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Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted to a Porsche in Saffron Walden

One of our regular customers has a friend that required a couple of rear tyres for a Porsche and Hometyre were recommended.Before booking an appointment with us the Porsche owner obtained numerous quotes and found to his amazement that we could visit him at his home and fit two Michelin Sport tyres cheaper than at any local garage.We arrived on time and fitted two new Michelin Sport tyres size 305/30/R19 to the rear of the vehicle.As we were removing the wheels we noticed that the locking wheel nuts were showing signs of rust so before leaving we applied a wire brush and oil so the adaptor would fit more easily in the future.The customer was very grateful for our attention to detail and will be calling us back soon to replace the front tyres.

New tyres fitted in Cambridge,Cambourne,Over and Fenstanton.

The day started with a new tyre being fitted to a trade van in the village of Over, then off to Cambridge to fit two new Maxxis tyres to a Ford Focus.We then received a call from a regular customer in Cambourne as her BMW 3 series had just arrived back from her garage with a tyre cautionary report.Our customer was a little stressed as the family were moving house and she was waiting for the contracts to be exchanged.We arrived with two Bridgestone runflat tyres and fitted the new tyres while our customer was packing boxes. Before we left we informed her that Hometyre were operating in her new area and she gave a sigh of relief.Now off to visit another regular customer in Fenstanton to fit new Kumho tyres to a Toyota Avensis.

The new tyres got larger as the day went on.

The first job of the day was to fit a ten inch trailer tyre in Cambridge and then we visited a new customer who required four new tyres on a Ford Kia and the good news was that Hometyre were recommended to the lady by a local garage.We arrived on time and fitted four new tyres size 165/65/R13 and we also checked the condition of the spare and our customer was very grateful.We then headed back to base to collect four Maxxis All Terrain tyres size 255/60/R18 that were required for a Land Rover Discovery.We then set off to fit the tyres near Granta Park where our customer gave us the vehicle keys and continued with his work.

New tyres fitted to a couple of 4X4 vehicles in Cambridge.

The first two jobs of the week were to fit new tyres on Kia Sportage and a Mercedes M class in Cambridge.Both of our customers had a busy day ahead so we were given the keys to the vehicles so our customers could continue to do other things while their new tyres were being fitted.We fitted a budget tyre to the Kia Sportage as the vehicle does very little mileage and it was agreed that our customer would not reap the benefits of fitting a premium brand. In comparison the Mercedes M class was doing more miles so we fitted two Falken tyres size 275/55/R17.

The week ends as it began,very busy.

We have been kept busy this week with the regular planned appointments where our customers have selected a specific time and day to have their new tyres fitted mixed with the odd emergency call.The planned appointments included fitting Firestone tyres to a Ford Fiesta in Cambridge,Maxxis tyres to a BMW near Cambourne and Pirelli tyres to a BMW X3 in Newmarket. The emergency calls included fitting two new tyres to a Mercedes E class that had hit a kerb near Granta Park,fitting a new Bridgestone tyre to a Ford Focus in the centre of Cambridge and also fitting a new tyre to a Volvo near Cambridge after the rescue services had been to fit the spare wheel on the motorway.

New trailer tyres and Caravan tyres fitted this week.

We fitted tyres for a trailer a couple of days ago and it pleasing to know that Trailer owners are giving more consideration to the condition of their tyres as a blow out when towing can be very nervy and dangerous.The Dot code on the sidewall of the tyre shows you how old your tyres are and if they are more than five years old it might be an idea to get them changed.We also replaced a caravan tyre that had been severely damaged but thankfully had stayed on the wheel rim.On most occasions a Caravan tyre will shred and leave the rim when a blow out occurs so it is a good reminder of the benefits for fitting Tyron Bands to the wheels.

We visited Newmarket today and we are back tomorrow.

We fitted four new Dunlop tyres to a Ford Mondeo near Newmarket today and also performed a wheel alignment as the front tyres were wearing on the inside and our customer understandably wanted to get the full life out of his new Dunlop tyres. We then headed to Ely as a regular customer was losing air pressure from one of his tyres on his Kia 4X4 and on inspection we discovered a screw embedded in the tyre reasonably close to the shoulder of the tyre so after discussions with our customer we fitted a new tyre as we were concerned that the puncture repair might not last.We are back in Newmarket tomorrow to fit two new Pirelli tyres to a BMW.

Goodyear,Dunlop and Pirelli tyres fitted near Cambridge.

We have been extremely busy this week as most of our customers are back from holiday and considering the condition of their tyres before autumn arrives.We started the week by fitting two Goodyear tyres to a BMW at a business park near Cambourne and i am sure we will be back there soon as the employees regularly use us as they appreciate our home service as it saves them time and money.We then fitted new tyres in central Cambridge before heading to Shelford where we fitted two Dunlop tyres to an Audi and four Pirelli runflat tyres to a BMW X3.

