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Tyron bands fitted to a single axle caravan.

We visited a customer in Ely today who had recently purchased a new caravan so he and his wife could visit places in the UK and Europe during their retirement.Our customer decided to have Tyron bands fitted to the wheels as he had been told by many caravan owners that they would assist in controlling his vehicle and caravan in the event of a blow out.We met him at the storage site and the Tyron bands were fitted within the hour and he could not believe how simple the whole process was.

Bridgestone tyre fitted to VW Golf

We were called to a customer this morning who had a slow puncture on his VW Golf but on inspection we discovered the tyre to be seven years old so we advised that it would be sensible to fit a new Bridgestone B250 tyre size 195/65/R15 which we did.

Continental tyres fitted to Renault Megane

Our last job yesterday was to visit an owner of a Renault Megane who had a blow out earlier in the week so was driving with the space saver wheel.The blow out occurred on the offside front but on inspection there was considerable wear on the nearside front tyre. We advised our customer that the sensible option was to move the existing rear tyres to the front and fit two new Continental Sport 3 tyres size 205/50/R17 to the rear axle.

Runflat tyres fitted to a BMW X5

We were called to a customer who owns a BMW X5 where all 4 runflat tyres needed replacing and we arrived on time as usual with our specialist tyre fitting unit that enables us to remove and fit runflat tyres. We arrived with four Bridgestone Dsport runflat tyres size 255/50/R19 for the front axle and size 285/45/R19 for the rear axle. As always we applied the correct air pressure for each tyre and informed the customer that he would need to reset the air pressure sensor on the dashboard as sometimes the warning light will appear after new and properly inflated tyres are fitted.


Maxxis tyres fitted to a Toyota Yaris

We visited a regular customer on Monday to perform a free tyre check on her Toyota Yaris and found that the front tyres were in need of change.We had fitted Maxxis MAP1 tyres in the past and our customer requested we fit a couple of new Maxxis tyres as she was happy with them. We arrived yesterday and fitted two new tyres to the rear axle and re balanced existing rear tyres and fitted them to the front axle.Our customer was already aware that it is advisable to fit new tyres to the rear to reduce the chances of a blow out and was very thankful of the honest and professional advise she was given.

Fitting summer tyres this week so Spring has arrived

We are now getting calls for winter tyres to be removed and summer tyres to be refitted.We are visiting a regular customer tomorrow who owns a Jaguar X type and we will be fitting summer tyres for him. So if you are the owner of a vehicle with winter tyres fitted give our sales team a call and arrange an appointment to suit you to have your summer tyres fitted.

New Continental tyres fitted to Nissan Qashqui

We visited a customer this morning who had a blow out on the way to work but just managed to get the vehicle back to the office without damage to alloys.Our customer realised that there was only one good tyre on the vehicle so we arrived and fitted 3 Continental Premium Contact 2 tyres size 215/55/R18. We were called to a customer in Longstanton who had mislaid his locking wheel nut adaptor and before we leave any job we always check existing tyres for age and tread wear so we will be fitting two new Continental tyres to his Renault Megane during next week.

We were fitting new tyres to a couple of Audi cars this morning.

The first job of the day was to fit a couple of new tyres to an Audi A3 for a new customer who found us on the internet.Our customer was slightly concerned as he was changing tyres on a regular basis so we arrived and fitted a couple of Dunlop Max size 225/40/R18 92Y XL and advised on the correct tyre pressures for the vehicle to maximize the life of the new tyres. We then visited a customer who had recently asked us to fit four new tyres to his Audi but unfortunately had picked up a nail on the shoulder of one of the new tyres so we returned and fitted a Goodyear tyre size 225/45/R17 91Y.

First job was a BMW with runflat tyres and our last job was a BMW without runflat tyres.

There are occasions when we speak to BMW drivers who are unsure if they have runflat tyres fitted to their vehicle and yesterday's activity will assist you in this aspect.The first job of the day was to visit a regular customer who had recently exchanged his previous 3 series for a slightly newer version.His previous car did not have runflat tyres fitted as it had a normal spare wheel fitted but the size of the rear tyres were different to the front tyres. Our first question was to ask if the newer vehicle carried a spare tyre and it did not so there was a good chance the tyres were runflats and this was confirmed as the sidewall size had a RF reference.The next question was are all four tyres the same size and it was confirmed that yes they were all the same so we arrived and fitted two Kumho runflat tyres size 225/50/R17 94W. Later in the day we visited a customer who owns a BMW 5 series which has a spare wheel and therefore does not have runflat tyres fitted.The owner confirmed that the rear tyres were a different size to the front tyres so we visited and fitted two Continental Sport Contact 2 size 275/30/R19 96yXL to the rear wheels.

