86 Winter to Summer Swap

Coming from the Gunma plant in Japan, this lovely Toyota GT86 had been used as a daily driver throughout the winter. The customer had elected to fit winter tyres to help keep the car on the road during the severe weather that we experienced.



We arrived at the customer’s house to swap the winter tyres over to the summers but, noticed that the rear near side tyre was deflated on its rim. As the customer had stored their summer tyres with us attached to a second set of rims, we were able to put these on without any hassle. Whilst fitting the new set, we had a dialogue with the customer about going for either a new singular tyre or for a whole new set of winter tyres. A whole new set I hear you ask? The rational for the new set was due to the winters becoming dangerously low on tread. The customer proceeded to order a new set through us, these were then stored in our warehouse until nearer the next winter.

The client elected to do this because the supply of winter tyres into the UK is variable. As, unlike, in parts of Europe, it is not mandatory to switch between summer and winter tyres. For many years, the Scandinavian countries with a substantially colder climate have switched between summers and winters. The UK has a more temperate climate and although there is a growing market for winter tyres, it is not mandatory here.


TPMS Systems in Cambridge

We went out to a customer's home in Ely to replace 2 tyres on their Ford C-Max, as well as the 2 new tyres the customer also needed replacement stems in 2 of his TPMS valves.


Here at Hometyre we have replacement stems and sensors on board, to put it in simple terms the stem of the TPMS is the bit you see sticking out of the wheel! Because we carry a range of these on board it means we are always on hand to replace them on site, whether you have a TPMS problem at home or at work we will be able to attend!

What is a TPMS System?

A TPMS (Tyre Pressure Monitoring System) is an electronic tyre safety feature which is designed to monitor the pressures of your tyres, so you don't have to! From November 2012 all new passenger vehicles must be equipped with a TPM system as standard.

However, there is more to TPMS than just one type of system, you could either have a Direct or Indirect TPMS.

Direct TPMS

Direct TPMS has specific pressure sensors internally fitted to each road wheel, they each measure the tyre pressure and then transmit the reading via an independent battery powered radio transmission to the display monitor inside the vehicle. This is real-time information and provides you with specific details of which tyre has a fault and how fast the deflation is occurring.

Indirect TPMS

This does not use a pressure sensor to give an exact reading but instead utilizes the ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) or ESC (Electronic Stability Control) to measure rotational speeds of individual tyres and wheels. These systems generally will not detect a very gradual loss of pressure as they relearn over the course of 20 to 60 minutes of driving. When the tyre pressures are adjusted the system is reset manually.

Caravan TPMS

TPMS fitted to caravans is becoming more and more popular, this is a great additional safety feature as it will alert the driver of a puncture or blowout. This could prevent a serious accident as the driver could easily incur a puncture on a caravan and not immediately realise, resulting in a potential road accident. Another great safety feature to prevent accidents is getting TYRON bands fitted, for more information on TYRON click here!

As well as offering replacement parts for existing TPM systems we can fit a whole new TPMS to your vehicle! Call us today for more information on 0333 444 5454!


Locking Wheel Nut Removal in Cambridge

A customer in Cambridge called us to enquire about our Mobile Locking Wheel Nut Removal service, this particular customer had lost the original locking wheel nut key for the vehicle. This is something we receive phone calls for every day, so don't think you're on your own if you've lost yours!!

They had a Mitsubishi Outlander and although they only wanted 2 tyres fitting they wanted us to just remove all of the locking wheel nuts so they could be replaced with normal nuts.


There are two tyres of locking wheel nut removal, providing the LWN has not been overtightened, one of which is invasive and the other is non-invasive. If it is an invasive removal this means a tool is used to literally break into the head of the item and force it off with a torque application. This may damage the LWN permanently and replacements may be required.

If it is a non-invasive removal, we use a unique tool to mould the shape of the installed device and almost replace the original key, it will take on the shape the key needs to be to remove them.

