Winter Tyres in Basingstoke, Alton, Winchester and Surrounding Local Areas

We may not see snow all that often down South, but that doesn't mean the temperatures aren't dropping! With heavy rainfall across the whole of the UK, we've noticed an increase in calls for new tyres from people worrying about braking distances as the temperatures start to drop and the threat of winter looms!

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to winter tyres is that they're designed specifically for SNOW and ICE… this is not the case! It works best if you think of them as 'Cold Weather' tyres, once temperatures drop below 7°C, the performance level of your summer tyres will begin to drop too!


Summer tyres have a harder compound than winter tyres, this will become even harder in colder temperatures, meaning the grip to the road surface worsens. Winter tyres have been designed with a softer compound, meaning when those temperatures are lower, the grip to the road surface is increased.

They're also designed with sipes which help to increase traction in colder and wetter weather, meaning those rainy cold conditions become immediately less dangerous for your vehicle.

As well as fitting brand new winter tyres, we also offer a seasonal swap over service. Meaning we will remove your winter tyres in the Spring and refit your summer tyres and vice versa in the autumn. For more information about storing your tyres during the opposite season, click here!

To check available options in winter tyres for your vehicle, fully fitted at a location of your choice in Hampshire, click here! Or call us on 0333 444 5454!


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