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As we continue to see year-after-year, especially as season's change, the climate in the UK can change in an instant! In one day, we can see anything from snowfall, to sunshine and torrential rain! For our varied climate we can never be too sure when to swap our summer tyres for winter tyres and vice versa. If you're looking for a tyre that gives you a higher level of safety in the colder months but comes without the hassle of a seasonal swap-over… look no further!


An All Season Tyre could be just the thing you're looking for. Having the aggressive central tread pattern of a winter tyre mixed with the shoulder design of a performance summer tyre ensures fantastic water dispersion on those puddle drenching days whilst allowing great stability at speed.

In addition, slightly more silicone compound is used in the manufacture process which enables the tyre to operate far better at temperatures below the 7°C threshold of a summer tyre. This increase in silicone ensures the tyre keeps its 'stickiness' creating more grip. An all-season tyre is not as extreme as a winter tyre so if you're seeing regular temperatures of -10°C, we would whole heartedly say stick with a winter tyre!

If you're in an area that suffers heavy snow and icy streets in the winter, we would recommend a true winter tyre for its naturally more suitable adaptability. However, if you're in a part of the UK that has long wet periods interchanged with the occasional snow day or hot summer days, the all-season is the go-to option!

Nowadays, we are seeing more and more cars and light commercial vehicles produced for the UK market coming from the factories with the option to have all-season tyres fitted as standard; Volkswagen (see below), Volvo and Jaguar Land Rover. If these large conglomerates are recommending these tyres, there must be something behind the science!

One of the leading car manufactures, Volkswagen, has now chosen the Vredestein Quatrac All-Season to be the original fitment for the new Volkswagen Caddy models being produced in the Polish facility in Poznan. We don't know if this will be across all Caddy models, trim levels or wheel sizes but check with your local dealership before purchasing!

You can reduce your options by using the "All Season" filter once you've entered your postcode and tyre size on our homepage!

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