Regardless of which method we use, unfortunately there is no guarantee of successful removal, we will always try our best and have a very high success rate!

If you need locking wheel nut removal in Cambridge, call us today to book an appointment on 0333 444 5454!


The Dangers of a Blow Out - Blow Out of VW Golf in Cambridge

A new customer called our head office earlier this week with a 'puncture' in one of his tyres on his VW Golf, as you can see from the below photo, this was definitely not a simple puncture and beyond repair…!


Luckily for this customer whenever we get called out to a puncture repair we always carry a potential replacement on board just in case the puncture is not legally repairable to BSAU159 standards, for more information on whether a puncture is repairable, click here!

We took a budget in a 225/40R18 with us and fitted it to the vehicle, balanced and cleaned up the wheels. The reason for this particular blow out was due to running the tyre underinflated, if your tyre is running on a lower pressure than recommended it will slightly bulge out under the weight of the vehicle, this will cause it to slightly spring up and down when driven at speed. The friction caused by this will create heat and the tyre will begin to weaken, once the rubber has weakened it is much more prone to bursting.


Another cause of a tyre blowout could be something as innocent as clipping a kerb, if you hit a kerb, even at low speeds, a small bulge may appear in the sidewall of the tyre, driving on this can cause pressure which will ultimately lead to the tyre failing.

Thirdly, age can play a big factor in a tyre blowout, rubber will deteriorate over time and begin to crack and perish. This will begin to happen once a tyre reaches 5/6 years in age, many people do not realise how dangerous running your vehicle on old tyres can be. Even if the tyre has ample tread remaining it may still need replacing, when you drive on that tyre friction will cause it to heat up, when the rubber heats up it will expand and if those cracks expand they are at risk of bursting.

Have you checked your tyres lately?

Any of the above problems could exist on your vehicle! We recommend checking your tyres at least once a month. Taking 5 minutes out of your entire month could save you from suffering a blow out or a serious accident on the road. For more information on how to check your tyres, click here.

Or call us today to book an appointment on 0333 444 5454


Bridgestone Tyres fitted to Skoda Octavia in Cambridge

We were called out to a repeat customer in Cambridge at their place of work, they needed 2 new tyres on their Skoda Octavia. We had been out to this vehicle and previously changed one of the tyres and upon completion of the job had filled out a tyre inspection report, a part of our usual service in which we check the remaining tread depths and tyre pressures of all tyres, record this and email the report to the customer for review.


Two of the tyres were looking low on tread, sitting around 3mm on average remaining. We advised the customer that once a tyre drops below 3mm of tread it begins to perform less efficiently. One of the things affected by this is the way the tyre disperses water, the deeper the tread grooves are the more efficiently they will do this and the better the wet grip will be. If the tread is low the water is not dispersed properly and this is how aquaplaning happens. Effectively it is like a film is over the tyre, resulting in it almost gliding along the surface.

Front to Rear Swap Over

The customer had taken our advice on board and called back the next month to have the 2 tyres replaced, we fitted both new tyres to the rear axle, this is because most of the braking capability of a car is at the front, it also has an engine weighing it down and the steering capabilities are in the front. The rear needs the best chance of grip from the tyres as it can get, which will be optimised by new tyres with plenty of tread.

We moved the tyre with the most tread from the 3 oldest tyres to the front axle to match up with the single tyre we had previously fitted and the vehicle was good to go! All balanced and all wheels cleaned.

Do you need new tyres in Cambridge? We come out to your home, work place or any location of your choice! We also offer services such as mobile wheel alignment, summer/winter tyre swapovers and puncture repairs! Call today on 0333 444 5454.


4 Tyres and a Wheel Alignment in Cambridge

Hometyre Cambridge went out to a repeat customer last week, we look after a couple of vehicles for him and the time had come for a new set of tyres on his Mercedes E Class. He called the office and booked in for a day he was working at home, this way we could do the tyres on his driveway whilst he worked away inside!

