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It's time for that vehicle winter check. In particular your tyres and locking wheel nut adaptor.

Sadly now is the time to consider the general condition of your vehicle as the weather can turn for the worse very quickly.

Firstly check the condition of your tyres including the spare to make sure you have sufficient tread in the event of needing to stop your vehicle suddenly.

The tyres need to be inflated to the correct pressure as this will help you control the vehicle more effectively in adverse weather conditions, as well as operting at their most efficient levels.

We have visited numerous customers recently who could not find the locking wheel nut adaptor. Now is a great time to check the location of the adaptor as without it you will not be able to remove a wheel.

The majority of us will thankfully have no issues during the winter months but it is vital to ask the question "if i got a puncture do i know how to deal with the issue and if not do i know who to call for assistance?"

Call us - 03334445454 


A puncture repair in Longstanton and Cambourne and tyres fitted to a Renault Kangoo van in Over.

We were called by a regular customer in Longstanton as his Volvo V50 had a slow puncture in a rear tyre.

We arrived on time and discovered a screw embedded in the centre of the tyre so we were able to perform a puncture repair. We noticed that the alloy was starting to show signs of corrosion on the inside of the rim so we wire brushed away the debris and applied a couple of coats of bead sealer and our customer was highly delighted with our efforts!

We then headed to Over and fitted two new tyres to a Renault Kangoo van and while in the process of fitting the new tyres we had a call from an owner of a Ford Ranger 4X4 who had just noticed that a rear tyre on the vehicle was completely flat.

We arrived within the hour and found a stone had punctured the tyre but as per the first job it was repairable and again our customer was very happy. On completion of both puncture repairs i explained to my customers that there was a good chance that the front wheels had pushed the screw and stone towards the rear axle and that is why we suggest fitting new tyres to the rear. 

A new tyre is more elastic and would likely deflect any foreign body rather than absorb it - which is the tendency for older, more brittle rubber! 


Michelin tyres fitted to a Renault Laguna near Ely

The first job of the day was to visit a customer near Ely to fit new Michelin tyres size 205/60/R16 to a Renault Laguna. A couple of weeks ago we were fitting two new tyres to a Citroen Relay van when our customer asked us to check the condition of the tyres on the Laguna as our customer is conscious that the bad weather will soon be with us.We found that the existing Michelin tyres on the rear axle while still having decent tread were over five years old so our customer decided to have them replaced.She ordered Michelin tyres again as the existing rear tyres had done over 50,000 miles so she felt it was worth staying with a premium brand.


New Pirelli tyres fitted to an Audi A3 then here,there and everywhere.

The day started very early as we fitted two new tyres to a Volvo V70 in Cambridge and then off to West Wratting to fit two Pirelli tyres size 225/45/R17 to an Audi A3 and then back to Bar Hill to fit a Continental Vanco tyre size 205/65/R16 to a Mercedes Vito van while the owner was installing a boiler in a customers house and this all happened before lunch.We then headed back to base to collect the tyres for the afternoon jobs and the first being to fit three tyres to a Vauxhall Corsair in Cambridge City centre. We managed to avoid the rush hour traffic and we were back in Longstanton at 5pm to fit a new tyre on a Skoda Fabia. All of our customers today were repeat customers who appreciate our mobile service.


Runflat tyres fitted to a BMW 5 series in Cambridge then a puncture repair on a BMW M5 in Cambourne.

The first job of the day was to fit two Bridgestone runflat tyres size 225/50/R17 to a BMW 5 series in Cambridge and our customer was very grateful as he did not have to leave the office.We then got a call from a regular customer who noticed a screw embedded in a tyre on his BMW M5 as he arrived at the office.We arrived at a time agreed and repaired the tyre which was a Michelin Pilot Sport and again our customer could continue with his work.We have just collected a new Continental Vanco tyre size 205/65/R16 and we will be fitting the tyre to a Mercedes Vito van while our customer is installing a boiler in Bar Hill tomorrow and again there is now down time as he does not have to leave his customer to get the tyre changed.

New tyres fitted to trade vans in Ely,Cambridge,Over and West Wratting.

We have many customers who own trade vans and it is very important that these vehicles are on the move as any down time is a cost to the relevant business owner.For example we visited a customer in Ely who was busy at the office catching up on paperwork so we arrived on time and fitted two Goodyear tyres size 215/70/R15 to his Citroen Relay van.We were called to replace a tyre and repair a puncture on a Ford Transit van in Cambridge and again there was no down time as the contractors were able to continue with their work while we were looking after the vehicle.We were called to a business in West Wratting as one of the vans had a flat tyre and we were able to repair the puncture but during our vehicle inspection procedure we noticed that one tyre was showing 2mm tread depth so a new tyre was fitted and now the vehicle is ready for the winter.