Busy start to the week and every customer highly delighted.

The first job of the week was to fit four new tyres on a Renault Trafic van near Cambridge but the customer was having a long weekend in London so arrangements were made for us to get the vehicle keys and on his return he was greeted with four new tyres it's as simple as that!Now it's off to Oakington to perform a puncture repair on a Nissan Juke. We are now heading into Cambridge to fit two new tyres to a VW Eos for a regular customer who hands us the keys and continues with his busy day.Now we need to head for Camboune to fit two new tyres on a VW Passatt. Back again to Oakington to visit a regular customer who has a flat tyre on a VW Toureg but on arrival we find a slit on the inner wall of the tyre. A new tyre is ordered and we will be back early tomorrow to fit so our customer can get back on the road quickly.

Goodyear Wrangler tyres fitted to a Volvo XC60 in Cambridge.

We were asked by a local solicitor to fit two Goodyear Wrangler tyres size 235/60/R18 to a Volvo XC60 at his office in Cambridge.We arranged to meet with him as he arrived at the office as we appreciate that he would not want to be disturbed when meeting a client.We both arrived at the same time and he handed us the keys and we were finished within the hour and there was no disruption to his busy day.We then headed to St Ives as a regular customer had noticed a tear on the sidewall of one of his tyres. We arrived at his office at the time arranged and fitted a new tyre to his Mini Cooper.During the morning we had a couple of calls from regular customers asking for new tyres and both were struggling for time for fitting.The benefits of our service is that time is never an issue so we are visiting the plumber while he is at a customers house and then the local businessman at his office in central Cambridge and all both will need to do is hand us the keys to their vehicles.

Firestone tyres fitted to Audi in Cambridge then a rescue mission in Sawston.

A local garage in Cambridge advised a customer that it was time to change the rear tyres on his Audi A3 and advised him to call us for fitting at his work therefore saving him time and money.We fitted two new Firestone tyres size 195/65/R15 to the rear axle.We then checked the air pressure on both front tyres and noticed the pressures to be a little low.We informed our customer that while there was still sufficient tread on both tyres their general condition was not great as they had been on the vehicle for over five years and it looks as if they are not holding pressure due to ageing.Our customer was very grateful for the advise and he will be calling us soon to order another pair of Firestone tyres. We then had a call from a young lady in Sawston who had picked up a piece of glass on her journey and it had punctured her tyre. On arrival she informed us that she was in the process of getting prices for a set of four tyres as her Mot is due soon.We contacted our supplier in Cambridge to get an idea of what was available and they told us that they had four Toyo tyres size 185/65/R15 available at a great price.The lady was delighted with the price so we travelled into Cambridge,collected the tyres and returned to fit them.In summary our customer has four new tyres at a good price and she didn't need to leave the house and the whole process took less than two hours.

Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted to a BMW M5 in Cambourne.

Our first job was to fit two new Nexen tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Toyota Auris for a new customer who was attending a Business networking event in Cambridge.We arrived on time and collected the car keys and started work on the vehicle while our customer was attending a meeting.We completed the job including our vehicle inspection procedure and returned the keys so our customer was still able to continue networking.We then headed to a Business Park in Cambourne to visit a regular customer who had ordered two Michelin Pilot Sport tyres size 255/40/R19 for his BMW M5 and again on arrival we collected the vehicle keys so our customer could continue working.Another reminder of the benefits of having us visit you as both customers saved valuable time and just as important we were able to save them money on the cost of the tyres.

Toyo tyres fitted to a Honda Civic near Cambridge.

The first job of the day was to fit two new Nexen tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Mercedes in Cambridge.During the job we had a call from a customer who had been given our card from a neighbor .He informed us that he had a damaged tyre on his Honda Civic and that it was not repairable so we took the tyre details from him and explained that it would be a simple process of collecting a tyre from one of our collection points in Cambridge.He decided to order two new tyres as the tread depth was getting low on the other side of the vehicle.Our customer was slightly concerned as he had planned to take the family into Cambridge for the day on the guided bus and thought he needed to be at home to meet us.We suggested that there was no reason to cancel his plans as we could collect the car keys from his neighbor and then take payment over the phone when he arrived home in the evening.The plan worked really well as our customer has two new Toyo tyres size 205/55/R16 fitted to his Honda Civic and also had a good day visiting Cambridge.

It's absolutely pouring down so time to consider tyres.

Yesterday's sun has gone and the rain has arrived to remind us all that unfortunately we are approaching the end of summer.While it is always important to regularly check the condition of your tyres with autumn approaching it is essential that your vehicle has sufficient grip on the road.Whether you have Premium tyres such as Michelin,Bridgestone and Pirelli or you have budget tyres it is important the the tread depth is sufficient to keep you safe on the roads.