We took 2 front tyres in a 245/40R19 98Y and 2 rears in a 275/35R19 98Y, both Goodyear Eagle F1 Asymmetric 3. We arrived on site and carried out a routine check on his other 2 vehicles, checked the tyre pressures and tread depths and after topping them up with air, informed the customer the tyres on his other 2 vehicles were still in great condition and he wouldn't need to worry about replacing them any time soon!

We jacked up the Merc and began changing the 4 tyres, we noticed upon inspection the tyres had been wearing unevenly, we asked the customer if he had experience any handling issues with the vehicle, maybe it was pulling slightly to one side. After a quick chat he said it had been pulling a little but he didn't realise the effect it was having on the tyres until we showed him how they had been wearing and explained he could have got a few more thousand miles out of them with correct alignment!


Wheel Alignment in Cambridge

We carried out a Mobile Wheel Alignment for the customer, well worth the cost now he knew he would get much better mileage out of his next set of tyres! Not many companies offer Mobile Wheel Alignment, this is not down to it being impossible, it is simply down to investment being made in the correct equipment and training to carry out the service. For more information on Mobile Wheel Alignment just click here.

We also repair and replace TPMS valves with our mobile service, this vehicle needed a replacement part on one of the TPMS valves and because we carry a varied amount of stock on board we were able to do this on site, same day.

Do you need new tyres in Cambridge and surrounding areas? Call us today on 0333 444 5454 to book an appointment!


Tyres for Motorhome in Cambridge

Last week we received a call from a Motorhome owner near Cambridge who wanted to replace 2 of the tyres on his Motorhome, he was only available Friday afternoon and had to work around a busy afternoon off work running errands!


We managed to fit him in at the exact time he wanted and went out to his home address to fit the two brand new tyres to one axle and then swap the two best existing tyres onto the other axle and one to the spare. Which needed replacing due to age, one of the most common reasons for needing a new tyre on a caravan or motorhome, due to them doing more limited mileage than your average A-B vehicle the tyres rarely need changing due to warn out tread. The average age of a tyre should be around 5 years and once they become older than this you should really look into replacing them, especially if they are close to 7 years old.

How old are my tyres?

You can tell the age of a tyre by checking the DOT code (date stamp) it is a series of 4 numbers for example [1217], in this case the 12 represents the week of the year and the 17 represents the year 2017. So this tyre was made in the 12th week of 2017, which was the week commencing 20th March.

If your DOT code is showing anything earlier than 1212, you should look into replacing your tyres as soon as possible as they may be cracking and perishing, when the tyres start to crack you risk these cracks expanding as the tyre heats up when you are driving it. The pressure on an existing crack in the tread could lead to something a lot worse when you're driving! Which could end up as a much more expensive repair than just replacing your tyre!

TYRON Bands in Cambridge

In this particular case the customer did not have Tyron Bands but it is not uncommon for a Motorhome to be fitted with them, we offer a service to remove and refit your existing Tyron Bands as well as supplying and fitting brand new Tyron Bands.

For more information on Tyron, click here!

If you need your tyres changing on your Motorhome or Caravan, or want to enquire about Tyron Bands, call our team today on 0333 444 5454!


4x4 General Grabber Tyres fitted to Land Rover Discovery in Cambridge

We went to a customer's home on the outskirts of Cambridge to fit 4 brand new General Grabber tyres to a Land Rover Discovery. General is a part of the Bridgestone organisation, Grabbers are their 4x4 offering, they come with highway patterns (tyres designed primarily for road use) which have a score of [1] or [2]. Where as the AT (All Terrain) typically have an off road score of [5] or [6].

For extreme off roading they offer the MT (Mud Terrain) which has a score of [8], [9] or [10], [10] being the highest off road rating.


General is a part of the Bridgestone organisation, the General tyres fitted to this particular vehicle were the Grabbers, they come with highway patterns (tyres designed primarily for road use) which have a score of [1] or [2].

Where as the General AT (All Terrain) typically have an off road score of [5] or [6].

