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What a busy friday with new tyres fitted to vans,cars and Tyron bands fitted to a caravan.

We had a real mix to the day yesterday when we fitted new tyres to commercial vans,private cars and fitting Tyron bands to a caravan.The first job of the day was to visit a regular customer in Cambridge to fit two new Continental tyres size 235/40/R18 to a Volvo. We then headed to Fulbourn to fit four runflat tyres to a BMW 3 series where our customer had no spare tyre and his existing old tyres were not runflats so we advised he fit Firestone runflat tyres size 205/55/R16. During the afternoon we fitted new Bridgestone tyres to commercial vans and then visited another regular customer who had just purchased a new caravan and he asked us to fit Tyron bands to the wheels so he can feel safer in case of a blowout.

The day started with New Michelin tyres fitted to a Jaguar x Type

The day started in Cottenham where we fitted two new Michelin tyres to a Jaguar X type then off to Cambourne to fit a Dunlop runflat tyre to a BMW 5 series.A customer called us as he was losing air pressure on his Mazda but unfortunately we discovered a screw very near to the shoulder of the tyre and therefore a repair cannot be performed so we fitted a new Toyo tyre size 205/55/R16 and now our customer is mobile again.

Tyron Bands fitted to Caravan in Cambridge and Car tyres fitted in Newmarket.

The first job of the day was to fit two new tyres to a caravan in Cambridge and also fit Tyron bands to the wheels as our customer had heard glowing reports on how Tyron bands assist in the event of a blowout.We then headed for Newmarket to fit a new tyre to a Mercedes Vito and a Falken tyre to a Ford Fusion.We then fitted a new Continental tyre to a BMW in Cottenham as our customer has their Mot test tomorrow.The last job of the day was at Cambridge Science Park where we fitted two Bridgestone tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Vauxhall Vectra.

New tyres fitted at Cambourne Business Park for third consecutive day.

We fitted four new tyres to a Vauxhall Zafira size 205/55/R16 at Cambourne Business Park this afternoon and it was the third day in a row that we have been called to Cambourne so the word is definitely spreading. During the morning we fitted new Falken tyres to a Ford Fusion in Newmarket and then new Maxxis tyres in Girton.

Kumho tyres fitted to a Lexus and Audi TT and Toyo tyre fitted to an Audi A6

Lots of miles travelled yesterday but four very happy customers.We fitted two Kumho tyres to an Audi TT and two Kumho tyres to a Lexus near Saffron Walden. We then headed to Cambourne to fit the Toyo tyre to an Audi A6 as we spotted a screw near the shoulder of the rear tyre when we were visiting on thursday. We then headed south to a caravan storage site where we fitted four new tyres to a caravan that had not been used for a couple of years. The rain never stopped falling but a rewarding day as our customers can now enjoy the summer safely when it actually arrives.

Toyo Proxes tyres fitted to an Audi A6

We fitted two Toyo Proxes tyres size 225/35/R19 to an Audi A6 in Cambourne this morning and as we were switching original rear tyres to the front we spotted a screw embedded near the shoulder of the tyre. There are many benefits for fitting new tyres to the rear as you are driving and it also helps issues in the future, for if we had not taken wheels off for balancing the screw would have not been discovered.

New tyres fitted to two caravans,a BMW 3 series and an Audi A2

We visited a caravan storage site and fitted four new tyres to two seperate caravans as both sets of existing tyres were cracking on the sidewalls. We then visited a customer in Cambridge and fitted four new runflat tyres to a BMW 3 series.The customer asked us to supply and fit Continental Sport Contact 3 size 225/45/R17. We then fitted four new tyres to an Audi A2 in Newmarket and the customer requested we fit Pirelli P7 tyres size 205/55/R16


Two identical jobs with air loss on Jaguar and also an Audi A3

We were called to a customer in Balsham who had a slow puncture on their Audi A3 so we took a Continental tyre with us but found that the possible cause was corrosion on the rim so we cleaned the rim and applied bead sealer so hopefully problem has been solved.Exact same issue on a Jaguar S type in Dullingham so same procedure was followed.

Local garage recommend Hometyre

We were called to a customer today who had just had her vehicle serviced at a garage in Cambridge and they suggested that she change one of the tyres as it was showing signs of wear on the sidewall.The garage suggested the lady call Hometyre so she did.We arrived on time and fitted a Firestone tyre size 165/60/R14

Bridgestone,Dunlop,Firestone and Kumho tyres fitted yesterday.