Winter tyres off and summer tyres on.

We have just left a customer who is convinced that spring is just around the corner.We have removed their winter tyres and refitted summer tyres. So if you are confident we have seen the last of the snow and you would like your summer tyres back on give us a call and book an appointment.

Check the age and condition of your spare tyre.

A customer called us today to replace the spare tyre on their Citroen Xsara as it was noticed at a recent service that the tyre was over six years old and cracks were appearing on the sidewall. The good news is that many spare wheels are not required as many motorists escape the mishap of getting a blow out on their journey.The bad news is that while the spare tyre sits in the boot or under the vehicle it tends to get forgotten and it could lose air pressure and generally deteriorate in strength and quality.It is advisable to check the condition of the spare wheel and tyre on a regular basis so in the event of a puncture it will get you home safely.

Advice for BMW owners

Whilst fitting new tyres to a couple of BMW cars recently the owners asked our advice on alloy repairs as the first owner had scratches on all four alloy wheels due to regular contact with the kerb and potholes as he had low profile tyres fitted.The second customer needed repairs on the inside of his alloy wheels and he was concerned that if a repair was not actioned the tyres might lose air pressure. We gladly gave both parties our honest advice on the way forward as we have built a good business relationship with various organisations that can assist in such matters and both customers were very appreciative of our assistance.

New tyres for Suzuki Swift

We fitted two new tyres to a Suzuki Swift this morning and discovered uneven wear on the front tyres so we fitted our tracking gauges and it was no surprise that a wheel alignment was needed.Our customer has two new tyres fitted and he will now be driving in a straight line and this was all actioned while he was busy at work.

Firestone tyre fitted to Rover 75

Today we visited a regular customer who had shredded a tyre while away at the weekend and therefore needed to fit the spacesaver tyre to get home.We arrived this morning and fitted a new Firestone TZ300 tyre size 195/65/R15 and before leaving we inspected the other tyres so we could advise him on when he would need to replace existing tyres. We agreed to visit him in six months with a view to fit two new Firestone tyres.

Problems solved for an existing customer and also a new customer

The first job of today was to rescue an existing customer who had hit a kerb on saturday and burst a tyre on his Range Rover so we arrived this morning to fit a Continental tyre size 245/45/R20 so our customer could get to work.This afternoon we visited a new customer and fitted four new Bridgestone tyres size 205/55/R16 to their Mercedes Benz C class.

Refitting summer tyres as spring approaches

There is a good chance that by the end of this month the snow will actually be a thing of the past so if you have winter tyres fitted to your vehicle give our sales team a call to arrange an appointment for us to come to you and refit your summer tyres.

A variety of problems solved

The first job of the day was to fit two Firestone tyres to a Ford Fiesta and on arrival our customer informed us that they had recently hit a pothole and the vehicle was veering to the left so we performed a wheel alignment on the vehicle. We then fitted a new Continental tyre size 205/65/R16 to a Mercedes Vito van.Another customer was feeling vibration on the steering wheel of their Nissan Xtrail so we visited and balanced all four wheels

Firestone tyre not required as puncture was repairable

A customer discovered yesterday that they had a flat tyre so we arrived today with a new Firestone size 195/60/R15 but on arrival we were able to repair the flat tyre. The replacement tyre will be returned to supplier tomorrow as this is a regular procedure as we will always bring a new tyre with us just in case the old tyre cannot be repaired as we always attempt to get our customers back on the road as quickly as possible.

Puncture repair in Cambridge

We have just been called to a regular customer in Cambridge who had spotted a screw in one of the rear tyres of his Ford Transit Van. Fortunately the screw was embedded in a repairable position so we were able to save on the cost of fitting a new Continental tyre.

Yet another locking wheel nut adaptor goes missing.

We are having a run at the moment of missing locking nut adaptors as today we had another call from a customer who had recently bought a car second hand only to find that a puncture repair could not be actioned as there was no locking wheel nut adaptor located in the vehicle. Our specialist equipment did the trick again and our customer is back on the road.

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