For extreme off roading they offer the MT (Mud Terrain) which has a score of [8], [9] or [10], [10] being the highest off road rating.

If you need tyres for your 4x4, call us today to see which options we have available in your size and to book an appointment for fitting at your home, place of work or where ever suits you best!

0333 444 54 54


Tyre for VW Golf in Dry Drayton, Cambridge

We were called out to a customer's workplace in Dry Drayton last week to look at a possible puncture repair on a VW Golf.


When we go out to a puncture repair we usually take a potential replacement with us on board just in case it is not repairable.

Is my puncture repairable?

Click here to read more about requirements needed to legally repair a puncture

In this case unfortunately we were unable to repair the puncture so we fitted a brand new budget tyre to the vehicle.

Do you need a puncture repair or a new tyre in Cambridgeshire?

Call us today on 0333 444 5454


Puncture Repair in Ely, Cambridgeshire on VW Tiguan

We went out to a customer in Ely who had called the office about a puncture in their off-side rear tyre on their Volkswagen Tiguan.


We will always check to see if we can repair a puncture but we also carry a potential replacement on board just in case we can't. In this case we took a Bridgestone S001 with us in a 235/55R17.

If you have a puncture and you're unsure if it is repairable, see below for the required criteria for a repair:

  • The puncture must be no more than 6mm in length/diameter
  • It must be inside the repairable zone - this is the middle ¾ of the tread
  • There must be no secondary damage caused - this includes sidewall deterioration, splits or cuts on the inner liner due to the object that has punctured the tyre and also no bulging on the sidewall.
  • The entry angle must allow for the stem and patch repair system to be safely applied
  • The tyre also needs to be in a suitable condition and age with a legal amount of tread remaining


If you have a run flat tyre we will be unable to repair these.

If you have a puncture in the Cambridge area call us on 0333 444 5454!


Puncture Repair on Ford Transit van in Cambridgeshire!

We went out to Longstanton to check out a puncture on a Ford Transit van, we always take a potential replacement tyre with us to a puncture repair job just in case we cannot legally repair the puncture. This way we are not leaving a customer stranded and can get them back on the road!

The standard area for a repairable puncture is within the central ¾ of the tread but there can be other factors which may render the puncture unrepairable, which is why it is always better to have a back up option on board!


Luckily for this customer we were able to repair the puncture and just took the replacement tyre away again!

If you have a puncture in Cambridgeshire call us today on 0333 444 5454!


Goodyear Wrangler Tyres fitted to Land Rover Discovery in Newmarket

A customer called our office to get prices for a couple of new Goodyear tyres to go onto a Land Rover Discovery, this was something he was having great difficulty finding but had been given our number by a friend and thought it was worth a shot!

The customer was after very specific tyres, a Goodyear Wrangler in a 235/70R17, this is not a very popular size! This meant we had to do some digging, luckily here at Hometyre we have great relationships with many suppliers around the UK and we were able to find a pair of the tyres and have them sent to us, this would take a couple of days but the customer did not mind the wait if it meant he could match the two new tyres to what was already on the vehicle.


We arranged a time and date that suited the customer and got the job booked in, he was not able to be at the fitting so arranged payment up front and left the keys with a friend.

When he got home from work that day his brand new tyres were fitted, wheels cleaned and he was one happy customer!

If you cannot find what you are looking for on our website, don't hesitate to call us! We can often go the extra mile and find what you are looking for!

0333 444 5454


Uniroyal Rainsport 3 tyres fitted to Mazda3 in Ely, Cambridgeshire!

We were called out to a new customer in Ely, Cambridgeshire last week to fit 2 brand new Uniroyal RainSport 3 tyres to their Mazda3.

The customer called our head office for a price and after a chat with a member of our team booked in for a couple of days later to have us go out to their work address to fit the new tyres.

We put the 2 tyres with the best tread left on the front axle and fitted the two new tyres to the rear axle. This is because you have less control over the rear axle so having a better amount of tread will be a safer option.


