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Locking wheel nut removal in Cambridge and fitting Firestone tyres to a Ford Transit.

We have just removed four locking wheel nuts from a Mitsubishi Colt in Cambridge as our customer had recently purchased the vehicle but the locking wheel nut adaptor was missing. We managed to remove all the nuts with our specialist equipment while our customer was at work so he was able to continue with his work while Hometyre solved the problem.We are now heading for Longstanton to fit two Firestone tyres to a Ford Transit van while our customer is still working and again our customer has lost no time in his busy schedule.

What a busy end to the week.

We have been really busy this week performing a variety of tasks such as supplying and fitting new tyres,repairing punctures,performing wheel alignments and removing locking wheel nuts when the adaptor was missing.Friday was a really good example of how we keep our customers moving without any inconvenience to them.The day started in Over where we fitted two Kumho tyres to a Seat Leon and then it was to the next village being Swavesey where we performed a minor repair to an alloy wheel on a Citroen DS and replaced a damaged Michelin tyre. We then collected two budget tyres from a local supplier and headed to Horningsea to rescue a lady who had discovered a badly damaged tyre on her Citroen C2. While fitting the new tyres we had a call from a regular customer who was visiting a client in Cambridge and noticed a screw in the centre of a rear tyre on his BMW X5 and due to the tyre not being a runflat we were able to repair the puncture.Then to round the day off it was off to St Ives to fit four new Dunlop Sport Max tyres to a Renault Clio.

A really good day as all our jobs were local.

This week started well as on Monday all our jobs were nice and local.The first job of the day was to fit two new Firestone tyres to a Ford Fiesta in Cambridge.We then headed to Cambourne to fit two new Continental tyres to an Audi A6 and then next it was to Willingham to replace on old tyre that was losing air pressure on a Peugeot 207 and we replaced the old tyre with a Maxxis tyre size 205/55/R16 and then it was back to Cambourne to fit a new Hankook tyre to a Vauxhall Vectra.

New tyres fitted to a Caravan today and Tyron bands fitting tomorrow.

We are now getting busy in the Caravan sector as customers are making preparations for the summer.We have just fitted two new tyres to a Caravan in Burwell and tomorrow morning we are heading to Bury St Edmunds to fit new tyres to a Caravan that is fitted with Tyron Bands so the bands will be removed and refitted after the new tyrea have been mounted.During the afternoon we will be fitting a new set of Tyron Bands to a Caravan near Cambridge as our customer want's to reduce the potential of an accident in the event of a blow out.

Spring is here as today we have fitted new tyres to a Caravan and removed winter tyres from an Audi Quatro.

The first job of the day was to remove the winter tyres from an Audi Quatro and refit the summer tyres which were Toyo T1 Sport size 255/35/R19 for a regular customer near Cambridge.Then we headed for Newmarket to fit two new tyres to a Ford Fiesta and during our vehicle inspection we found that the rear tyres were showing signs of age so we are returning in the next couple of days to replace them.Next it was Waterbeach where we replaced two Caravan tyres for a new customer and it was very pleasing that we were recommended to the customer by the caravan service engineer.

We are reasonably confident that now is the time to remove winter tyres.

We have been busy during the past three weeks removing winter tyres and refitting summer tyres to our customers vehicles.Some of our existing customers have told us that they are leaving the swap to the last possible minute in the event of some sharp frosts in the near future.While you can never be too confident of the weather conditions these days we feel this is the time when the summer tyres need to go back onto your vehicle as winter tyres are only a benefit when the temperature regularly drops below seven degrees.

A busy week fitting new tyres,puncture repairs and locking wheel nut removal.

We are having another busy week with a variety of different types of jobs helping our customers to keep moving while being safe on the roads.The week started with fitting Continental tyres to a BMW,Bridgestone tyres to a Mini Cooper and Pirelli tyres to an Audi.We have also repaired punctures on a Mercedes Vito and a Land Rover.A couple of days ago we were called by a new customer who required two new tyres fitting to his Ford Fiesta but unfortunately he had lost his locking wheel nut adaptor. We carry specialist equipment with us at all times and to the relief of our customer we were able to remove the locking nuts and fit the new tyres.

Do you know if your BMW or Mini Cooper is fitted with runflat tyres?