Winter tyres fitted to a Saab 9.3,Kia 4X4 and a Land Rover.

The week has hardly begun and we have already fitted winter tyres to a Land Rover,Saab 9.3 and a Kia 4X4 and we are expecting even more calls during the next few days.Some customers already have their winter tyres stored in the garage and are calling us to remove the summer tyres and fit the winter tyres. We are also getting calls from customers who want to know more about the benefits of fitting winter tyres to their vehicles. If you are considering fitting winter tyres or need advice give our team a call on 0800 783 9310 and they will gladly assist you.

Pirelli tyres fitted to an Audi A6 and Toyo tyres fitted to a Range Rover and many more.

Our customers are wary that the bad weather and difficult driving conditions are drawing ever nearer so we have been busy getting vehicles ready for the winter months.We fitted two Pirelli Po Rosso tyres size 245/40/R18 to an Audi A6 in Shelford then a couple of new tyres to a catering van in Cambridge,We were then called to a customer in Soham who required new tyres fitting to a Range Rover so we fitted Toyo tyres size 255/50/R20 and the benefit to all our customers was they did not have to leave the home or office.

Hometyre to the rescue again.

We had a call from a motorist who had damaged a tyre on the way to work in Cambridge and was in need of assistance and advice.The vehicle was a BMW Z4 and the customer was resigned to the fact that he would be without the car overnight as the tyres for his vehicle are not readily available.We had a full diary but assured our customer that we would get to him before he left the office to discuss the way forward.We arrived during the afternoon as promised and discovered a nasty cut in the sidewall of the tyre and advised our customer accordingly.He decided to replace both tyres so we arrived the next day and fitted two Dunlop Sport Maxx TT tyres size 225/40/R18. Before we left we asked how our customer got to hear about us and it was nice to hear that we were highly recommended by a local garage.

Two BMW vehicles and a Mercedes c class given attention.

One of our regular customers has just purchased a BMW 3 series and asked us if we could give our opinion on the condition of the tyres. On inspection we found the rear tyres to be reasonably new and in good condition but the two front tyres were badly worn and alarmingly not runflat tyres unlike the rear tyres. We revisited the vehicle and fitted two Continental runflat tyres size 205/55/R16. We then headed to Oakington to replace a tyre that was damaged on a BMW 1 series and again found a vehicle where the wheel rims needed attention so we wire brushed away the debris and applied bead sealer to the rims.The next job was in Bar Hill where a Mercedes C class had hit a kerb and damaged a tyre. We found corrosion on the wheel rim similar to the BMW so a wheel refurbishment was carried out so no air can escape in the future.

Tyron bands came to the rescue yet again.

We were called to a Caravan and camping park near Royston as on arrival at the site a customer noticed that one of the tyres on his caravan was flat and badly perished.Our customer decided to order three new tyres as the remaining tyre and spare were showing signs of age.The wheels were fitted with Tyron bands and after discussions with our customer he was reasonably confident that the blow out took place quite a few miles from the campsite as the couple heard a bang but did not appreciate it was a tyre bursting and only noticed the tyre was flat on arrival at the campsite.The tyre was well perished but still sitting on the rim which is the whole principle of how a Tyron band should work.During our travels we regularly hear stories concerning the benefits of Tyron bands when fitted to a caravan or campervan and this latest incident is a reminder that Tyron bands really do work.

Runflat tyres fitted to a Mini cooper

We were called to fit two Bridgestone runflat tyres to a mini Cooper and our customer mentioned that there was slight air loss from a tyre on their BMW 3 series.We removed the tyre and found the rims to be flaking so we removed debris using a wire brush and applied a layer of bead sealer and this action should solve the problem.We fitted two Nexen tyres to a Renault Clio in Cambourne and then two Toyo tyres to a Peugeot van in Swavesey. We then had a call from a customer who was stranded in Cambridge with a flat tyre and on further inspection of the three remaining tyres our customer decided to order a complete set of Kumho tyres for his Renault Clio.On the way home we had a call from a regular customer who asked us to perform a free tyre check and on arrival we found one of the tyres on their BMW to be damaged so we are returning to fit a new tyre.

New tyres fitted locally and some great feedback.

Our first job was to fit two new Kumho tyres to a Citroen C4 in Longstanton as the front tyres were getting low and the mot test is next week.We explained to our customer the benefits of moving the existing rear tyres to the front and fitting new tyres to the rear and our customer thanked us for giving them useful advice.Our next job was in Shelford where one of our regular customers has a reasonably old Mercedes C class and the wheel rims are corroding badly and air is escaping.After removing the old tyres we spent time and effort removing the corrosion by sanding and applying a wire brush to all areas.We then applied two coats of bead seal and left to dry for a few minutes and then two new tyres were fitted.Again our customer was delighted with the end result and is thankful that he will not be losing air pressure on a regular basis.We then headed to Newmarket to fit three new tyres to a Ford Mondeo as the vehicle had failed an mot test due to the tyres and the garage informed the lady to ring Hometyre as in our customers words Hometyre are honest and reliable.