We carried out a free TPMS check and then cleaned up all the wheels and left them sparkling for the customer to get back on the road!

If you need tyres in Cambridge, Ely, Great Shelford, Newmarket and surrounding areas call us today on 0333 444 5454!


Summer to Winter Tyre Swapover in Cambridge

Hometyre Cambridge went out to Saffron Walden to an existing customer who we go to twice a year to do a summer winter swap over on their Toyota GT86.


Seeing as the weather is threatening to hit us hard this customer decided now was the time to do the all important swap over and get his wheels ready for what is ahead!

With the impending doom of icy mornings and snowy conditions winter tyres are a good option, once temperatures drop below 7 degrees C the molecules in the tread rubber harden and eventually freeze, this results in your tyres being much less adaptable to the road surface. This will result in reduced grip, longer braking distances and worse handling.

The number of accidents in the UK increase significantly on wet and icy roads, winter tyres will provide higher levels of safety and ultimately reduce the number of accidents caused by these factors.

If you are thinking of fitting winter tyres to your vehicle, call us today to discuss options! Many options are shown on our website, simply enter your tyre size and postcode, filter to winter tyres on the menu on the left side and have a look! If you cannot see what you are looking for, we may still be able to help! Call 0333 444 5454 and our friendly team will have a look around to see what options are available in your size.


2 New Tyres on Citroen Nemo in Cambridge

A Cambridge customer called our head office at the end of the day on Monday asking to book an appointment for 2 new budget tyres to be fitted to their Citroen Nemo.

We gave the customer a price and got them booked in for 10:00am the next morning, we went out to the customer and fitted the 2 new tyres at his home address in Upper Cambourne, balanced the wheels and after leaving the wheels sparkling and clean we took payment from the customer and left him to get on with his busy day!


If you need tyres in the Cambridge area just call us today! We do car tyres, light commercial, caravan tyres, wheel alignment and many more!

Take a couple of minutes out of your day to check your tyre pressures and remaining tread depth, if you need help with this click here to view our guide on how to check your tyres!


Tyres fitted to a VW Golf and BMW 8 Series in Cambridge

Our head office had a call from a customer in Cambridge who had 2 vehicles, one was a VW Golf that simply needed 2 new tyres, the customer knew exactly what he wanted, the Pirelli P Zero in a 225/40R18. We priced him up and he was happy to go ahead with fitting.


The other vehicle was a little more complicated, a BMW 8 Series with off-set fronts and rears. The customer originally wanted to fit the vehicle with Hankook tyres as this is what he had on the vehicle. Unfortunately one of the sizes was proving a little difficult to get a Hankook in so we offered him the Falken instead.

Luckily for the customer if we bring a tyre with us to a fitting we do not demand you have it fitted! Instead we could offer to bring the Falken tyres along for the customer to have a look at and check they were happy with the tread pattern and wanted to go ahead with the fitting.

We ended up fitting and balancing all 6 tyres for the customer and got him back on the road!

If you need new tyres in the Cambridge area just call us today! 0333 444 5454


Michelin Primacy 4 tyres fitted to a Toyota Avensis and Goodyear tyres fitted to a VW Passat.

We were called by a regular customer who works on the Cambridge Science Park as he was in need of two new tyres on his VW Passat so we arrived at his place of work at the agreed time and fitted two new Goodyear tyres size 235/45/R18 to the vehicle.

Yesterday we met another regular customer who required a couple of new tyres for his Toyota Avensis and as he uses the vehicle as a private hire car we met him at a local supermarket car park. When he returned from having a coffee break we had fitted two new Michelin Primacy 4 tyres size 215/55/R17 to his vehicle saving him valuable time and money.

Next it was off to Balsham to fit a full set of Dunlop Street Response tyres size 175/65/R14 to a Toyota Yaris. During this morning we have fitted a full set of Bridgestone tyres size 215/60/R17 to a Nissan Qashqai for a customer living in Longstanton.


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