We had a call from a new customer who needed a couple of tyres replaced on his Mini Cooper but he was unsure if the vehicle was fitted with runflat tyres.Our sales team informed the customer that runflat tyres will have particular markings on the sidewall of the tyre but he was still unsure so we took both runflat and non runflat tyres with us. On arrival we found the tyres not to be runflats so we are returning the runflat tyres to our supplier.We have listed the various runflat markings below if you are unsure.

The sidewall could be marked RSC for Runflat System Component or with one of the following.

Dunlop = DSST

Firestone = RTF

Bridgestone = RTF

Goodyear = EMT

Kumho = XRP

Michelin = ZP

Pirelli = RFT

Yokohama = Run Flat


Thanks to Hometyre i am now getting more wear from my tyres.

We were reminded today from a regular customer that when we first visited him a couple of years ago he was experiencing uneven wear on his tyres and he was also not getting the mileage from them that he would normally expect.Our customer owns an Audi A3 and was fitting premium brand tyres to the vehicle so there was no obvious reason for the tyres not to last.When we removed the existing tyres we found them to be over inflated but our customer confirmed that he always inflated the tyres to the pressures stated on the vehicle plate.On further investigation we found the instructions on the plate to be incorrect resulting in the tyres wearing more in the centre of the tyre.Since our first visit he has been delighted with the mileage he has been getting and we left him today with two new Dunlop Sportmaxx tyres size 225/40/R18 fitted to the vehicle.

Michelin Sport tyres fitted to a Ford C Max and a Nexen tyre fitted to an Audi A4

The first job of the day was to fit a new Nexen tyre to an Audi A4 in Cambridge but before replacing the old tyre we inspected the remaining three tyres and suggested to our customer that we change the positioning of the existing wheels and balance them to allow us to place the new tyre on the rear axle.While we were moving the wheels we discovered that a couple of the tyres were showing signs of age and one tyre in particular was slightly out of shape.Our customer was very grateful for the extra care we had taken and he is calling us back to replace the old tyres.We then visited a regular customer who works near Newmarket who had ordered two Michelin Sport tyres size 235/40/R18 for his Ford C Max.Due to the amount of potholes in his area he asked if we could check the alignment of the vehicle which we did.

The good news is that it is winter tyres off and summer tyres back on.

With the spell of good weather continuing we are now getting calls from customers who would like us to remove the winter tyres from their vehicles and fit their summer tyres. During the weekend will be fitting summer tyres to a VW Passatt and a VW Tiguan and we already have a job booked for Monday to refit summer tyres to a Jaguar X type.

Goodyear runflat tyre fitted to a BMW 5 series in Swavesey.

We were called by a regular customer who works in Swavesey as one of the runflat tyres on a BMW 5 series was losing air pressure.We discovered a small nail embedded on the shoulder of the tyre that was letting air escape so we fitted a new Goodyear runflat tyre size 245/45/R17. When removing the old tyre we discovered that some areas of the alloy wheel were showing signs of corrosion so we cleaned the alloy thoroughly with a wire brush and then applied a coat of bead seal to prevent air escaping between the alloy wheel and the new tyre. Our customer was most grateful and thanked us for our efforts.

Toyo tyres fitted on a MG and Maxxis All Terrain tyres fitted on a Nissan Pathfinder.

We visited a new customer today who owns an MG Sports and both rear tyres were showing signs of age.The car does very low mileage so the tread depth was not dramatically low but by looking at the DOT code on the sidewalls we were able to determine that the tyres were over seven years old.We fitted two new Toyo tyres size 205/50/R15 and now the vehicle has a full set of good tyres. We then visited another new customer who had just purchased a Nissan 4X4 and his plan is to take the vehicle off road on a regular basis so we fitted a new set of Maxxis All Terrain tyres size 255/65/R17.

Nice and local so far today with Nexen tyres and Pirelli tyres fitted in Longstanton and a puncture repair in St Ives.