Another busy day on the road yesterday as we rescued three customers with punctures and visited other customers who felt it was the right time to renew their tyres. We started early in Sutton by fitting a new Dunlop tyre for a regular customer who had a puncture that could not be repaired.A new Firestone tyre was fitted to a Skoda in Oakington before we headed into central Cambridge to fit two Kumho tyres to a Smart car that had hit a kerb. We then headed to Histon where a regular customer had hit a kerb and damaged the tyre so a new Bridgestone tyre was fitted.A busy day but very satisfying as our customers are back on the road so they can enjoy the weekend.

Hankook tyres fitted in Longstanton

We have just fitted four Hankook tyres to a Citroen C5 as our customer advised us that he would be towing a caravan during the summer so we have fitted Hankook K115 101W XL as these tyres are the correct specification for towing a trailer or caravan.

First job 4 Pirelli tyres on a Mercedes and last job a couple of Nexen tyres fitted to a Saab 9.3

Another busy day with our first job in Newmarket fitting 4 Pirelli PZero tyres to a Mercedes size 235/40/R18 for front axle and size 255/35/R18 for rear axle.We then rescued some motorists who had discovered a puncture then finished the day by fitting two Nexen N8000 tyres to a Saab 9.3 in Cambridge.

New tyres fitted to a Mercedes,Land Rover,Jaguar and Seat Ibiza

The first job of the day was fitting Pirelli P Zero tyres to a Mercedes E class in Newmarket then back into Cambridge to fit a couple of Maxxis tyres to a Seat Ibiza.Then in the afternoon we are fitting a couple of Pirelli Scorpion tyres to a Land Rover and to complete the day we are fitting two Dunlop Sport Maxx tyres to a Jaguar XF.

New tyres fitted to a couple of Saab vehicles and a puncture repair on an Audi

The first job of the day was to fit a new tyre to a Saab convertable then into Cambridge to fit two Nexen tyres size 205/55/R16 on a Vauxhall Zafira. We were then called to Newmarket to repair a puncture on an Audi A4 then back to Longstanton to fit four Maxxis MAZ1 tyres size 235/45/R17 on a Saab 93 and the good news for all our customers was that they did not have to leave home to get new tyres fitted.

Two new tyres on a Ford Transit van and then a puncture repair on a Honda Jazz

We fitted two new tyres for a local painter and decorator this morning as he was attending a business meeting. We fitted 2 GT Maxmiler tyres size 195/70/R15 to his Ford Transit van so he lost no time in his very busy schedule. We were then called to a customer in Cambridge who had a flat tyre on his Honda Jazz so we inspected the Dunlop tyre and found it to be repairable so our customer had his vehicle mobile again within two hours of calling our sales team.

Pirelli tyres fitted to Land Rover and also Pirelli tyre fitted to Mercedes E class

This morning we fitted two Pirelli Scorpion tyres to a Land Rover, tyre size 255/55/R19 and then visited a customer in Cambridge who was the owner of a Mercedes E class.The customer was experiencing air loss from one of her tyres over a period of time so we removed the old tyre,wire brushed clean the inside of the rim and applied a layer of bead seal.We then fitted a new Pirelli P6000 tyre size 205/55/R16 and this should solve air loss issue.

Tyron bands fitted to a single axle caravan.

We visited a customer in Ely today who had recently purchased a new caravan so he and his wife could visit places in the UK and Europe during their retirement.Our customer decided to have Tyron bands fitted to the wheels as he had been told by many caravan owners that they would assist in controlling his vehicle and caravan in the event of a blow out.We met him at the storage site and the Tyron bands were fitted within the hour and he could not believe how simple the whole process was.

Bridgestone tyre fitted to VW Golf

We were called to a customer this morning who had a slow puncture on his VW Golf but on inspection we discovered the tyre to be seven years old so we advised that it would be sensible to fit a new Bridgestone B250 tyre size 195/65/R15 which we did.

Continental tyres fitted to Renault Megane

Our last job yesterday was to visit an owner of a Renault Megane who had a blow out earlier in the week so was driving with the space saver wheel.The blow out occurred on the offside front but on inspection there was considerable wear on the nearside front tyre. We advised our customer that the sensible option was to move the existing rear tyres to the front and fit two new Continental Sport 3 tyres size 205/50/R17 to the rear axle.

Runflat tyres fitted to a BMW X5

We were called to a customer who owns a BMW X5 where all 4 runflat tyres needed replacing and we arrived on time as usual with our specialist tyre fitting unit that enables us to remove and fit runflat tyres. We arrived with four Bridgestone Dsport runflat tyres size 255/50/R19 for the front axle and size 285/45/R19 for the rear axle. As always we applied the correct air pressure for each tyre and informed the customer that he would need to reset the air pressure sensor on the dashboard as sometimes the warning light will appear after new and properly inflated tyres are fitted.


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