The benefits of our vehicle inspection procedure.

When we have completed the work on a vehicle we always perform a vehicle check so we are able to inform the customer on the condition of all four tyres and the spare.We measure the tread depth on the existing tyres and record information which the customer receives with the invoice.We also record the current mileage and ask the customer for the predicted miles for the next twelve months so we know when to send our customer a reminder via email.Before leaving we check the air pressures on the existing tyres and if they are not inflated to the correct pressure we will action.This last check often highlights potential problems on the existing tyres as if the tyre pressure is particularly low it will alert us to the following 1. Nail or screw embedded in tyre 2.Tyre that is ageing and therefore air is escaping. 3.Faulty valve 4.Corrosion between wheel rim and tyre. We have many examples of us fitting only one tyre to a vehicle and discovering other issues during our inspection procedure and all our customers are grateful for our feedback.

New tyres fitted near Cambridge while our customers continue working.

The first job of the day was to visit a business based in Histon to fit two new tyres to a Skoda Fabia. We visit this company on a regular basis as the staff really appreciate the service that we provide as they do not need to leave the premises therefore saving them time and money.We then headed to Cottenham where a building contractor was working on a new build and did not want to leave the job to get new tyres fitted as he was working to a tight schedule.We arrived on time and fitted two new GT Maxmiler tyres size 195/70/R15 to his Ford Transit van and he commented how useful our service was to local tradesmen.The mornings work was a reminder how simple the process is as our first customer had ordered tyres online so all he needed to do was give us the keys as the payment process had already been actioned and our second customer had ordered by phone so we processed his card details before leaving.

Hometyre keeping the local residents safe on the roads.

We have been very busy over the last couple of days with numerous jobs in Longstanton. On Saturday we fitted two Continental Sport Contact 5 tyres to a Mercedes E class in the village and yesterday we repaired a puncture on a Citroen Picasso.This morning we fitted two Bridgestone tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Peugeot 207 where our customer had noticed the van passing his house regularly.Our first job tomorrow is again in the village where we are fitting two new tyres to a Ford Transit and one new tyre to a Vauxhall Zafira. It is convenient for us that these recent jobs are so close to us but more importantly it means that the local residents do not have to leave the village saving them time and money.

New runflat tyres fitted to Mini Cooper near Cambridge.

We were called to fit two new Runflat tyres to replace the existing front tyres that were low on tread on a Mini Cooper and as always we advised the customer to fit the new tyres to the rear and therefore reduce the chances of a puncture.Most punctures whilst driving at speed occur on the rear tyres as the front tyres pick up debris from the road and push the object in the direction of the rear tyres so the stronger the resistance the better.It is also important to reduce the chance of having a nail or screw embedded in a runflat tyre as they cannot be repaired as the strength of the side wall could have been compromised .

It's official by calling Hometyre to fit your new tyres you do save money and also valuable time.

We were working in Cambridge earlier in the week and we were approached by a regular customer who asked us to quote for supplying and fitting two new Continental Sport Contact 5 tyres for the rear axle of his Mercedes E class.On arrival back at the office we contacted our numerous suppliers and got the best price possible for our customer.Our customer told us to order the tyres and we would then arrange a time and place convenient for him so he could carry on with his busy schedule.Two hours later he phoned us to say that a static site in central Cambridge could supply the same tyres at a lower cost and the saving was quite substantial.We revisited our prices and found them to be the best around (as usual) and we also looked at other static suppliers prices in the Cambridge area and were reassured that by using Hometyre our customers make substantial savings on the cost of the tyres. While we were slightly puzzled by the price our customer had been quoted we were honest and told him to seize the opportunity and we would cancel the tyre order.The following day he phoned to say that he had given his front tyre size to the garage as he was unaware that the rear tyres were larger and then confirmed that as usual our prices were the best in town.We have re ordered two Continental Sport Contact 5 tyres SIZE 255/35/R18 and will be fitting them next week at our customers house.It is so reassuring to know that by using a premium service all our customers make substantial savings on the cost of new tyres and they also save valuable time by us visiting them at their home or place of work.

New Falken tyres fitted to a Volvo XC70 near Cambridge.

We were asked by a customer earlier in the week for advice concerning his Volvo XC70 as he was looking to replace all four tyres on the vehicle.The vehicle is not used on a regular basis and therefore the mileage is quite low but it is used for a visit to Europe during the winter months and our customer was looking for suitable tyres in the event of him meeting bad weather.He considered fitting winter tyres but there is a cost implication so he was looking for a sensible alternative.He had read good reviews concerning Falken T110 tyres as they have the M&S marking on the sidewall (Mud and Snow).We informed him that they had a 80% road and 20% off road rating and he decided to go with the Falken tyres. We managed to get them at a very good price and he is highly delighted with the result.

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