Michelin Pilot Sport tyres fitted to a Porsche in Saffron Walden

One of our regular customers has a friend that required a couple of rear tyres for a Porsche and Hometyre were recommended.Before booking an appointment with us the Porsche owner obtained numerous quotes and found to his amazement that we could visit him at his home and fit two Michelin Sport tyres cheaper than at any local garage.We arrived on time and fitted two new Michelin Sport tyres size 305/30/R19 to the rear of the vehicle.As we were removing the wheels we noticed that the locking wheel nuts were showing signs of rust so before leaving we applied a wire brush and oil so the adaptor would fit more easily in the future.The customer was very grateful for our attention to detail and will be calling us back soon to replace the front tyres.

New tyres fitted in Cambridge,Cambourne,Over and Fenstanton.

The day started with a new tyre being fitted to a trade van in the village of Over, then off to Cambridge to fit two new Maxxis tyres to a Ford Focus.We then received a call from a regular customer in Cambourne as her BMW 3 series had just arrived back from her garage with a tyre cautionary report.Our customer was a little stressed as the family were moving house and she was waiting for the contracts to be exchanged.We arrived with two Bridgestone runflat tyres and fitted the new tyres while our customer was packing boxes. Before we left we informed her that Hometyre were operating in her new area and she gave a sigh of relief.Now off to visit another regular customer in Fenstanton to fit new Kumho tyres to a Toyota Avensis.

The new tyres got larger as the day went on.

The first job of the day was to fit a ten inch trailer tyre in Cambridge and then we visited a new customer who required four new tyres on a Ford Kia and the good news was that Hometyre were recommended to the lady by a local garage.We arrived on time and fitted four new tyres size 165/65/R13 and we also checked the condition of the spare and our customer was very grateful.We then headed back to base to collect four Maxxis All Terrain tyres size 255/60/R18 that were required for a Land Rover Discovery.We then set off to fit the tyres near Granta Park where our customer gave us the vehicle keys and continued with his work.

New tyres fitted to a couple of 4X4 vehicles in Cambridge.

The first two jobs of the week were to fit new tyres on Kia Sportage and a Mercedes M class in Cambridge.Both of our customers had a busy day ahead so we were given the keys to the vehicles so our customers could continue to do other things while their new tyres were being fitted.We fitted a budget tyre to the Kia Sportage as the vehicle does very little mileage and it was agreed that our customer would not reap the benefits of fitting a premium brand. In comparison the Mercedes M class was doing more miles so we fitted two Falken tyres size 275/55/R17.

The week ends as it began,very busy.

We have been kept busy this week with the regular planned appointments where our customers have selected a specific time and day to have their new tyres fitted mixed with the odd emergency call.The planned appointments included fitting Firestone tyres to a Ford Fiesta in Cambridge,Maxxis tyres to a BMW near Cambourne and Pirelli tyres to a BMW X3 in Newmarket. The emergency calls included fitting two new tyres to a Mercedes E class that had hit a kerb near Granta Park,fitting a new Bridgestone tyre to a Ford Focus in the centre of Cambridge and also fitting a new tyre to a Volvo near Cambridge after the rescue services had been to fit the spare wheel on the motorway.

New trailer tyres and Caravan tyres fitted this week.

We fitted tyres for a trailer a couple of days ago and it pleasing to know that Trailer owners are giving more consideration to the condition of their tyres as a blow out when towing can be very nervy and dangerous.The Dot code on the sidewall of the tyre shows you how old your tyres are and if they are more than five years old it might be an idea to get them changed.We also replaced a caravan tyre that had been severely damaged but thankfully had stayed on the wheel rim.On most occasions a Caravan tyre will shred and leave the rim when a blow out occurs so it is a good reminder of the benefits for fitting Tyron Bands to the wheels.

We visited Newmarket today and we are back tomorrow.

We fitted four new Dunlop tyres to a Ford Mondeo near Newmarket today and also performed a wheel alignment as the front tyres were wearing on the inside and our customer understandably wanted to get the full life out of his new Dunlop tyres. We then headed to Ely as a regular customer was losing air pressure from one of his tyres on his Kia 4X4 and on inspection we discovered a screw embedded in the tyre reasonably close to the shoulder of the tyre so after discussions with our customer we fitted a new tyre as we were concerned that the puncture repair might not last.We are back in Newmarket tomorrow to fit two new Pirelli tyres to a BMW.

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