The first three jobs of the day were nice and local with the first customer hearing nice things about us so she decided to have her new tyres fitted at home.We arrived at the agreed time and fitted two Nexen Blue tyres size 175/65/R14 to a Hyundai Getz. We checked the condition of the spare and inflated to the correct pressure,we then moved the rear tyres to the front axle and checked the balance and fitted the two new Nexen tyres to the rear to reduce the chances of a puncture.We then fitted two Pirelli P7 tyres size 225/50/R17 to an Audi A4 for a regular customer.Next there was a call from a customer who had found us on the internet as he had discovered a puncture on his VW Golf when arriving at work in St Ives. As we were in the area we were able to visit him and repair the puncture within the hour of his initial call to us.During our vehicle inspection procedure we noticed that two tyres would need to be changed in the near future and our customer will be calling us back to his workplace to have them fitted so he doesn't lose any valuable time.

Doors painted at a customer's house while a new set of tyres were fitted to a Citroen van.

We were called by a local painter and decorator who needed four new tyres fitting to his Citroen Dispatch van but due to a full diary he was just unable to release the time to travel into Cambridge.We arrived at his customers house and while he was applying the second coat of paint to some doors we were busy fitting four Triangle tyres size 215/60/R16 to the vehicle.Our customer was delighted that he did not lose any time and was able to finish the work for his customer and told us he would be calling us every time he needs new tyres fitting.

Puncture repair on a Volvo XC90 at Milton Science Park and Hankook tyres fitted near Newmarket.

We were called by a new customer who works at the Cambridge Science Park as he noticed a screw embedded in a rear tyre on his Volvo XC90. We arrived within the hour and were able to repair the tyre much to the delight of our customer.We then headed to a customer in Cambridge who had again discovered a screw in a rear tyre of his trade van and again we were able to perform a puncture repair as the screw was situated near to the centre of the tyre.During the afternoon we fitted two Hankook tyres size 205/55/R16 to a Vauhall Meriva near Newmarket as replacement for the worn front tyres and moved the existing rear tyres to the front and fitted the new tyres to the rear to reduce the chances of a puncture.

Wheel alignment on an Audi A6 and new Toyo tyres fitted to a Mazda 3 near Cambridge.

The week started by visiting a new customer who was getting uneven wear on his tyres so we arrived at his home and performed a wheel alignment on his Audi A6. We then visited a regular customer who had ordered two new Toyo tyres for his Mazda 3 and these were replacement tyres for the worn tyres on the front axle.We suggested that the existing rear tyres should be moved to the front and the new tyres fitted to the rear to reduce the chances of a puncture.On leaving our customer thanked us for the advice and told us he would spread the word about our service.

Nexen tyres fitted and a wheel refurbishment on a Subaru near Saffron Walden.

We visited a new customer near Saffron Walden who had ordered two Nexen blue tyres size 215/60/R16 as he had a blow out on his way to work.When removing the old tyres we discovered that they were actually winter tyres but the customer was unaware of this and was using them all year round.We showed him the inside of the rims as they were badly corroded and he informed us that he was regularly pumping them up as they were losing air pressure.We performed a rim refurbishment and cleared all the corrosion and applied a couple of layers of bead seal.During our vehicle inspection we informed the customer that while the remaining tyres had sufficient tread the DOT code was showing that the tyres were six years old.Our customer thanked us for doing a thorough job and is calling us back to fit another two new Nexen tyres.

I am going to tell all my friends to use Hometyre the lady said.

We visited a new customer yesterday who had a flat tyre on her Vauxhall Vectra but the lady and her partner were unable to remove the wheel as it had seized onto the wheel hub.With a bit of effort we managed to free the wheel so we were able to replace the damaged tyre. We fitted a new Nexen blue tyre size 205/55/R16 and our customer was very happy with the price.Before leaving we performed our vehicle inspection check and discovered while inflating the existing tyres that the near side front tyre was showing 10 psi air pressure so we removed the wheel to discover a nail embedded in the centre of the tyre and to the delight of our customer we were able to repair the puncture.Our customer was very impressed with our attention to detail and stated that she would be telling all of her friends to use Hometyre in the future.

The sun is here,the wind has gone so a good time to check the caravan.

For the moment the sun is shining and the wind has gone so today is a good time to check your caravan as hopefully the good weather is not too far away.It is advisable to check the general condition of the tyres and the spare for any signs of ageing and by reading the DOT code on the sidewalls you can determine how old your tyres are.It is recommended that if your caravan tyres are five years old or more now is a good time to renew them.Give us a call and we will visit you at your home or storage site to fit your new tyres.

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